Al-Qaeda in Iraq Declares All Christians ‘legitimate Targets’"

November 5, 2010
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Jihadist Forum Monitor – 3 November 2010
On 3 November 2010, a communiqué – also dated 3 November 2010 – from the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) was released onto jihadist forums warning the Coptic Church in Egypt that the time had elapsed for Church authorities to release ‘our captive sisters’. 
It comes three days after earlier messages from the ISI confirmed that the recent raid on a Baghdad church was conducted by the ISI in retaliation for alleged abductions of Christian converts to Islam in Egypt by Coptic religious authorities, and offered 48 hours for the Church to respond. In particular, it cited the alleged abduction and detention of Camiliya Shahata and Wafa Constantine.
Camiliya Shahata and Wafa Constantine, amongst others, are believed by the jihadist community to be willing converts to Islam from Egypt’s Christian community who were subsequently abducted by the Church against their will.
This communiqué warns that as their has been no prisoner release and no response from the Coptic Church authorities, the ISI views ‘all Christian institutes, organizations and agencies’ as ‘legitimate targets’.
It also provides details of the Baghdad church raid, saying the operation was carried out by five ISI fighters, who engaged Iraqi security forces (ISF) for over five ours before detonating their suicide vests.  It claims that at least 60 members of the ISF were killed during the operation.