Kentucky Women Sue for Social Security Numbers

August 15, 2011
In this Aug. 12, 2011 photo, Stephanie, left, and Raechel Schultz sit outside their home in London, Ky. The women have been unable to acquire social security numbers from the government and have filed a lawsuit to make it happen. (AP Photo/Ed Reinke)

LONDON, Ky. (AP) — For more than two decades, a pair of sisters in rural Kentucky have lived without Social Security numbers, doing odd jobs like bartending and making jewelry to earn cash under the table. One of them even posed as their mother to gain employment.
Now Raechel and Stephanie Schultz want steady, legitimate work, yet the federal government has refused to issue numbers to the women, saying they need more proof the pair were born in the U.S. The predicament prompted the women, who have lived for years on society’s fringes, to sue.
“I‘m proud to be American but they don’t want me,” 23-year-old Stephanie Schultz told The Associated Press in an interview at their lawyer’s office in southeastern Kentucky.
The earliest years for the Schultz sisters were nomadic. The family traveled through 42 states, never staying too long in one place. Their father found occasional work in construction or at restaurants and the children picked up cans to make a few bucks. They stayed in motels or camped and the sisters’ grandparents sent money to help.
“They didn’t have no life plan,” 29-year-old Raechel Schultz said of her parents, now in their 50s. “It was just all like free hippie style, do what you can to get by. Gypsies.”

Raechel was born at a home in Madison County, Ky., near where the family lives now; Stephanie was delivered in the back of a Dodge van in southern Alabama. The births were recorded in a family Bible but were otherwise undocumented.
Their mercurial parents settled into a hardscrabble existence about 14 years ago along the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, where the family car broke down. The girls were home schooled by their college-educated parents.
The sisters still live with their parents in a weather-worn mobile home in the tiny enclave of Lily. The trailer is perched close to a strip of blacktop winding through the hilly backcountry.
It wasn’t until five years ago that they tried to register with the Social Security system. They waited until Stephanie turned 18 because their parents feared truancy charges, Raechel said.
“The first couple years of our life, Dad didn’t get our Social Security numbers, and he said once you don’t do that right off the bat, they won’t let you do it,” Raechel said. “So they just went on with it.”
Everyone else in the family has a Social Security number, including an older sister now living in New Orleans who got her Social Security card as a teenager on her second try. She had a birth certificate and a baptismal record.
When the sisters first went to get their Social Security number, “we thought it would be easy,” Stephanie said.
This isn’t the first time the sisters have gone to court over personal documents. In 2009, the women sued to get birth certificates, took a DNA test to prove they were born to their parents and a judge’s order won them the records.
“The Court has no reason to not believe the testimony and finds no reason to suggest the plaintiffs are seeking this relief for an illegal or immoral purpose,” Circuit Judge John Knox Mills wrote in his 2010 order.
Despite their lack of Social Security numbers, the sisters have found ways to supplement their family’s meager income. Stephanie makes jewelry and paints old furniture to sell at a flea market. Raechel held down work at a couple of area restaurants by posing as her mother. She was at one eatery for seven years, rising to associate manager, but eventually quit out of fear her supervisors would discover her secret.
According to their lawsuit, the Social Security Administration indicated it denied the women’s request for numbers because they “have not given us documents we need to show U.S. citizenship.” The agency has declined to comment on the suit.
The sisters’ attorney, Douglas Benge, said he was told by a Social Security official that the agency doesn’t accept birth certificates issued so many years after birth.
“Our complaint with the government is, what else do these girls have to show?” he said.
On its website, the Social Security Administration lists documents that may be used to prove identity, age and citizenship. The accepted records include a birth certificate, driver’s license, state-issued identification card or U.S. passport, and it’s not entirely clear why they have been denied.
Robert Bruce, who retired as a district manager after 31 years with the Social Security Administration, said recently that the age of the women combined with the lack of official documentation raises a suspicion of fraud.
The sisters see their dilemma as a government overreaction since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Their maternal grandfather said they just want a chance to work.
“My view is, we’re so caught up in administrative procedure, nobody has any common sense,” said Norman Turchan, who lives in Indianapolis. “There’s a common sense way out of this situation.”
When word of their plight appeared on the Internet and in newspapers, their attorney received emails from some questioning the sisters’ motivation, saying the Schultzes just wanted government assistance. But both women said they want to work, and that their family has never taken welfare.
“I don’t want to bum off the state,” said Raechel, who would like to sell real estate.
Stephanie dreams of running a no-kill animal shelter and dabbling in interior design.
“If you have a Social Security number, you can do anything you want,” Raechel said.
Barrouquere reported from Louisville, Ky.

