Syrian activist Ibrahim Kashoush throat slashed by security forces in Hama.

July 7, 2011

Syrian troops killed at least 22 people and wounded over 80 in Hama on Wednesday, human rights activists told AFP. Meanwhile, a graphic video posted on YouTube Wednesday claims to show the body of Syrian activist Ibrahim Kashoush after having his throat slashed by security forces in Hama. His body was reportedly found dumped in the Assi River on Wednesday morning.

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…all it will take to push Assad out of power is a fake cable saying he was an Israeli proxy or had Jewish blood. When these people are not killing each other they are killing Jews. Thank goodness there are Democratic Republics and their essential element of checks and balances. These are values that made the West great and the Middle East totalitarian leftists. Without the checks and balances of a Democracy Israel and America would be just like Syria. One of the Republican checks are borders. Never forget that borders are not just to keep your murderers out, but are there to reinforce positive Democratic values in your neighbor. It is these internationalists without values of a Republic who end up murdering each other. Syrian totalitarians truly have no limits. Syrian and Arab so called “Democracy” is irredentist.

Kashoush’s song “Yalla Erhal Ya Bashar” (It’s time to leave, Bashar) gained recognition in recent weeks as the spirited anthem for peaceful demonstrators demanding an end to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime.
He reportedly joined crowds in Hama for massive street demonstrations that took place on Friday, where as many as 500,000 protesters gathered in protest, according to activists who spoke with AFP.
In the video below, Kashoush can be heard screaming the lyrics to a large group of people as they repeat the refrain with vibrant enthusiasm.
“To die but not be humiliated,” he sings in an eerily prophetic, but touching moment toward the end.
“Yalla Erhal Ya Bashar”  — It’s time to leave, Bashar!!
Bashar, you’re a germ, your statements don’t make sense, your news is that of an owl, and its time you leave Bashar!!
It’s time you leave Bashar!!
Bashar, Maher and Rami are thieves, they’ve stolen from my brothers and uncles, Bashar it’s time you leave!!
Bashar, screw you, and screw any who salute you, it’s time you leave Bashar!!
Bashar, stop going in circles, your blood in Hama “mahdour” (killing you as a form of retribution is acceptable), your crimes here have not been forgiven.
It’s time you leave Bashar!!
Bashar, you’re an agent, screw you and the Baath party. It’s time you leave Bashar.
Bashar, you’re a liar, screw you and your speech. Freedom is near. It’s time you leave Bashar!!
Bashar, you’re damned, you believe you have words over us, we will not forgo our martyr’s blood. It’s time you leave Bashar!!
It’s written on our flag: Bashar is a traitor to our nation.
To die but not to be humiliated.
The people want to bring down the regime!!
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Is this the anthem for the Syrian revolution? | By Robert Zeliger

Crowds have chanted it at rallies throughout the country these past few weeks, and thousands more have listened to it and shared it online. “Yalla Erhal Ya Bashar” (It’s time to leave, Bashar), seems to be the standout song of the Syrian uprising so far. With simple, catchy, sometimes profane lyrics, the song tells the Syrian leader to “screw” himself. “Freedom is near.”
The story of the song’s author — Ibrahim Kashoush — took a sad turn with news that he may have been killed in a protest last Friday in Hama