Pastor John Hagee: Ani Yisreali – I Am An Israeli

August 14, 2010

One of the definitions of courage is the willingness to stand up for principle and for what’s right and be counted -regardless.
As my regular readers know, Pastor John Hagee of Christians United For Israel (CUFI) and the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas has epitomized that kind of courage for years.

Today, my old friend Jason Maoz of the Jewish Press, the largest Orthodox Jewish newspaper in in New York printed some remarks of Pastor Hagee’s on the front page. They were made on the occasion of Pastor Hagee’s address last month to the fifth annual Christians United For Israel Washington Summit….an annual event when the Pastor marshals thousands of his troops and goes forth to buttonhole Congressmen and defend Zion in the halls of Washington D.C.
Here is what Pastor Hagee had to say:

I was one of those people who was misled about Hagee. Thankfully a few Jewish friends filled me in to the truth about him… because they knew him personally. John McCain lost the election because of the slander against Hagee.