Israel as a Jewish state is wrong, 60 Islamic States are fine

September 24, 2010

CiF writer Omar Rahman penned a quite predictable anti-Israel piece on Sept 22, criticizing Israel’s request to be acknowledged as a Jewish state (while seemingly not bothered by the 60 or so nations who insist on being called Islamic states.)  His piece, not surprisingly, produced this boilerplate “Zionism = Racism” diatribe by a commenter called, yes, “Donkey Logic”.

For anyone interested, here is the list of officially Islamic states:

Peace is found through Gender Analysis

May 11, 2010

For no discernable reason, more Egyptian women and Saudi and Jordanian men accept a Jewish Israel than their gender counterparts, whereas among the Lebanese both sexes rank similarly.

This data means something that is key to finding peace. Who is the disenchanted class? Gender analysis has the answer. Arabs in power like the Wahabi men are against accepting a Jewish state. Wahabi women are upset with their husbands and are more likely to support Israel. In the Arab streets like in Egypt where you have poor or middle class Arabs looking to move up in the world you have the opposite statistic. Women in Egypt are apt to look to the Arab power source’s opinion in Arabia. Elite Arab Women are unhappy with their husbands, but poor Arab women are looking to get in with the rich Wahabis. The key to expanding a Pro Jewish opinion in the Arab world is to expand Western influences among poor Arab men and rich women. The poor Arab male street can be influenced by the media, but real change must happen in the power centers of Islam. Someone once described the early Christian Church as it made it’s influence over imperial Rome. First the church was able to reach out to it’s disaffected constituents. Rich women were easy to convert to the Church.  The same thing happens in any mass popular movement.  The key to finding peace in the Middle East is for Western men to influence Wahabi women. The violence of Islam can be defused from within. Rich Wahabi women are lonely and feel unloved. That is the source of their dissatisfaction. This is one of the reasons why the Wahabi have so much power over their wives spending. The key to the middle east is to change opinion through their wives till you can modify the opinions of the Wahabi men from within.