German Court Convicts then Frees Nazi Guard John Demjanjuk

May 15, 2011

At first, the court gave him just 5 years and most of the major Jewish establishment organizations and many Holocaust survivors welcomed and praised that decision..which is probably why the court then quickly figured, “hey, why not free the guy? via

Demjanjuk is not deemed at risk of fleeing Germany because of his age and the fact that he is stateless, Alt said.
The five-year sentence cannot be implemented until the appeal process is exhausted.
In a signal that Demjanjuk may not serve the entire term, or even any of it, even if his appeal fails, Alt said that an incarceration period of five years is “not commensurate” with such an elderly defendant.
Demjanjuk has been in German jail for two years.
“It doesn’t seem likely that Demjanjuk will actually serve any more time in the end. The appeal will take at least a year and at that time his health may not allow putting him in prison,” Alt told journalists after the court ruling.
Demjanjuk cannot return to the United States because the US government stripped him of his citizenship in 2002. via