Former U.S. Prosecutor Negotiating Plea Deal For Jackson Jr.

November 11, 2012
CHICAGO (CBS) – A former U.S. attorney representing embattled Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. is negotiating a plea deal with the federal government, CBS 2 has learned.
CBS 2 Chief Correspondent Jay Levine has the exclusive details.
Media_httpcbschicagof_nzddpThe plea deal would end Jackson’s 17-year career as a congressman representing Chicago’s South Side and suburbs.
At the center of negotiations is white-collar criminal defense attorney Dan Webb, who served as Chicago’s top federal prosecutor in the 1980s, when several Cook County judges were indicted for public corruption under the “Operation Greylord” investigation.
Webb, the chairman of Winston & Strawn LLP in Chicago, has been the point person for Jackson in talks with the U.S. Justice Department in Washington.
The tentative deal includes:
–Jackson resigning for health reasons.
–His pleading guilty to charges involving misuse of campaign funds.
–The congressman’s repayment of any contributions that were converted to personal use, such as home furnishings, improper travel or gifts.
At least some jail time would appear to be inevitable for Jackson, the son of civil-rights icon Rev. Jesse Jackson Sr. and spouse of Chicago 7th Ward Ald. Sandi Jackson.
Webb was also involved in the high-profile political plea deal for the late Dan Rostenkowski, who pleaded guilty to converting a congressional postage allowance into cash for himself. Rostenkowski got 17 months in jail but kept his $126,000-a-year pension for the rest of his life.
The onetime chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee died two years ago.
Jackson’s pension for 17 years in Congress would be between 65,000 and $80,000 a year, plus health benefits. But he’s only 47 and won’t be eligible for pension payouts until 62.
Jackson’s pension is also part of the current negotiations.
The Congressman is currently being treated for a bi-polar disorder, both at the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and as an outpatient at his home in Washington. He has been on medical leave since June and did not campaign in-person to be re-elected to his 2nd Congressional District seat. He won his bid Nov. 6.
Those who have seen and spoken with Jackson say there are serious doubts as to whether health issues would ever permit his return to Congress.
As for a timetable for the agreement, a source familiar with those negotiations said as soon as possible and probably by the end of the year.
Webb, reached Friday, had no comment.
If Jackson resigns, as expected, a special election will determine his successor. Jackson himself replaced the disgraced U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds in 1995.
CBS 2 Political Producer Ed Marshall contributed to this report.

Revealed By WikiLeaks: Obama Team Stole Election, Bribed Jesse Jackson And Took Russian Money In 2008

October 31, 2012

obama medvedev SC Revealed By WikiLeaks: Obama Team Stole Election, Bribed Jesse Jackson And Took Russian Money In 2008According to internal Emails circulated among the staff at Stratfor, an Austin Texas based private intelligence gathering firm, John McCain was presented with proof that Democrats in Pennsylvania and Ohio used voter fraud to win those states and committed other disturbing crimes. The communiqués were stolen and made public by WikiLeaks. An Email dated November 7, 2008 under the subject line “ Insight – The Dems & Dirty Tricks ** Internal Use Only – Pls Do Not Forward **,” was sent by Fred Burton, Stratfor’s V.P. of Intelligence. It said in part, The black Dems were caught stuffing the ballot boxes in Philly and Ohio as reported the night of the election and Sen. McCain chose not to fight. The matter is not dead inside the party. It now becomes a matter of sequence now as to how and when to “out”. 
Burton also mentioned a “six-figure” Democrat donation/bribe to Jesse Jackson to buy his silence about Israel. On October 14, 2008 Jackson told fellow attendees in at the World Policy Forum in Evian France a ‘President Obama’ would “remove the clout of Zionists who have controlled American policy for decades.”
Burton continued with an explosive charge he apparently considered quite believable, The hunt is on for the sleezy Russian money into O-mans coffers. A smoking gun has already been found. Will get more on this when the time is right. My source was too giddy to continue. Can you say Clinton and ChiCom funny money? This also becomes a matter of how and when to out.
This allegation makes some sense of Obama’s reassurances to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev caught by an open mic. Obama said “….but it’s important for him [Putin] to give me space.”
Medvedev responded: “Yeah, I understand. I understand your message about space. Space for you …”

Obama: “This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility.”
Medvedev: “I understand. I will transmit this information to Vladimir [Putin]…”
Fred Burton is a known quantity in the highest Intelligence circles. He has been Deputy Chief of the Department of State’s counterterrorism division for the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS).
Stratfor has acknowledged that last December its internal communications system was hacked and the group “Anonymous” has taken credit for the sabotage .  WikiLeaks started to publish Stratfor’s stolen Emails last month. Startfor will neither confirm nor deny whether the communiqués attributed to its staff are real or fabrications.

Jesse Jackson Continues To Exploit Florida Tragedy For Personal Gain, Tells Church Trayvon Martin Is a “Martyr”…

March 26, 2012

Words can’t describe how much I detest Jesse Jackson.

(USA Today)(Weasel) Civil rights activist Jesse Jackson told people at a church in Eatonville, Fla., on Sunday that slain teen Trayvon Martin is a “martyr,” the Orlando Sentinel reports.
“Martyrs have power,” Jackson said of the unarmed black 17-year-old who was shot dead Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla., by a neighborhood watch volunteer who deemed him suspicious and who police describe as white.
“He represents all of us,” Jackson said of Trayvon.
Jackson faced a capacity crowd of 1,600 at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church and said Trayvon’s death, which has galvanized critics across the country and prompted a Justice Department investigation, can effect positive change.
“How do we go from a moment to a movement that creates fundamental change?” Jackson asked the crowd. “If it’s a moment, we go home. If it’s a movement, we go to war. Movements are made of serious substance. … There is power in the blood of the innocent.”

Fan the fire to make a detestable human being relevant. I remember being just a kid when my dream of a black president was derailed by a mean guy who called my city Heimytown. We had a picture of Jackson in my Elementary school. For me… Jackson’s fall was very personal. I forgave him… and he just keeps coming out with more vile opinions and vile behavior.

Jesse Jackson Admits Gingrich’s Food Stamps Comments Are Not Racist…

January 26, 2012

Then tries to backpedal claiming it’s actually a “double meaning.”

Hiemytown Jesse has an opinion!