The Plot to Destroy the US Military

March 21, 2011

The USS Enterprise crackdown, like the firing of General McChrystal and the push to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, completely ignore military realities for political objectives. A political military is also a useless military. Stalin’s purges of the Russian Army’s commanders left the Soviet Union completely unprepared for the Nazi attack. And the US military is being shaped along the same lines into a political military overseen by men whose chief credential is that they share the same politics as the politicians whom they serve.
A congressional report now says that the US military has too many white males at the top. Women are being kept out of the highest ranks because they lack combat experience. The report calls on the military leadership to “better reflect the racial, ethnic and gender mix of American society”. Which is code for affirmative action. If we didn’t have enough incompetents at the top, we can look forward to an affirmative action military in which the generals will be there because of the color of their skin or their gender, not because they’re the best at what they do.
…Such dramatic overhauls of the military usually take place because it is culturally out of step with the government. Would be tyrants, such as Turkey’s Erdogan, go after the military because it represents a barrier to absolute power. Others because the military is a barrier to their agenda. Sharon destroyed the once great IDF, purging its commanders and replacing them with political generals in order to push through his ethnic cleansing of the Jewish communities in Gaza, leading to the disastrous performance in the Second Lebanon War. The Democrats may not have anything as ambitious in mind, but they are determined to bring it culturally into line with their agenda. And that will destroy the military as anything other than a politically correct corps that will occasionally show up for UN peacekeeping missions. This did not begin yesterday. The left has hated the American military because it is a vehicle of national exceptional-ism. A strong military gives the country a sense of independence and confidence that many European countries have lost. During the Vietnam War, the Anti-War movement targeted the military as an institution and the soldier as an individual, in order to destroy America’s ability to take independent military action. Despite the abolition of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, the left has continued its vocal opposition to an ROTC presence on campus. When a wounded Iraq War veteran spoke at Columbia, he was booed and jeered. Their excuse is that the military “discriminates” against transsexuals. And when that barrier too is dismantled, then there will be something else. It’s not about gays or transsexuals, it’s about a deep rooted ideological hostility to the military. Not because of any specific policy, but because of what it represents as the defenders of a country and an order that the left would like to see destroyed.


Al-Qaeda in Iraq Declares All Christians ‘legitimate Targets’"

November 5, 2010
pisses you off?

Jihadist Forum Monitor – 3 November 2010
On 3 November 2010, a communiqué – also dated 3 November 2010 – from the Islamic State of Iraq (ISI) was released onto jihadist forums warning the Coptic Church in Egypt that the time had elapsed for Church authorities to release ‘our captive sisters’. 
It comes three days after earlier messages from the ISI confirmed that the recent raid on a Baghdad church was conducted by the ISI in retaliation for alleged abductions of Christian converts to Islam in Egypt by Coptic religious authorities, and offered 48 hours for the Church to respond. In particular, it cited the alleged abduction and detention of Camiliya Shahata and Wafa Constantine.
Camiliya Shahata and Wafa Constantine, amongst others, are believed by the jihadist community to be willing converts to Islam from Egypt’s Christian community who were subsequently abducted by the Church against their will.
This communiqué warns that as their has been no prisoner release and no response from the Coptic Church authorities, the ISI views ‘all Christian institutes, organizations and agencies’ as ‘legitimate targets’.
It also provides details of the Baghdad church raid, saying the operation was carried out by five ISI fighters, who engaged Iraqi security forces (ISF) for over five ours before detonating their suicide vests.  It claims that at least 60 members of the ISF were killed during the operation.