Indonesia "Example of religious tolerance" according to Pres Obama cancels Lady Gaga’s concert out of fear of Islamic hardliners.

May 15, 2012

(other) Indonesia “Example of religious tolerance” according to Pres Obama cancels Lady Gaga’s concert out of fear of Islamic hardliners.(AA).Lady Gaga will have to cancel her sold-out show in Indonesia because police worry her sexy clothes and dance moves undermine Islamic values and will corrupt the country’s youth. National police spokesman Boy Rafli Amar said Tuesday the permit for her June 3 “Born This Way Ball” concert – the biggest show on her Asian tour – had been denied. Jakarta police recommended the denial. “We will not issue a permit for the Lady Gaga concert in Jakarta,” said national police spokesman Saud Usman Nasution. “The concert will have to be cancelled.” The local promoter, Michael Rusli, could not immediately be reached for comment. Earlier, he told The Associated Press it would be “regrettable” if police didn’t give the clearance. Fans have been eagerly awaiting Lady Gaga, he said, with every seat in Jakarta’s 52,000-seat Gelora Bung Karno stadium scooped up – half in the first two hours of sales. Indonesia, a secular country of 240 million people, has more Muslims than any other in the world. Though it has a long history of religious tolerance, a small extremist fringe has become more vocal in recent years. Hard-liners have loudly criticized Lady Gaga, saying the suggestive nature of her show threatened to undermine the country’s moral fiber. Some threatened to use physical force to prevent her from stepping off the plane. “I’m very disappointed,” said Mariska Renata, who had tickets to the Jakarta show. She said by bowing to the wishes of “troublemakers,” authorities only give them more power. “We are mature enough to be able to separate our own moral values from arts and culture,” Renata said. Lady Gaga’s Asian tour started late last month and many of the stops have sold out. The South Korean concerts were limited to fans 18 or older because conservatives there raised objections.Read the full story here.

I’m on the fence on this one. As much as I hate Islam… I can’t help but share a contempt of Gaga music… but all jokes aside… it’s free expression… but so is me farting


No More Indonesian Maids for Saudi Arabia

June 24, 2011

Indonesia will suspend sending domestic helpers to Saudi Arabia after the beheading of a maid supposedly convicted of murdering her Saudi employer, a minister said Wednesday.
AFP via
Challah Hu Akbar and image from a friggin loon.
Remember the Sri Lankan Maid Tortured, Pimped from House to House

Hard to believe the Saudis get away with this behavior.

Young Obama Was Abused by Muslims in Indonesia

May 27, 2011

Is that kid in the pic above–about to chuck a stick at little Obama? 😉

Was it the ear thing???
Young Obama endured racial abuse at hands of Muslims in Indonesia. According to a new biography on Barack Obama, not everything was ideal when the young Obama spent time in Indonesia during a portion of his childhood. In a new book by a reporter from the New York Times, young Barack was subjected to apparent episodes of racism that also included physical violence. Indonesia—a predominantly Muslim country—is apparently very racist towards black people, according to the book by Janny Scott. The racism also extended to Indonesian adults making fun of Obama’s skin color when his mother would bring him to work at the US embassy.

The yet-to-be-published book further sheds light on the way that minorities are treated in Muslim countries like Indonesia. Apparently, it was and is a well-known fact that many Muslims in Indonesian are simply racist towards blacks, as confirmed by American Elizabeth Bryant, a woman who was familiar with the young Obama and his mother when they were in Indonesia in the 1960s. According to Bryant, expatriate Westerners were amazed that Obama’s mother—free spirit and likely hippie Ann Dunham—would take a black child with her to Indonesia because of the disrespect that the Muslims there have for blacks.

