Jerusalem Bagels

October 26, 2010

Za’atar powder is also served with these legendary huge bagels sold at every corner of Ancient Jerusalem. They were used to be sold with hard boiled egg, but now it is more common to have a side of a large falafel patty.  Not the traditional way to serve neither bagel nor falafel!


New US-Israeli Crisis Looms over Jerusalem Park

June 22, 2010


Another crisis between the Netanyahu and Obama administrations looms over housing in Jerusalem, this time because of Jerusalem’s plan to wreck 22 illegally built Arab homes to make way for an archaeological park. The Jerusalem municipality proposal also calls for making legal 66 other Arab buildings built without permits.
Another similarity between Ramat Shlomo and the park project is that both of them are a long time away from final approval. “This is a preliminary planning procedure and it still gives time, more than enough time, for dialogue to continue between the municipal authorities and residents of the neighborhood in the hope an agreed solution can be found,” said Israeli government spokesman Mark Regev

Silwan Valley

…but if the houses are illegal and Jerusalem is still willing to negotiate with a criminal party then what is the problem here? The Arabs will gain legality in 44 homes because of the park!