I’ve never seen someone arrested and extradited for a misdemeanor violation of an order of protection for conduct out of state// Really?

March 23, 2013
It doesn’t have to be a celebrity these days. Feminism is so rampant that any woman can do it. Guys get extradited by cops listening to psychos. It really needs to stop. Trump’s daughter is one thing, but our state will go bankrupt if the police continue this over-extension of power.

(NYPost) He just wants to be Mr. Ivanka Trump.
“I want to be her husband,” the homeless accused stalker of The Donald’s brainy, beautiful daughter has told cops, prosecutors revealed tonight.
“If she would just call me it would be so much easier,” John Enabnit, 32, said when he was arrested March 7 for allegedly pretending to be a reporter to get near the Trump heiress at a Miami-area golf tournament.
Then he added, “They didn’t tell me to stay away from her in Florida, in Europe, or on Space Ship Number One,” prosecutors told a Manhattan Criminal Court judge tonight in asking successfully for a hike in the persistent suitor’s bail.
Enabnit was arraigned on misdemeanor criminal contempt charges and ordered held in lieu of $40,000 bail.
He had been arrested in February but freed then on $5,000 bail after crashing Trump’s fragrance line launch at Macy’s and repeatedly asking for her at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue and at the Park Avenue apartment she shares with her wealthy, handsome, real estate developing actual hubby, Jared Kushner, owner of The New York Observer.
Soon as he was sprung on bail, he hopped a bus to Miami so he could pursue Trump in the VIP area of the famed “Blue Monster” golf course, prosecutors said. “The defendant has engaged in an aggressive course of action against the complainant in this case,” assistant district attorney Mary Vitale said in asking for higher bail.

Enabnit’s court appointed lawyer Rebecca Kavanaugh of the Legal Aid Society, said Enabnit denies making the statements cops say he did.
I’ve never seen someone arrested and extradited for a misdemeanor violation of an order of protection for conduct out of state,” Kavanaugh told reporters afterward. “Clearly, it’s because Ivanka Trump is Ivanka Trump.” Enabnit is due back in court on Tuesday.

That said kudos to the high class ass he stalked.



April 17, 2011
The poll of April 15, 2011, Trump 26, Huckabee 17,
Romney 15, Gingrich 11
…Let the games begin.

The Mad Jewess is in love with Donald Trump… personally I just want to shack his daughter. If that gets me “fired” let me know.


The Original Arab Miss USA
is not Rima Fakih
the Terrorist Supporter

who who would be Secretary of State? Perez Hilton? Donald can’t even run a drag show called the Miss USA Pageant.You are so desperate for the truth to come out about Obama’s Birth Certificate that you ran to a man who said he would make Oprah his Vice President. …that’s right. Oprah… the lady who put Obama in power… and is now not endorsing anyone but the money she made from her “OWN”

 Trump’s ballooning polls are drawing all the predictable reactions. But the debate over Trump misses the point. Why has Trump made such a big splash at all? It’s because he’s a bold assertive communicator who unapologetically says what so many are thinking. Whether or not he believes what he’s saying.

To anyone complaining about how well Trump is polling– that just shows what’s missing. I am not recommending Trump, his business success is mostly myth and he carefully controls and cultivates his image. But as part of his image consciousness, he has hit on exactly what it takes to oppose Obama. The Randian figure of the successful straight talking hard charging businessman, in sharp contrast to Obama’s nuances and lack of assertiveness. Obama is an egotist who pretends to be a humanitarian, Trump doesn’t pretend.

Trump would not be a problem for either Republicans or Democrats– if Republicans had their act together. But the shortage of viable candidates has created a vacuum. And the Donald just stepped into that vacuum.

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Ivanka Trump Collection makes aliyah

February 21, 2011

Ivanka Trump, who recently converted to Judaism because she is in love with a Jewish man, is considered a culture and fashion icon.

Photo: Gettyimages Imagebank

Donald’s family were Jews, but they converted to Christian Protestantism.

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