Israel Project lobbies for continuing aid to the Palestinians

September 15, 2011
….and now you know what kind of money the Israel Project has. This money was supposed to go to fighting the negative impression of Israel. A lot of very wealthy Jewish philanthropists who decided rightly, that there was a pressing need for a professional operation in Washington capable of getting out the truth about Israel to a hostile media. Sadly… the kind of money that can buy silly POP ART… can also be subverted to support J Street

Caroline Glick: According to a report in today’s Jerusalem Post, the Israel Project is joining forces with J Street to lobby Congress to continue to fund the Palestinian Authority even after it has abandons the barest illusion of peacefulness by going to the UN to ask for statehood.

Dave Neff Photographer:
Salam Fayyed, Prime Minister of the Palestinean Authority and TIP President Jennifer Laszlo Mizrahi in a Roy Lichenstein scene.