Video – Michael Hastings Cremated Without Family Permission; Wife Hires Private Investigator.

July 18, 2013

(MFS – The Other News)(Video – Michael Hastings Cremated Without Family Permission; Wife Hires Private Investigator.HT: InfiniteUnknown.)
Michael Hastings’ Ashes Sent Home for Burial (San Diego 6, July 14/15, 2013):
Details uncovered by this reporter shed new light into the June 18 death of journalist Michael Hastings.
Hastings’ friend and confidant SSgt. Joe Biggs disclosed a macabre twist in the award-winning journalist’s death in a suspicious single-car accident. According to SSgt. Biggs, “Michael Hastings’ body was returned to Vermont in an urn.” He further alleged, “Family members did not want Michael’s body cremated.”
This revelation provides another wrinkle in the Los Angeles Police Department’s (LAPD) handling of a case they labeled “no foul play” only hours after the writer’s death.
Nevertheless LA County assistant corner, Ed Winter, said it took two days to identify the burned-beyond recognition body of Hastings. Officials also confirmed that an autopsy has been performed, but the cause of death is still pending. Unfortunately the family will have to wait for cause of death answers as LAPD media spokesperson Lieutenant Andrew Neiman indicated, “It will take several weeks to get the toxicology results.”
SSgt. Biggs also emphatically stated that liquor was not a factor in the accident, as Hastings hadn’t consumed alcoholic beverages in five years.
So why is the LAPD delaying the reports?
It was SSgt. Biggs who released the following chilling email to members of the media; “Subject: FBI Investigation, re: NSA -Hey (redacted names) — the Feds are interviewing my “close friends and associates.” Perhaps if the authorities arrive “BuzzFeed GQ,” er HQ, may be wise to immediately request legal counsel before any conversations or interviews about our news gathering practices or related journalism issues. Also: I’m onto a big story, and need to go off the rada[r] for a bit. All the best, and hope to see you all soon. Michael”
The receipt of this email from Hastings tipped the scales for SSgt. Biggs. “This wasn’t an accident and I will continue to investigate his death.”
As an investigative journalist, Hastings saw his fair share of threats. One particular passage in Hastings book, “The Operators: The Wild and Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan,” revealed that a former McChrystal staff member made a death threat. “We’ll hunt you down and kill you if we don’t like what you write,” the unnamed staffer said. Hastings coolly retorted: “Well, I get death threats like that about once a year, so no worries.”

Despite the LAPD’s categorization of the Hasting fatal accident as a “no (evidence of) foul play,” LAPD continues to ignore FOIA (CPRA in Calif.) requests made by San Diego 6 News for the police report, 9/11 call, autopsy, bomb squad and toxicology reports, or make the Mercedes available for inspection which only fuels conjecture.)


Michael Hastings #MediaBurnOut: #Wikileaks claims #NSA conspiracy

June 20, 2013

Hastings, who covered the 2008 presidential election for Newsweek, was hired by Buzzfeed last spring to cover President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign

Michael Hastings contacted WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson just a few hours before he died, saying that the FBI was investigating him.

Wikileaks (Stratfor): Israel traded Georgian UAV codes to Russia for Iranian Tor M-1 codes, Turkey gave Israel S-300 codes

February 28, 2012
Not sure how reliable a Mexican police officer is….but the US gov was ready to believe anything… which actually shows how little credibility the Obama administration has regarding their so called friend Israel. It should also be of note that while some of these cables are helpful to the Israelis… (Assange obviously released the less controversial of these cables first), a lot of the cables that are now trickling out are quite damaging. The real problem is that they show the United States government’s real feelings towards Israel… much less then at issue is the damage Israel’s rep, but more it is a reflection of Obama’s true aliance… which is completely paranoid of a Jewish state. Obama is willing to believe anything.

(Carl) Wikileaks’ Stratfor email dump is reporting that Israel gave Russia the codes for UAV’s that Israel sold to Georgia in exchange for the codes for the Tor M-1 anti-aircraft systems that Russia sold to Iran. Again, I am putting this in chronological order:

PUBLICATION: ask me first
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: MX301 – Former Mexican cop, Latam military analyst,
writes for Jane’s

Ok, here’s the really juicy part:
There is a private Mexican company called Idra that the government funded
to make UAVs. They are actually pretty high standard according to him and
beat out the Israeli UAVs in testing. My friend was consulting Idra at the
time and so he was privy to a lot of deals that were on the table. This is
the story —
The Mexican government is now paying some $25m (? can get the #s later)
for UAVs from Israel. Idra is basically like WTF, but the reason is
basically corruption. There is a deal b/w the Mexican interior ministry
and the Israelis where they’re getting a hefty kickback.
This is the interesting part, though.
Idra had an offer to sell UAVs to Georgia (this was happening during and
after the war). The reason Georgia needed the UAVs is because the UAVs
they had bought from Israel had been compromised by the Russians. The
Russians got the data link for the UAV (there is some suspicion that the
Israelis after the war may have given this to them. Remember all the
intense mtgs b/w the Israelis and the Russians where the Russians got the
Israelis to back off of defense deals to Georgia in return for Russia
backing off Iran?). Anyway, the Georgians gave Idra a picture of one of
their crashed UAVs. The source explained though that if the UAV were
targeted, it would have been blown to pieces pretty much (it’s like the
size of a car basically). But the picture he saw showed the UAV intact. He
inquired and basically what happened was that the Russians acquired the
data link to hack into the system and force the UAV into the ground. I
think they may have crashed another one too.
So, since the Georgian UAVs were compromised, they then tried to sell them
to the Azerbaijanis. I dont know if that deal went through. Idra backed
off the deal to Georgia because they were advised that it would raise a
lot of political complications between Mexico and Russia.

