The Man Behind the "9/11 Million Muslim March" Is A "‘Virulent Anti-Semite’, Blames 9/11 on the Jews .

August 19, 2013
They’re basically a bunch of ‘truthers’ who think that the America is to blame for everything, Jasser said of Alam’s group. Faces From Mediaite:

On Thursday night, MD Rabbi Alam, the organizer of the Million Muslim March planned to take place on September 11 in commemoration of the attacks of 9/11/2001, engaged in a heated debate with Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity over whether such an event was appropriate on that day. On Friday morning, Dr. Zuhdi Jasser joined Fox & Friends host Brian Kilmeade where he called Alam one of several “virulent anti-Semites” who should rethink their plans


#Biden Staffer Forces Press-Credentialed Student to Delete Photos Taken at ‘Open-Press’ Event

March 17, 2013

Capital News Service reported that one of its reporters was forced by an aide to Vice President Joe Biden to delete photos he taken at an event in Rockville, Maryland. Based on a Google News search on “Biden Maryland” (not in quotes, sorted by date with duplicates), the Politico’s Dylan Byers was the only person in the national establishment press to run an item on the incident — lending additional credence to the theory that stories the rest of the press won’t touch get deliberately buried there with the excuse that “Oh, the Politico dealt with that already, so we don’t have to.”
Several paragraphs from the Capital News Service report follow the jump (internal link was in original; bolds are mine):

Vice President Joe Biden’s press secretary apologized to a Capital News Service reporter and the Philip Merrill College of Journalism Wednesday after a press office staffer demanded the reporter delete photos taken at an event in Rockville.
The reporter, a credentialed member of the press who is a student at the University of Maryland, College Park, was covering a domestic violence event featuring Biden, Attorney General Eric Holder and Maryland Sen. Ben Cardin.
The apology came shortly after a formal complaint was filed with the Vice President’s press office by Lucy A. Dalglish, dean of the Philip Merrill College of Journalism at the University of Maryland. Capital News Service is a student-staffed news service operated by the college. (Read Dalglish’s letter)
“This was pure intimidation,” Dalglish said, adding that “it’s clear from the circumstance that the journalist did nothing wrong.”
Biden Press Secretary Kendra Barkoff would not speak on the record with Capital News Service. A message left for Dana Rosenzweig, the staffer who asked that the photos be deleted, was not returned.
Dalglish said Barkoff apologized to her and Capital News Service reporter Jeremy Barr in separate phone conversations.
Dalglish said Barkoff told her the incident was a “total miscommunication” and stressed that it is never the press office’s policy to request that reporters delete photos.
Barr said he unknowingly sat in a section of the crowd designated as a non-press area.


#Biden raises possibility of direct U.S./ #Iran talks

February 2, 2013

Obama wants as many Muslim friends as possible, but would it be easier to wedge Russia away from Iran then to expect Iran as a friend?

U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden gives a speech at the 49th Conference on Security Policy in Munich February 2, 2013.REUTERS/Michael Dalder

MUNICH (Reuters) – The United States is ready to hold direct talks with Iran if it is serious about negotiations, Vice President Joe Biden said on Saturday, backing bilateral contacts that many see as crucial to easing an international dispute over Tehran’s nuclear program.

@Slate said it would of been impossible for #Beyonce to lip-synch?

January 31, 2013

I believe Slate said Biden’s reaction proved that the singing was real(Superstar singer Beyonce has admitted to lip-synching the national anthem at President Barack Obama’s inauguration – but insisted she was “very proud” of her performance.)Beyonce: Why I Lip-Synched At Inauguration

After opening a news conference on Thursday by belting out The Star-Spangled Banner – as if to leave no doubt of her capabilities – Beyonce answered questions from reporters about the inauguration show and her upcoming Super Bowl appearance.
She is scheduled to perform during the Sunday championship football game’s halftime show.
The singer called herself a “perfectionist” and said wanted her performance for President Barack Obama to be flawless.
She said various conditions – including cold weather and lack of time to practise – led to her decision to use a pre-recorded track.
“I practise until my feet bleed and I did not have time to rehearse with the orchestra,” she said.
“Due to no proper sound check, I did not feel comfortable taking a risk.
“It was about the President and the inauguration, and I wanted to make him and my country proud, so I decided to sing along with my pre-recorded track, which is very common in the music industry. And I’m very proud of my performance.”
It was the first time the pop icon has spoken publicly since the lip-synching allegations began to swirl just hours after her performance.
All inaugural performances are pre-recorded ahead of time as a fallback.
Beyonce has teased photos and video of herself preparing for the show, which is expected to be the biggest audience of her career.
Last year’s halftime performance by Madonna was the most-watched Super Bowl halftime performance ever, with roughly 114 million viewers – more than watched the football game itself.

this quote is funny now… ain’t it?