hippie kids. I suspect that this is not an isolated case

“Orwellian” list of journalists nominated for 2011 Orwell Prize includes Guardian’s Rachel Shabi

March 31, 2011

“From where Winston stood it was just possible to read, picked out on its white face in elegant lettering, the three slogans of the Party:


H/T Judy

George Orwell, prolific writer and a staunch opponent of totalitarianism (including communism), writing in the spring of 1945, in a long essay titled “Antisemitism in Britain“, for the Contemporary Jewish Record, stated that anti-Semitism was on the increase in Britain, and that it was “irrational and will not yield to arguments.”
He argued that it would be useful to discover why anti-Semites could “swallow such absurdities on one particular subject while remaining sane on others.”
Anti-Zionists today, those who are opposed to the Jewish state’s very existence and engage in demonization beyond any limits of reason, as those active in the fight for the state’s survival are acutely aware, is often equally irrational and unable to yield to even the most lucid arguments.
Indeed, the quote I cited above from 1984 reflects one of the common understandings the word “Orwellian” – the capacity to hold inherently irreconcilable, hypocritical, and/or irrational political views without the slightest cognitive dissonance.
The Orwell Prize for Journalism is characterized, on their website, as:

“Britain’s most prestigious prize for political writing. Every year, we award prizes for the work – the book, the blog which comes closest to George Orwell’s ambition ‘to make political writing into an art’.”

The 2011 list includes prolific Israel haters such as Robert Fisk (See here,  here, and here), the man with the proud distinction of engaging in journalistic bias so egregious as to inspire the word Fisking) and Guardian contributor, Rachel Shabi.
In discussing a review of “Not the Enemy: Israel’s Jews from Arab Lands”, the New Centrist succinctly sums up Shabi as follows:

“Shabi is part of small group of post-Zionist Mizrahi intellectuals who want to reclaim the non-European aspect their identity. I think this is a positive thing. But some of these post-Zionists have a tendency to borrow analytical frameworks from Marxists and others who view Ashkenazim and Zionists as imperialists and colonialists. In this narrative, the Mizrahim are indigenous people who have been victimized by Zionism, just like the Palestinians. In other words, Mizrahi Jews and Palestinians are people of color and Ashkenazis are whitey. Shabi and her political allies, in turn, are part pf the global resistance against the forces of global empire.

Here’s a sampling of Shabi’s offerings on the evils of Zionism and the moral sins of Israeli Jews:

“Most Israelis, in other words, seem to have convinced themselves that their own moral superiority somehow sanctions and justifies their own acts of moral repugnance. As a line of defence, it’s hard to see how this will stand up in court.” The self-defence defence January 23, 2009
But Palestinian analyst Ghassan Khatib says there is another factor at play in the overall media skew. “Even if the Palestinian side came up with proper messages, Hamas has been successfully labelled by Israel as a terrorist group and is portrayed in the western media in a manner similar to al-Qaida,” he says. As a result, western audiences are more prepared to sympathise with Israel – because it fits the “us or them” binary to which post 9/11 ears are attuned.” Winning the media warJanuary 10, 2009
“Kfir Brigade’s own former members describe its role in enforcing the Israeli occupation as having turned them into “monsters”. This brigade is the nightmare of bed-wetting Palestinian children and its deeds should be the nightmare of any Israeli who seeks peace, rather than perpetual loathing, between the Jewish and Palestinian peoples of the region.” Bruiting about brutes November 29, 2008

