Palestinian Attacks Israeli in Berlin Nightclub. Europe blames the Israeli

July 2, 2010

After an attack by German-Arabs on a local Jewish dance troupe in Hanover and an assault by a German-Palestinian on two Israelis in a Berlin nightclub, Juliane Wetzel, of the German Parliament’s panel on anti-Semitism, told a newspaper that the issue of antisemitism from young Muslims in Germany had not been thoroughly examined. You think?
And guess what? It gets better. Wetzel has reportedly played down antisemitism even though she works for a center researching antisemitism, insisting the real problem is Islamophobia and attacking those who are really telling the truth about the issue.
But for me the absolute best symbol of all this is what happened at the Berlin nightclub. Apparently, a Palestinian attacked the two Israelis, and as they tried to run out the exit (following proper European procedure for dealing with aggression–running away), the German bouncer spotted them and thinking they had started a fight, sprayed them with some kind of teargas.
Get it? Palestinian attacks Israeli, European decides Israeli was at fault and attacks him instead of the real aggressor. Could you possibly ask for a better example of contemporary European policy?

Same Old Same Old