The Male Sex Has Become like Economic Jews

September 17, 2011
While it is true that men are more likely to reach the highest levels of income, it is also true that men as a gender these days are discriminated against and have a very hard time staying employed at all. There is a historic parallel. Ironically many feminists have compared opportunities for Jews as being similar to opportunities for women, but the comparison does not work because structurally woman have nothing comparable in experience to Jews. On the other hand the male gender is very much like the Jewish experience. People look at Jews and say two contradictions: Jews are successful and also they hate the Jews. How can this happen that Jews as a group can both be statistically triumphant in their success and also experience hardship on the way up? Look no further then the male sex for the answer. Men have a problem staying employed. Multiply that with a mancession and you see a fascinating dichotomy. Men are both the highest wage earners and the sex that is most likely to be unemployed… very much like Jews (a patriarchal belief system). America’s ability to end our economic woes and America’s abuse of Jews and Men are tied together because they share an experience. Women can get a job easily due to pink collar growth in the service sector, but men are on the streets. A Jew has a very hard time getting a job, but then a Jew is statistically more likely to get a top position. Instead of following the Barbara Ehrenreich formula and attacking Wallmart for hiring too many men to top positions or the Ron Paul formula of pointing out all the Jews who come out of Goldman Sachs, What really needs to happen is there needs to be a concerted effort to fight discrimination on the ground level. If a man or a Jew can not get a peon job at a cash register or trying data entry then these people will take actions to educated themselves so that they do not face more hardship. And perhaps this is why there is so much Antisemitism in progressive forums because their solution is always in blaming success when in fact the hatred of the winners is what makes the winners. Instead of looking in envy at a circumcised penis it is time for women and the progressives to allow men in their circles. The women, femmes and those who fit in to societies philosophical norm have created their own pain by not letting us in the door.

Wal-Mart women denied discrimination class action – updated

June 21, 2011
If one is unemployed… one has time to study… and better himself or herself. Our culture is set up this way. To merely say that men make more is to obscure the truth… which is that statistically men must overcome obstacles to get to that employment. No government or judicial can account for this kind of economic complexity in our culture. women make less, but are more likely to be employed. giving women equal pay because of affirmative action will not employ men… in fact it would probably hurt a woman’s job opportunity. obviously it is complex… and therefor there are no conspiracies against women.
Betty Dukes and Christine Kwapnoski
Betty Dukes, left,
and plaintiff Christine Kwapnoski
were two of the named plaintiffs in the case

The Unsolved Problem of Labor: In a dissenting opinion, the court’s four liberal justices agreed the Wal-Mart case did not merit a class action, but would have taken a less narrow view of the requirements for a class action suit over back pay.

…meanwhile it is men who are statistically out of work.
The US Supreme Court has dismissed the largest class action lawsuit in history, ruling against women alleging discrimination by US giant Wal-Mart.

The court ruled that 1.5 million women who said they were paid less because of gender must pursue action individually.
Plaintiffs had sought to unite more than a million women in their effort.

The court accepted Wal-Mart’s argument that the women work in diverse jobs in stores across the US and do have not enough in common for a class action. via
who can men sue?

It’s About the Power Struggle

March 20, 2011
The EU and virtually every developed country with falling birth rates have tried to use immigration to stay ahead of the curve. Immigration serves the interests of the left, giving them a new power base to work with that is hostile to the conservative order– but it does not solve the underlying problems. Immigrants generally come in times of prosperity and begin leaving during a downturn. Since the economic downturn, Mexicans have been leaving the United States, and Turks have been leaving Germany. Migration follows economy. Few people move to countries where there are no jobs. And quite a few decide they no longer want to stay in them. Immigration is based on dreams of prosperity, socialism on inevitable decline. A socialist country will attract new immigrants so long as it has jobs, business opportunities and an improved standard of living. When it loses those things, even the natives will begin to flee.

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Herb Stein’s Law, Illustrated

December 9, 2010

Herb Stein’s Law, Illustrated

A smaller group of productive workers is being expected to carry more and more weight. This chart from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics illustrates Herb Stein’s Law: “If something cannot go on forever, it will stop,”


January 20, 2010

TIME 2 BOMB IRAN. – Voters SPEAKING in Massachusetts.