How the feminists in the media spin Jackie’s Racism

October 1, 2011

Note that the explaination here by Joy Behar for why Jackie did not like MLK was because she was blind to the fact that MLK was acting just like her husband. HERE IS THE SPIN! Jackie was having affairs too! Why not mention it? Because it is too painful to admit that a Democratic party woman’s icon like Jackie O was not only a racist… she also was a SLUT! She had one affair “with Hollywood star William Holden and another with Fiat founder Gianni Agnelli”. One other thing comes to mind. MLK was a Republican who apposed abortion. I wonder if Joy is aware of that?


Betty White is on the stage and she comes across as Einstein compared to Joy Behar: Let’s Pay Terrorists to Give Up Information

May 4, 2011
Give terrorists book deals rather than using torture?
What a blithering idiot. Joy Behar makes the others on that show look like Mensa members. via

Jimmy Carter and Rosie O’Donnell Defend Helen Thomas

February 26, 2011

I’m sure if the Grand Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini would do the same…

I suppose that none of us should be surprised that former President Jimmy Carter reached out to Helen Thomas after she put her foot deep in her mouth last May.

According to a column in the Feb. 24 edition of the Falls Church News-Press by Nicholas F. Benton, the editor-in-chief of the publication, the paper’s newest columnist Helen Thomas had a surprise waiting for her after an extraordinary interview she gave to HLN’s Joy Behar last week. That was flowers from Rosie O’Donnell, who had been on the record for defending Thomas in the past.
However, as Benton noted, at the time of the Thomas’s infamous remarks, there were very few willing to defend her other than O’Donnell and the 39th President of the United States, Jimmy Carter.
“[Rosie] O’Donnell sent Thomas, now age 90, flowers in sympathy for the highly upsetting incident and, along with President Jimmy Carter, was one of only a handful of her longtime colleagues and friends to reach out to her,” Benton wrote.
Alana Goodman, the assistant online editor for Commentary magazine, followed up with Benton on that claim. She noted in a post that Benton told her that Thomas told him that Carter reached out to her after the comments.

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“Benton told me over the phone that Thomas told him about Carter’s outreach herself, though she didn’t give him details about what the former president said to her,” Goodman wrote. “‘The context was in the context of what transpired,’ said Benton, referring to Thomas’s unceremonious retirement from Hearst.”

Birds of a feather stick together.

Jerusalem 1948

Jimmy Carter Blames Obama’s Failure on THE MEDIA!

October 28, 2010

Carter to offer his assessment of Barack Obama’s performance as president.

“Tell me something, what do you think of Obama?” Behar asked. “What do you think of the job his doing? His approval ratings are not great in terms of the job even though personally people seem to like him very much. What’s your opinion of the job he’s doing?”

Behar was correct to point out that Obama’s approval ratings have suffered over the past 10 months. But according to Carter, despite “an extraordinary job” by Obama, it is the media’s fault his numbers have suffered – not a poor economy or any other lackluster outcomes from the president’s policies.

“I think under the circumstances that I just described, he’s done an extraordinary job,” Carter said. “He’s got some good things done. They’ve been totally twisted around by some of the irresponsible news media to project him as a person that he’s not and as we all know.”

By several metrics, it has been shown that Obama has gotten favorable media coverage – even better than his predecessors in the early days of his presidency according to the Pew Research Center. Still Carter compared his struggles to secure his own party’s nomination while he was president in 1980 to that of the present-day political environment. According to Carter, Obama hasn’t had the aid of the Republican Party that he had, although that same Republican Party later propelled Ronald Reagan to the presidency.

“But I think that under the circumstances, he’s done a fine job,” Carter continued. “Thirty years ago — 25 years ago, when I was in the White House, I had superb support from the Republicans. In fact, I had an opponent then, Ted Kennedy, who’s running against me in my own party. And he took away a lot of the support among the very liberal Democrats. I had to turn to the conservative and moderate Democrats and Republicans. They turned out in both parties and helped me a lot. That’s something President Obama has not had.”

yeah… I remember that the “LEFT” which then were JEWS hated Jimmy Carter.  The Jews back then were Leftists because they thought it meant they were against Anti-Semitism and what not… come out and say the TRUTH JIMMY!  It was the Jews… my family who realized what you were about.  You were able to sound folksy to the 70s equivalent of the Tea Party… but let’s face it… when you say the far LEFT…. you are talking about the Zionists who then switched sides and supported Reagan because they felt betrayed by you.  The funny thing about Carter…. is that he has gotten so old that we catch him in his CODE LANGUAGE.  It was always there, but now that he is older we can see right through it.

The View: Whoopi and Joy Behar Walk Off Stage During O’Reilly Interview

October 14, 2010

So the media will not let us say Islam attacked America during September 11th?

I have had it up to here with so called Conservatives who show up on Liberal Media… why?  Because they are bullshit. O’Reilly wouldn’t lift a finger to save the rights of free expression when SouthPark did a cartoon of Mohammad.  He is no better then these crones.