Kennedy who said Tel Aviv is Israel’s capital wins primary in Mass 4

September 7, 2012

(Carl) Joseph Kennedy III won the Democratic primary for the 4th Congressional District in Massachusetts on Thursday. Kennedy won an astounding 92% of the vote for the seat being vacated by Barney Frank (the district in which I grew up). Kennedy is the grandson of Robert F. Kennedy (pictured in Jerusalem in 1948). Unfortunately, Joe III has chosen the anti-Israel legacy of his notoriously anti-Semitic great grandfather and not the pro-Israel legacy of his grandfather.
The article goes on to discount Republican Sean Bielat’s chances of beating Kennedy. I wouldn’t do that. Bielat gave Barney Frank quite a run for his money two years ago, and he’s attacking Kennedy on Israel today.
Let’s go to the videotape.

I know I have a bunch of readers in Mass 4 and I hope you will get the word out to vote for Bielat.

that is really sad. Especially since his Robert F Kennedy was murdered by a Palestinian