@YidWithLid: The Chuck #Hagel Video @JStreetDotOrg Tried To Keep From The Senate

January 30, 2013

In 2009 Chuck Hagel was a keynote speaker to the J-Street Conference (J-Street is the fake pro-Israel group created by George Soros to give cover to anti-Israel activists).
According to Jennifer Rubin, the Senate Armed-Services Committee which will evaluate Hagel’s nomination was tipped off that Hagel departed from his prepared remarks and made controversial comments to the J Street Conference.

In exchanges with Senate Armed Services Committee staff, J Street volunteered the prepared remarks and said it decided not to provide the complete video for fear that Hagel’s remarks would be taken out of context.

Succumbing to the pressure, J-Street finally posted the video this afternoon.
In viewing the video (30 Minutes long-embedded below) we learn that Hagel is a believer in the meme created by former Secretary of State James “F**K The Jews They Won’t Vote For Us Anyway” Baker as part of his Iraq study group.
This falsehood is that all of the United States’ problems in the Middle East are caused by the Israel/Palestinian conflict–be it Iran, Iraq or Afghanistan–all of it would be easily solved if there could only be peace between the Israelis and Palestinians.  It has nothing to do with radical Islam?
When originally suggested by Baker’s study group then Ranking Member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Joe Biden  stated that he rejects the linkage the study group made “Even if a peace treaty were signed tomorrow, it would not end the civil war in Iraq,” Biden said during a January 17 2007 hearing. But it is a falsehood Hagel perpetuates in his speech.
While specifying that Israel-Palestinian negotiations were key for US policy success in the region, Hagel ignores the fact that Iran may be the single most destabilizing influence in the Middle East. Hagel does say that Iran should be prevented from getting the bomb, but rejects both sanctions and the military option leaving engagement as the only option.
Another naivete’ of Hagel’s highlighted by the speech was the Senator’s belief that the Syrian government was just sitting there waiting to be flipped from the “dark side” to peace makers. He  believed that through “engagement” Assad would reject Iran. I wonder how that worked out?
In this video, Hagel shows himself to have a naive’ world view especially when applied to the Middle East and does not belong in such a key position defending the United States.
If you cannot see video below, Please Click Here

Note: I have downloaded the video and will repost myself should J-Street decide to take it down.


The Vetting: Rabbi Arnold J. Wolf, the Socialist, anti-Israel Rabbi Who Taught Obama What He ‘Knows’ About Judaism

June 4, 2012
Media_httpcdnbreitbar_jtbob…along with radical MIT professor Noam Chomsky, Rabbi Wolf helped found the Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East (CONAME) a philosophical grandparent to today’s faux pro-Israel group J Street.(Breitbart) CONAME was described by Time magazine as one of a number of Arab or pro-Arab organizations working in the United States. An investigation by the Near East Report revealed that CONAME’s signature appeared on telegrams urging Congress to send no arms to Israel during the 1973 Yom Kippur War, when Israel was attacked by Syria and Egypt on the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.In 1974, Rabbi Wolf joined his friend from the anti-war movement, self proclaimed rabbi Arthur Waskow, on the executive board of a new organization called Breira, according to Beinart:(MORE)

Poor deluded stubborn rabbi fool died a sucker

J Street Defends OWS’s Anti-Semitism

March 22, 2012
So it’s impossible to know which dynamic — donor pressure or personal passion — was at work when J Street officials defended the Occupy Wall Street from criticism of its disgraceful and extensively documented anti-Semitism. In favor of the donor theory, there’s the fact that J Street funder George Soros backed Occupy. On the side of the labor of love theory, there turn out to be deep sociological, institutional, and personal ties between pro-Occupy radicals and J Street officials – so much so that those radicals are now officially “partnering” with J Street on this weekend’s conference.
Most likely it was a little of Column A and a little of Column B, with J Street officials being genuinely sympathetic but wary about the optics of supporting yet another group of anti-Semites.
The debate revolves around a statement by self-declared “Jewish leaders” who, per the statement title, set out to “Denounce Right-Wing Smears of Occupy Wall Street.” The piece specifically attacked the Emergency Committee for Israel, a J Street  bête noire and a major force behind the electoral wipe out of J Street candidates in the 2010 election. Ben-Ami’s name was one of about a dozen on the bottom of the statement, and the press contact for the entire release was J Street VP Carinne Luck.
The upcoming conference will have a core, recognized, pro-Occupy new media presence. The leftwing Jewschool site recently announced that it was going to “partner with J Street” on the conference, including dispatching sponsored bloggers to cover the events. Jewschool actively pushed Occupy and continues to do so, with the most recent sympathetic post getting published just last week. “We are the 99%,” declared another post. An admittedly inaccurate Google site search for “occupy wall street” turns up over 700 hits.
It turns out that J Street officials and Jewschool officials have demonstrably been cooperating to insulate Occupy. For instance, an early version of J Street’s toe-in-the-water press release was published on a site called Occupy Judaism (later versions had additional press contacts). Daniel Sieradski, founding publisher and editor-in-chief of Jewschool owns the site. I’d direct you to the original statement on Sieradski’s site but the whole blog was taken down some time this morning, after I searched for it and found it last night. Luckily it’s still cached here.
J Street officials and Jewschool activists have long worked together to paper over the anti-Semitism of Occupy Wall Street, albeit sometimes with each being once removed from their home organizations. It would be hard to think of two more appropriate “partners” for the J Street conference.
I had no idea that Daniel Sieradski and JewSchool were owned. I had been under the understanding they were just indie hipsters that were on twitter.

