London buses advertising terrorist group march

August 6, 2012

Buses in London are advertising an al-Quds day march by a group called the Islamic Human Rights Commission, a misnomer if there ever was one. The IHRC is an Iranian regime front group in the UK. The al-Quds march is an openly pro-Iranian regime parade through central London where Hamas and Hezbollah flags, pictures of the Iranian ayatollah and calls for Israel’s destruction can all be found.
In an email, the Stop the Bomb project reports that it is speaking with CBS (the agency that manages the bus advertisements) and Transport for London in an effort to get the advertisements taken down.
They are also contacting the largest bus union, whom they’re asking to join in with the outrage on the grounds that their fellow-unionists in Iran are so appallingly treated.
You can read all about it and see pictures from last year’s al-Quds day rally here.
Most incredibly, the Islamic Human Rights Commission is considered a charity in England.