PUBLICATION: No, but ask first
SOURCE DESCRIPTION: MX301 – Former Mexican cop, Latam military analyst,
writes for Jane’s
Met with my Mexican source/friend again today and dude is getting shadier
by the day. We followed up on our past discussion on Russia compromising
the Israeli-made Georgian UAVs prior to the August war.
Here is what else I learned
One of the source’s friends/colleagues — formerly military i think but
now does private defense deals on the side (it’s Mexico) contacted him in
July (prior to the Georgia war). Apparently the Georgians had contacted
this guy because they were frantically looking for a replacement for the
Israeli UAVs that were compromised….
Here is the most interesting part:
I inquired more about the compromised Israeli UAVs. What he explained was
that Israel and Russia made a swap — Israel gave Russia the ‘data link’
code for those specific UAVs; in return, Russia gave Israel the codes for
Iran’s Tor-M1s.
I asked about the S-300 (source tracks a lot of defense deals for Jane’s).
He doesn’t think the Russians will give it to the Iranians. Besides, he
said… Israel and Turkey have been collaborating very closely on the
S-300s. He explain how about 8 years ago when Russia sold S-300s to Greece
to base in Crete (which were supposed to protect Cyprus), Russia delivered
those with a carrier so that Turkey wouldn’t try to sink them. (things got
a bit noisy so i may have misheard some of this). The gist of what he said
is that Turkey has been cracking the S-300 since the Crete sale and has
been sharing intel on the S-300 with the Israelis to ensure that they
retain an advantage over Iran should Iran get them from the Russians.
as far as the Georgian UAVs go, they were interested in the Mexican ones
because the Mexican UAVs had something (forget the name. it was
auto-something’ that basically backs up teh UAV system in case someone
hacks into it and immediately returns the UAV to base.

By the way, that’s a Tor M-1 at the top.

Now you see the true Wikileaks bias… and not the public relations we saw before.

Who guards us from the Guardian’s guardian?

February 15, 2012

Bradley Manning
May Face Death Penalty…


Julian Assange might be hostile to Jews

(StoneGate) Julian Assange, was plunged into anti-Semitic row as he told a journalist he thought a Jewish conspiracy was being worked against him, which “included” the Guardian’s editor Alan Rusbridger. When told Rusbridger was not Jewish, Assange reportedly noted that Rusbridger was “sort of Jewish” because he was related to David Leigh, a Jewish journalist. How do his views and convictions possibly filter down to the way he runs Wikileaks? As it took Helen Thomas close to six decades to come out about her true feelings, this is something that perhaps one can only speculate about.

Who guards us from the Guardian’s guardian? 

WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Loses Extradition Battle

November 2, 2011

THE DAILY TELEGRAPH (h/t Libra Bunda): WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has lost his High Court bid to block extradition to Sweden where he faces sex crime allegations.
Two judges rejected claims that extraditing the 40-year-old Australian would be “unfair and unlawful”.
The Swedish authorities want him to answer accusations of “raping” one woman and “sexually molesting and coercing” another in Stockholm in August last year.
Mr Assange, whose WikiLeaks website published a mass of leaked diplomatic cables that embarrassed several governments and international businesses, denies the allegations and says they are politically motivated.
The High Court upheld a ruling by District Judge Howard Riddle at Belmarsh Magistrates’ Court, south London, in February that the computer expert should be extradited to face investigation.
Dressed in a sharp, navy blue suit and wearing a Remembrance Day poppy, the world’s most famous whistleblower was mobbed as he approached the court building and police had to redirect him away from the crowd. (MORE PAIN)

WikiLeaks May Shut Down

October 26, 2011

Assange: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

September 22, 2011
Assange didn’t call back the ladies he was sleeping with… oops. I believe him.
According to the book Mr Assange had been warned that the US government wanted to set him up. He admits to sleeping with two women but says their allegations that some of the encounters were not consensual are either part of a conspiracy or motivated by his failure to return their calls.
The autobiography of Julian Assange is published today despite attempts by the WikiLeaks founder to keep information from coming out… um… yeah… Did I mention this hypocrite is not a supporter of Israel? I wonder if he is pissed that the truth did nothing but spare Israel from Obama’s lies and ruined any chance of Diplomacy with Islam. I should thank him. Ironically his downfall is something this blog is dedicated to protect men from, but considering his hypocrisy in secrets I won’t shed a tear. So many righteous government informants and whistle blowers were not spared his idealism.

“Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,”
spoken by Zara in Act III, Scene VIII by William Congreve