No ID card for you, elderly woman told

October 7, 2010
via LONHLUPHEKO – An elderly woman has been denied an identity card (ID) because her fingerprints cannot be detected on a scanner. Joyce Nhlabatsi, who is in her late 60s, said she went to the local immigration office to apply for an ID, but was turned back because the officers failed to detect her fingerprints. Nhlabatsi said her situation was difficult because she has been struggling to get elderly grants since she does not have an ID card. “I have now lost hope because I have been told by the welfare officers that I won’t get my grants if I fail to produce an ID card,” said Nhlabatsi. Nhlabatsi said she did not understand why it has been difficult for her fingerprints to be read through the scanner. Lugongolweni Member of Parliament, Joseph Souza said he was aware of the issue.

this is the information age. those that are a square peg to a centralized government will not exist to help.