(Slate) For me, the most compelling evidence that Beyoncé was doing it for real is the HELL YES smile on Joe Biden’s face. Now, that is, clearly, a dude standing two feet from an electrifying lady singing like a motherfucker.

Ed Koch on Chuck Hagel as Defense Secretary: “It Would be a Terrible Appointment”

December 16, 2012

In a recent interview with The Algemeiner, former New York Mayor and staunch backer of President Obama’s re-election, Ed Koch, strongly opposed the possible appointment of former senator Chuck Hagel as America’s next defense secretary, due to the latter’s perceived hostility towards Israel. “I believe it would be a terrible appointment,” he said, “and so do apparently most of the Jewish leaders who have expressed themselves.” Explaining his opposition to the appointment, which is looking increasingly likely to materialize, Koch said that it would lead Arab states to believe that President Obama was seeking to create distance between his administration and Israel. “Such an appointment would give great comfort to the Arab world that would think that President Obama is seeking to put space between Israel and his administration,” Koch said, “I hope he doesn’t go forward with that appointment.” Koch says that since his election, Obama has acted in support of Israel. “He has been stalwart since the election, nobody has stood up as well as he in support of Israel, I hope he continues with that,” he said. But the appointment of Hagel, he concluded, “would be a great mistake.” Hagel has been roundly criticized by Jewish leaders and groups from across the political spectrum for his policies relating to Israel and the Middle East. In a September interview with The Algemeiner, Zionist Organization of America President Morton Klein said, “He is one of the most hostile critics of Israel that has ever been in the Senate.” “There is only a handful of senators that have been openly hostile to Israel and Chuck Hagel is one of them,” Klein added. In 2007 the National Jewish Democratic Council listed on its website a number of instances where Hagel’s positions relating to Israel have appeared to be hostile. The Republican Jewish Coalition Executive Director Matt Brooks said in a statement Friday that choosing Hagel would be “a slap in the face for every American who is concerned about the safety of Israel.” Last week The Algemeiner reported that “Sen. Chuck Hagel has met with both President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden and is the front runner for the Secretary of Defense position soon to be vacated by Leon Panetta.” One Democratic source with knowledge of the process told CNN that Hagel’s nomination is “almost a done deal.”

Specter: Obama ditched me after I voted to pass Obamacare and approved the Stimulus

March 12, 2012

(Hill) Specter laments that Obama and Vice President Biden did not do more to help him in the final days of his primary race against former Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), who beat him 54 percent to 46 percent in the 2010 Pennsylvania Senate Democratic primary.
Specter writes that Obama turned down a request to campaign with him in the final days of the primary, because the president’s advisers feared he would look weak if he intervened and Specter lost.
“I realized that the president and his advisers were un-shy about supporting my candidacy after being stung by Obama’s failed rescue attempts for New Jersey governor Jon Corzine and Massachusetts attorney general Martha Coakley. They were reluctant to become victims of a trifecta,” he writes.
The snub was made all the more painful by Obama flying over Philadelphia en route to New York City a few days before the election and then on primary day jetting over Pittsburgh to visit a factory in Youngstown, Ohio, 22 miles from the Pennsylvania border, to promote the 2009 economic stimulus law. The painful irony for Specter is that his vote for the stimulus legislation, which was instrumental to its passage, hastened his departure from the Republican Party.
Specter was also disappointed that Biden, who was only a few blocks away at Penn University, did not attend a pre-primary day rally at the Phillies’s Citizens Bank Park — a missed opportunity Specter attributes to a failed staff-to-staff request.
Just over a year before, Obama and Biden welcomed Specter to the Democratic Party with a press conference at the White House and promised him his full support.

Lie with dogs, you wake up with fleas.

Would Jewish leaders meet Pollard?

December 19, 2011
Media_httpuploadwikim_ezcrf( Israeli spy invited leaders of major US Jewish organizations to visit him in his prison cell to discuss their meeting with Joe Biden which touched on his release. Now they have to take sides publicly: whether they stand with the White House or a Jewish spy.

After two decades, it may be time now for Israeli government to tell us some truth about Pollard. The American obstinacy in his release makes no sense in the light of known facts, but even more, the Israeli government has to explain why it wanted Pollard in jail.

Recall that Israeli embassy gave him an Arab attorney which later serviced the PLO in America, and that fellow deliberately missed the appeal deadline when the higher court was very likely to overturn the outrageous sentence.

Typical Jewish Community setting up their heroes with liberal lawyers who stab their real Jews in the back… imagine that!… the liberal Jewish community stabbing a strong Jew in the back with a liberal lawyer who was supposed to represent him. Sounds familiar? Sound like an experience that you have heard the liberal Jewish community do to a Jew who does not abide by their feminist tyranny?.  oh… but the liberal Jews couldn’t possibly offend their Obama who has done such wonders with the economy… right?