The racism against blacks that Obama experienced in Indonesia is also a bad reflection on Dunham for not using her judgment better…
LOL!!! Even in this News– they Can’t BLAME THE MUSLIMS -IT WAS HIS MOMMIES FAULT…this is surreal…..*shake head* More below…

What kind of a mother would bring a child that she had good reason to suspect would endure racial abuse to such a country? Let’s review who Dunham was to shed a little more light on this irresponsible parent. She married Obama’s daddy—that would be the womanizer and the alcoholic—only so that he could leave her and little Barack when the future president was two years old. After a divorce, she continued her exploration of the exotic by remarrying Lolo Soetoro, an Indonesian she encountered while she was at the University of Hawaii. Dunham would break up with Soetoro, too, and then dump little Barack into the lap of her parents in Hawaii as she continued to pursue her studies elsewhere. Suffice it to say that she refused to provide a stable home for young Barack, to say the least.
In light of this, it makes all the more sense why she could also transplant young Barack halfway around the world to a country whose Muslim population was pretty much racially hateful to her son. I suppose her free-spirit ways just always trumped what was in the best interests of raising her son.
One episode of racial abuse little Barack endured was that Muslim schoolchildren launched rocks at him while calling him racial epithets. I suppose that’s just another in the long line of examples of “tolerance” that the “religion of peace” is known for, right? Furthermore, Lolo Soetoro is also supposed to have actually physically abused Dunham, as recounted in the book during an encounter that left Obama’s mother with a towel pressed to her face and blood running from her face.
After Obama’s first-hand experience with racism from the Muslim world, I have to wonder why he, as an adult, is doing everything he can to bend over backwards to appease the Muslims! I guess when he grew into adulthood, he, transforming to become a good, little liberal, conveniently forgot the racism and hostility from the Muslims in Indonesia. And that certainly explains why he’s addicted to always saying “sorry” to the Muslim world for the US’ non-existent transgressions.

I would like Obama to talk publicly about this. Perhaps if he could face his real haters then he would stop the projection he has had on Israel

Indonesia: Woman caned by Sharia Police in front of a baying mob for having an affair

April 10, 2011

Medieval savagery in the 21st century.

(Daily Mail) A woman flinches as she is about to be repeatedly caned for having an extramarital affair.
Irdayanti Mukhtar, 34, received nine lashes by Sharia Police for having a relationship with another man, even though she is said to be in the process of divorcing her husband.
The harsh punishment was meted out in front of a crowd of 200 people outside the Al Munawwarah Mosque in Jantho, Indonesia.
The jeering crowd recorded the brutal beating on their mobile phones and camcorders and shouted for more beatings in the strict Muslim city.
Mukhtar had been sentenced to the punishment the previous day by a Sharia court where prosecutors said that she was guilty of being in ‘close proximity’ to another man.
Under Sharia law the offence carries a maximum beating of nine strokes with a cane or a minimum of three.
Neighbours had seen Mukhtar with the man and had barged in on her while the couple were in her bedroom, although it is unclear what they were actually doing.
The mob then dragged them to the local police station to be charged.
It is believed Sharia Police are also investigating a claim that Mukhtar was molested by the crowd before they took her to be charged.
Shortly after the caning on Friday Mukhtar passed out and had to be taken to hospital for treatment.
She was one of four people, including the man she was caught with, to be caned for extramarital affairs.


March 27, 2011

While browsing the web, yesterday, I viewed the Arab Times online site and came across several news articles about the rape and abuse of maids in Kuwait. I was surprised at the cluster of cases so I searched the web for more information and was nearly knocked off my chair when I realized the enormous extent of the huge numbers of foreign maids suffering abuse at the hands of their Middle East “sponsors”. To use the term “maid” is a misnomer – these women (and boys) are nothing more than modern day SLAVES. Slaves to be abused, raped, tortured, maimed, and killed.

Many of these maids come into the Middle East (particularly Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Lebanon) from Indonesia, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia – smaller numbers come from India and Bangladesh. Saudi Arabia has the largest number of these imported domestics estimated at 200,000 in 2004. These maids are seen as inferiors to their Middle Eastern masters and many countries do not even recognize them as being covered by labor laws – including minimum wage:

“The plight of domestic workers in Lebanon rose to the spotlight during the summer of 2006, when Israel launched a thirty-four-day military offensive on Lebanon. In Arabic, the term “Abed” is used to denote a “black” person or “slave” and the word is sometimes heard in reference to Africans or Sri Lankans. Non-Arab Afro-Asian migrants in Lebanon are physically looked upon as inferior due to their positions as servants. These workers remain excluded under Article 6 of Lebanese labour laws and are often victims of abuse by both employers and agencies.” LINK
The vast majority of these women are seeking an opportunity to earn money and send remittances back to their families –
“…….Philippines, where the economy relies heavily on remittances from nearly eight million Filipinos working overseas. Of that eight million, about 73,000 work in Kuwait. Some 60,000 are women employed mainly as maids and earning less than $200 a month on average, labor groups say.
Some of these woman do quickly realize the danger and manage to escape in a few days. But, many of the remaining “servants” are left in a living nightmare.
Over 17 deaths of Madagascan maids last year in Lebanon
Madagascar flies home maids abused in Lebanon