What JStreet considers Civilians

March 11, 2012
(Challah Hu Akbar)
Ahmad Hajjaj
Hazim Qureiqi
Fayiq Saad
Mahmoud Najim
Muhammad Hararah
Muhammad Maghari
Shadi Sayqali

Between Mecca and Jerusalem

December 26, 2011

(sultanknish.blogspot.com) The Middle East Policy Council, formerly the slightly more truthfully named American Arab Affairs Council, founded by two American diplomats who worked in the Middle East, is typical of how the Gulfies do things. Saudis and Emiratis don’t do their own laundry or build their own buildings or pump their own gas, they hire foreigners to do it for them. The Saudi Lobby is their equivalent of the Filipino maids, British architects and Indian construction workers. Want someone to spread the smear that the Jews control America. Hire that boy who took our messages to the president, give him a budget and let’s see what he can do.

You won’t find politicians stopping by the American-Saudi Political Action Committee. Instead a whole bunch of former American ambassadors to Saudi Arabia, like Chas Freeman, explain their position to influential people, which just happens to be the position of the House of Saud.

That goes double when the target is the general public. In 2003, the Alliance for Peace and Justice ran a bunch of radio ads attacking Israel and calling for an end to the occupation. The “Alliance” was the end of a long tail that led through an ad agency to a public relations firm and to the Saudis. Qorvis Communications, founded a year before September 11, acts as the House of Saud’s PR firm. Raided by the FBI back in 04, it’s still out there and working hard for the kingdom, and has its own political action committee. Much like the way the Kuwaiti government used the law firm of Shearman and Sterling to run a campaign against Guantanamo Bay.

One Qorvis alum, Judith Barnett, another former diplomat, sits on the advisory board of J Street, the left-wing anti-Israel lobby. And the Finance Committee of the Democratic National Committee. Not to mention Amideast, formerly American Friends of the Middle East, originally the Committee for Justice and Peace in the Holy Land, an organization created to oppose the creation of Israel. Its co-founder *Kermit Roosevelt Jr had come out of the board of the Institute of Arab-American Affairs, which was headed by the same man who headed the Arab League’s office in the United States– proving that the Saudis were still playing the same game as far back as the 1940’s.

Ms. Barnett’s political activism aligns neatly with her business in The Barnett Group, which helps Middle Eastern companies overcome “trade and governmental regulatory barriers” to do business in the United States. This line of work isn’t particularly unusual for her ilk. Barnett was formerly the VP of Georgetown Global Investments Corporation, which specialized in Middle Eastern investments. GGIC was started up by Marc Ginsberg, another former ambassador to the Arab world, who blogs at the Israel Policy Forum, yet another left-wing anti-Israel group.

Tying them all together is Ambassador Robert Pelletreau, another J Street advisory board member, the original contact man for the PLO and a member of the Board of Governors of the Middle East Institute, (funded by a collection of oil companies and the Sultan of Oman) and on the advisory council of the Israel Policy Forum– and is also the treasurer of Amideast. In addition to all that, he’s a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and on the boards of the National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce and the American-Iranian Council. The latter is part of the Iranian Lobby and has arranged meetings with Ahmadinejad. His former law firm, Afridi, Angell & Pelletreau is based out of the United Arab Emirates. (MORE)

It took a week, but J Street now regrets its board member’s meeting with Hamas

November 29, 2011

(Israel Matzav) A week ago, the Washington Jewish Week reported that J Street founder and board member Kathleen Peratis met with Hamas.

That J Street board member is Kathleen Peratis (also an initial founder of the group), a partner at the New York law firm of Outten & Golden LLP. She also co-chairs the Middle East and North Africa Advisory Committee of Human Rights Watch.
Peratis recounted her time exploring Gaza’s illicit smuggling operation in a recent article for The Forward.
While Peratis was not in the Gaza Strip at J Street’s behest, I can’t help but wonder why a prominent member of the American Jewish community was canoodling with Hamas – a known terrorist group that you might recognize from its previous appearances in “The Bombing of Israeli Citizens” and “The Violent Kidnapping of an Israeli solider.” (J Street did not officially sponsor Peratis’ trip, but it was happy to circulate her article to members of the J Street family — as well as reporters and others — via the group’s daily news round-up.)
Asked what to make of Peratis’ eyebrow-raising article, a J Street official said that Peratis does not speak for the group on this issue.
J Street spokesperson Jessica Rosenblum, in fact, went on the record to say that “J Street believes that Hamas’ consistent opposition to the peace process, its support for terror against Israeli civilians, its use of violence for political purposes and its denial of the Holocaust are reprehensible.”
Peratis, however, recounts her experience as a fun-filled joy fest spent with friends. She quotes one smuggler as saying: ”Please tell your friends that Hamas people are ordinary people. We are not barbarians.”
Right. “Ordinary people” who routinely murder innocent men, women, and children — and assassinate their own political adversaries. (Though not every resident of Gaza, of course, is a terrorist. Far from it.)

