Iran demands an explanation

February 29, 2012

(Carl)Iran summoned the Azerbaijani ambassador to the Islamic Republic on Tuesday, asking him to explain reports (which are true) that Azerbaijan entered into an arms deal with Israel on Monday that is worth $1.5 billion.

According to the report of Foreign Ministry website on Tuesday, following news concerning arms deal between Azerbaijan Republic and the Zionist regime worth around one and half billion dollars, Javanshir Akhundov was invited by the deputy FM Seyed Abbas Araqchi to the ministry and Iran asked for official explanation about the news.

The ambassador said that purchased equipment from the Zionist regime are solely to free occupied territory of Azerbaijan Republic and that the government will not allow these arms be used against another country, especially Islamic Republic of Iran.

He repeated his country’s intention to develop relations with Iran and called for exchanging views to remove any kind of misunderstanding.

Considering declared policy by the Zionist regime on growing penetration in bordering countries with Iran and using these states’ territories against it, the Iran’s senior diplomat warned against any kind of use of Azerbaijan Republic territory by the Zionist regime for terrorist acts against Iran.

Times of Israel adds:

The ambassador did not elaborate, but the “occupied territory” to which he was referring may be the region of Nagorno-Karabakh. According to Azerbaijan and the international community, the enclave is part of Azerbaijan. Since the end of the Azeri-Armenian war in 1994, however, the majority Armenian region has exerted de facto independence with Armenian military support.

Under the terms of the Israel Aerospace Industries deal, announced earlier this week, the Caucasus nation will receive planes, drones and an advanced missile defense system. The shipment of aerial drones will be accompanied by a large team of security and technology consultants, according to Maariv, which cited an Intelligence Online report.

I wonder which of Iran’s other immediate neighbors are working on arms deals with us.

ok… who is going to admit that they had no idea what in the hell Nagorno-Karabakh is…. and is learning something here? I sure as hell just learned something.


South Korea alliance to Israel

August 25, 2011
Israel has become the largest arms supplier to South Korea.

During 2010-2011, ministry of Defense of the Republic of Korea [South Korea] awarded a contract worth US$ 280 million to Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd, for developing and supplying the EL/M 2032 Multimode Fire Control Radar system for the ROK’s FA/TA-50 training jet. The radar was chosen by the customer for its advanced system compared to other competitors. The second contract is for advance air defense system to ROK. The radar enhances a fighter jet’s air-to-air, air-to-ground, and air-to-sea capabilities, enabling long-range target detection and high-resolution mapping, among other features. The TA/FA-50 aircraft is being developed in the ROK by Korean Aerospace Industries [KAI], and will become operational with the radar system, which is co-produced with the Korean company LIG Nex1. Now South Korea is willing to expand the defense cooperation with Israel and Kwon Oh-bong, the vice commissioner of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration [DAPA], South Korea hinted that his country is planning to turn Israel into its main arms supplier, following recent border incidents with its northern communist neighbour. Kwon Oh-bong, who recently visited Israel, met senior Defense Ministry officials. In his visit to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, the South Korean official expressed an interest in the Irom Dome rocket interception system, which was activated successfully in southern Israel recently. “The security situation and threats faced by Israel and South Korea are very similar,” says Kwon. “We are constantly boosting our readiness against North Korea, and we’re exposed to the types of incidents and local provocations Israel is familiar with too. “We too are under a major threat of artillery, missiles and rockets, and we were briefed on Rafael’s air defense system. It’s a very interesting weapons system and we’ll consider it.”

How will South Korea vote on the question of the unilateral declaration of ‘Palestinian’ statehood next month and will South Korea participate in the Durban III conference?

Israeli Air Force attacked a terrorist cell on Monday evening that was preparing to fire a rocket into Israel

September 30, 2010

The targets were directly hit and secondary explosions were heard, the IDF reported.
The attack took place in el-Bureij in the central part of the Gaza Strip. According to PA sources, three people were killed in the attack.

Officials predict that Hamas will try to test the missile defense system that will be installed along the Gaza Strip periphery,

The IDF is preparing for the possibility that the scheduled deployment of the
Iron Dome missile defense system along the Gaza Strip periphery in the coming
months will increase the rate of rocket attacks against Israel, senior defense
officials said on Sunday.
The Iron Dome was delivered earlier this month
to an Air Force base near Gedera, where the IAF Air Defense Division will
establish the headquarters for the new defense system, which is designed to
defend against rockets at a range of 4- 70 kilometers.