Indonesians protesting against a maid killing in Saudi Arabia where her body was dumped in a bin by her employers
             Indonesians protesting against a maid killing in Saudi Arabia where her body was dumped in a bin by her employers
Madagascar’s government early Thursday flew home 86 women domestic workers from Lebanon who had been subjected to abuse amid concerns over the deaths of 17 Madagascan maids in the past year.
Population Minister Nadine Ramaroson said at Antananarivo airport as she welcomed the women that most of them “had run away from their employers.”
“Their return home was negotiated by the Madagascan consul in Lebanon after either the women themselves or their families asked for them to be repatriated,” Ramaroson said.
The government decided to charter a plane after numerous cases of abuse were reported. The Population Ministry received more than 600 repatriation requests from maids or their families.

The Union of Qualified Domestic Workers (SPDTS), a non-governmental organization that helps the victims and their families, says that in the past year alone 17 Madagascan maids in Lebanon died from abuse suffered at the hands of their employers.
“There have been a lot of deaths,” Prime Minister Camille Vital said. “That’s why the government has decided to repatriate those who wanted to come home. The government is paying for this repatriation.”
On their arrival at the airport the young women were met by social workers from SPDTS and by staff from different ministries tasked with providing medical care and counseling.
“My boss used to hit me and didn’t give me my salary. I’m very, very happy to be back home,” said 25-year-old Leonie.
Another woman who gave her name as Augustine said: “The friend with whom I ran away from my boss wasn’t able to get on the plane at the last minute. I’m really worried about her. She’s not in good shape.”
More than 7,000 Madagascans work in Lebanon, according to SPDTS. In 2010 around 500 of them came home before the end of their contract.

Tsunami, Volcano Kill at Least 300 in Indonesia

October 27, 2010
Mount Merapi, Indonesia

Volunteers search for victims after Mount Merapi erupted near Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Photo by Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images.

A thick layer of dust coated villages on the Indonesian island of Java after Mount Merapi began spewing lava and ash on Tuesday. Residents who were evacuated have started returning to their homes, despite uncertainty over continued volcanic activity in the mountain. At least 30 people have been confirmed dead. Mount Merapi last erupted in 2006.
Indonesia is also grappling with the effects of yesterday’s devastating tsunami, triggered by a 7.7-magnitude earthquake in Sumatra. The death toll has risen to at least 272, with more than 400 people still missing. Rescue efforts are underway, but some of the affected areas, including remote islands, are not easily accessible.
Some say an early warning system, built in the aftermath of the devastating 2004 tsunami, failed to work properly, leaving locals with inadequate time to flee the path of the tsunami.

Women caned in Indonesia for selling food during Ramadan

October 1, 2010

Extended Ramadan celebrations, so to speak.

BANDA ACEH, Friday 1 October 2010 (AFP) – Two women were caned in Indonesia’s staunchly Muslim Aceh province on Friday for selling food during the fasting hours of Ramadan, an official said.
Hundreds of people gathered to watch as Murni Amris, 27, received three lashes and Rukiah Abdullah, 22, received two at a mosque in the city of Jantho, southeast of the provincial capital Banda Aceh.
“The two women were found selling rice in a stall at noon during Ramadan. The sharia forbids selling food during fasting hours at Ramadan,” Aceh sharia police head Marzuki Abdullah said.
Amris owned the foodstall where Abdullah was selling the rice.
Aceh, on the northern tip of Sumatra island, is one of several areas of Muslim-majority Indonesia where Islamic sharia laws have been adopted.
Muslims are supposed to fast from dawn to dusk during the holy month of Ramadan, which straddled August and September this year, but there are exceptions in cases such as illness or pregnancy.

…but they were hungry!