It took a week of handing out her article but J Street has finally decided that Peratis’ meeting wasn’t a good idea.

J Street strongly regrets the recent meetings by its Board member Kathleen Peratis with members of Hamas and the articles that she has written about her visit to Gaza.
J Street’s policy clearly states our belief that “Hamas’ consistent opposition to the peace process, its support for terror against Israeli civilians, its use of violence for political purposes, and its denial of the Holocaust are reprehensible.”
In our view, J Street leaders – directors and staff – should not meet with Hamas.

Ms. Peratis was advised prior to her trip of J Street’s view that its leaders should not meet with Hamas[1]. We deeply regret that she chose to meet with Hamas representatives anyway.
She did not represent J Street in the meetings she did have, and her writings do not in any way reflect the views of J Street.

But of course, they’re not going to kick her off their board or something even though J Street leaders ‘shouldn’t meet with Hamas.’ Think of all the money she’s given them. I mean, what’s important in life?

the blond next to Puff Daddy is the J Street spokes-bimbo?

…I took your story in a low key way… and then I ran across a name… just a name. I was wondering what about it struck me as familiar. Jessica Rosenblum,…. Jessica Rosenblum,…. who is that? why do I know the name. so I did a google image search. It is hard to believe that a serious spiritual organization would choose someone who has the lifestyle of Paris Hilton as a spokesperson. I know it is J Street… and I know most of us are no longer fooled or angered by what they say, but it is hard to believe that these people are taken seriously by even the most left wing of publications. It’s beyond reason… it really is insane to imagine that a woman like her is considered a spokesperson for anything. I wouldn’t trust her with a public relations job for a hair salon, let alone a religious ahem …excuse me secular political elitist snobs… or whatever. whatever. whatever. whatever.

J-Street seeking rabbinic cover for anti-Israel activities

September 17, 2011
(EOZ: )Read this sickening pseudo-d’var Torah on the J-Street site by Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum, Congregation String of Pearls, a Reconstructionist congregation in Princeton, NJ that hold services in a Unitarian church. This is the most intricate pilpul on J-Street’s site:

Rabbi Donna Kirshbaum

[T]he Torah itself places our textual tradition squarely in the realm of a literary, rather than a literal, tradition. The need for a lively symbolism trumps the need for historical accuracy. But throughout this literary masterpiece, perhaps most clearly in Deuteronomy, its fifth book, we can discern a political stance that takes the form of an arc toward justice, especially distributive justice. The Torah claims that justice and peace can not exist without economic parity. And we also find in it the radical notion… that land does not belong to any of us, that we are all its tenants. As the narrative’s protagonist, God, says in parshat Yitro: indeed all the earth is Mine, ki li kol ha’aretz. …Right now we need to bring these resilient foundations of our tradition to bear on a seemingly intractable problem. Of course a sovereign state needs clear and verifiable boundaries, but let us remind ourselves that we come from a literary tradition in which land has long been revered for its symbolic value at least as much as its economic or strategic value; we do not come from a literal tradition. A literal interpretation would claim land ownership, down to the last hectare and dunam, based on our ancient ancestors’ understanding of what God wanted from them and from their descendants.

Yes – Reb Donna (which is what her temple’s website calls her) takes God’s words of “all the Earth is Mine” and applies it literally. But the eighth verse in Deuteronomy, the book she praises for its political stance, says quite clearly: Behold, I have set the land before you: go in and possess the land which the LORD swore unto your fathers, to Abraham, to Isaac, and to Jacob, to give unto them and to their seed after them. (MORE)
She wanted to prove there was no truth: I have been known to pull guns out online when the concept of truth is questioned. It gets me into trouble, but I have to say it is worth it. It is supposed to be within the concept of the argument. The problem is when they take the gun out of context as well. When someone has a problem with objectivity it is best to stay away and not argue with them. Sadly there comes a point when dialog does no good. These people are out to hurt us. They understand reason; they make it seem like there is a debate, but the TRUTH is they are looking to trap whoever they can in their scheme. No, I’m not kidding. I leave a message on my blog for a reason: Because we can’t always know the answer doesn’t mean that Truth is subjective. Neither does it mean that Truth can be manipulated by data or manipulated out of context. When the Truth is obscured it fails to be Truth.

It is pointed out that all historical records are biased and inaccurate, or on the other hand, that modern physics has proven that what seems to us the real world is an illusion, so that to believe in the evidence of one’s senses is simply vulgar philistinism.

…Did Orwell say philistinism? oh… just in case any authority wants to try that little trick again of taking my thoughts out of context. No, I’m not threatening Rabbi Donna.

Updated: Philistinism is to make the weapons and the Jews depend on the Philistine weapon sharpeners. It says this in Samuel 1