Tea Parties Host Open Anti-Semite, Nazi Defender, Israel Hater

April 14, 2010

(Ironically, Traficant dropped out of the Springboro event because the organizer called Hispanics “Spicks” on Twitter–he approves bigotry against Jews, but not Hispanics).  And he’s been a Tea Party speaker before, in 2009.
Tiny detail:  he’s also a convicted felon.  As an elected official, Traficant accepted bribes and illegally forced his tax-paid Congressional staff to do work on his house, his farm, and his boat.  Moreover, Traficant has spent years defending and enabling Nazi war criminals living in our midst.

There is no doubt that the Conservatives have the better ideas these days, so it is very important to weed the Conservatives out that fuse good ideas with hate. We can not be a one issue political force that is oblivious to other issues. Understanding economics does not mean Mob Anarchy. Understanding economics means a free market, a free lifestyle and enough common sense and backbone to call those on our side out when they are wrong. Freedom without accountability for abuse is what put Obama in office to start with. for certain the changes were what got us here in the end, but we need to get our tent in order so when we return to prudent ideas the crazies are not given a foundation to grab absolute power.