WikiLeak: The Death of Bruno the Bear – Environmental Controversy over Germany’s 1st Bear in 170 years

December 3, 2010

Bavaria was pleased to welcome bears to the state, he said. Provided they are normal bears. Stoiber’s definition at the time: “The bear that normally resides in the forest, doesn’t leave it and kills perhaps one or two sheep per year.” So far, so good. But Bruno, who wandered over from Italy’s Trentino province, had a well-documented penchant for killing livestock, pets and other animals. “And we see a difference between the normal bear, the malicious bear and the problem bear,” Stoiber explained. And, yes, “it is very clear that this bear is a problem bear,” he concluded. via

…almost as bad as our state department’s slant on Muslims
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Israeli student attacked by Palestinians in Italy

November 15, 2010

Lake Shore creators apologize for anti-Jewish trailer | Posted Toronto | National Post

November 13, 2010
meet Robyn Perza…
the Jew on Lake Shore.
Stereotypical Monica Lewinsky
token Jewish Whore… I get it
Sibel Atlug told the National Post: “I don’t hate Jewish people,” she said. “I actually say I hate everybody equally. I was just poking fun at it.”
Sibel Atlug told the National Post:
“I don’t hate Jewish people,” she said.
“I actually say I hate everybody equally.
I was just poking fun at it.”

The makers of a new Toronto reality TV show have apologized for a controversial online trailer in which one of the program’s characters expresses hatred for Jews, even as two former cast hopefuls allege they felt pressured to make racist and sexualized comments during the audition process.
“Our intention is to make provocative television,” said Maryam Rahimi, executive producer of Lake Shore, a reality series modelled on the successful format of MTV’s popular Jersey Shore. “On one hand, we received a lot of attention, but on the other hand it was not necessarily the kind of attention that we wanted. For the record, we are not a racist show. If we offended anyone in any way, we apologize.”
The show, which has yet to begin filming, became the centre of controversy this week when producers posted a trailer on YouTube in which one of the show’s main characters, 23-year-old Sibel Atlug, tells the audience, “I’m not racist because I hate everybody equally, especially Jewish people.”
Lake Shore will chronicle the lives of these eight twenty-something Torontontians as they live under the same roof, drink, party and sleep with each other. But instead of sharing a common ancestry like the Italian American stars of Jersey Shore, the cast of Lake Shore is multicultural, with each character labelled according to their ethnic backgrounds and who appear to play to cultural stereotypes.
Ms. Atlug joins a colourful cast of seemingly narcissistic loudmouths that includes Joey Violin (‘‘the Italian’’), Anni Mei (“the Vietnamese’’), Tommy Hollywood (“the Czech’’), Arber Dace (“the Albanian’’), Robyn Perza (“the Jew’’), Karolina Czaja (‘‘the Pole’’) and Salem Moussallam (“the Lebanese’’).

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