In the mind of Shabi, every Israeli act, her every fear and concern, can be contorted in a way to suggest the state’s inherent and immutable bigotry.
Indeed, her capacity to twist and turn prose in a way which assigns maximum malice to the Jewish state seems to have no limits as, more recently, she penned a piece for the Guardian which managed to spin Israeli concerns over the potential rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as evidence of Israeli racism.
The Muslim Brotherhood, as we noted previously, is a viciously anti-Semitic movement, which openly calls the destruction of Israel and whose spiritual leader, Yusef al-Qaradawi has endorsed the Holocaust as divinely inspired just punishment of the Jews.
The capacity to engage in such a profound moral inversion – accusing Jews of racism for expressing their concern over a movement inspired by a man who endorsed the Holocaust – represents the dangerous doublethink so eloquently illustrated in the totalitarian dystopia of Orwell’s novel and seems, at the very least, inconsistent with the moral parameters of the prize which bears his name.

Progressives Try to Confuse Identity… Again.

December 18, 2010
The “who is a Jew?” question once again threatens to topple an Israeli government. On Sunday, the cabinet is slated to vote on a bill that would ensure state recognition of all conversions performed in the IDF. 
 The bill, drafted by Israel Beiteinu’s MK David Rotem, is designed to rectify an untenable situation in which thousands of conversions performed in the IDF by rabbinical courts affiliated with the Chief Rabbinate are not recognized by rabbis of places such as Rehovot, Ashdod, Ashkelon and Beersheba even though these city rabbis were appointed by the very same Chief Rabbinate to register Jewish residents, including converts, for marriage. via
One of the many voices of hate
towards Jews.
She won’t say she hates Jews though…
She hates Zionism…
and she would be more then happy
to confuse what a Jew is to the world

if people like Livni had their way then the only Jews would be atheists and their butch dyke girlfriends. The power of Judaism in a Jewish state where Judaism is power should not be given to those whose entire mission is to obscure and disrespect the identity of those who have a unique experience. To do so isn’t only against Jewish law, but against a universal morality that the West is suffering from. These feminists would not lift a finger to help Jews as they enable Sharia. Their agenda is not to help people, but rather to punish them for their gender. Israel will further alienate American Jews if they change their laws… as we in America are dealing with the burden of feminism still and would not move to a place where we would be discriminated against like we have been by Gloria Steinem for decades.

if being a human rights activist means attacking the only country in the Middle East that defends human rights, then that means that at the very basic level, the term “human rights activist” is at best an empty term. And if being a feminist means attacking the only country in the Middle East where women enjoy freedom and equal rights, then feminism too, has become at best, a meaningless term. Indeed, if these anti-Israel female protesters are feminists, then feminism is dead.     
excerpt from: Our World: The feminist deception

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No ID card for you, elderly woman told

October 7, 2010
via LONHLUPHEKO – An elderly woman has been denied an identity card (ID) because her fingerprints cannot be detected on a scanner. Joyce Nhlabatsi, who is in her late 60s, said she went to the local immigration office to apply for an ID, but was turned back because the officers failed to detect her fingerprints. Nhlabatsi said her situation was difficult because she has been struggling to get elderly grants since she does not have an ID card. “I have now lost hope because I have been told by the welfare officers that I won’t get my grants if I fail to produce an ID card,” said Nhlabatsi. Nhlabatsi said she did not understand why it has been difficult for her fingerprints to be read through the scanner. Lugongolweni Member of Parliament, Joseph Souza said he was aware of the issue.

this is the information age. those that are a square peg to a centralized government will not exist to help.

noahdavidsimon’s posterous

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