Video: Sheepshead Bay Mosque Attorney Lamis Deek Calls for End of Israel AGAIN

May 17, 2011

On Sunday March 15, 2011 some NYC Muslims marched in what is known “Third Intifada Rally” calling for an annihilation of the state of Israel. Just five days after standing in Kings Country Supreme Court (May 10) and accusing Sheepshead Bay residents of being racists for defending their rights to quiet enjoyment of their properties, Lamis Deek made this hateful speech calling for annihilation of Israel.

Sheepshead Bay is home to a great number of Holocaust survivors and descendants of Holocaust survivors and we do NOT tolerate hate and violence in our community. Is this what Voorhies Mosque proponent Allowey Ahmed calls “being a good neighbor?” Are these the kinds of speeches that will be broadcast from Voorhies Avenue Mosque?
We are appealing Judge’s Portnow’s denial of preliminary injunction and are actively working on the Zoning Challenge within the Department of Buildings. It is extremely disappointing that our elected Judges and City Officials continue to overlook blatant violations of building codes, zoning regulations and a number of unpaid fines. Instead of protecting residents from inappropriate development, our elected officials are turning their backs on those that helped elect them in the first place. Please write, call and e-mail our elected officials and let them know how you feel! Visit our website for a full list of names and addresses.