The Problem #cybersquat

December 7, 2010

Simultaneous with the opening of, on December 15, 2000, one John Michael Janney registered the domain Under Janney’s auspices, automatically redirected the visitor to the Council on American-Islamic Relations site and specifically to a page defaming me.
According to the Dallas Observer of May 18, 2000, Janney was a member of CAIR, the foremost Islamist lobby in North America. According to InfoCom Corporation in Richardson, Texas, he was an employee at the firm. (InfoCom was subsequently shuttered by the U.S. government.)
On learning the laws that protect against “cybersquatting,” a lawyer representing me sent a notice to Janney, threatening a lawsuit if he did not release the web site. Janney subsequently allowed, to lapse.
In early 2002, I registered the now-available domain; since then, it quietly and automatically transfers the reader to (April 3, 2002)
July 7, 2004 update: Ghassan, Bayan, Basman, Hazim and Ihsan Elashi of InfoCom were convicted today of terrorism-related charges, concerning illegal transactions with Hamas, Libya, and Syria.