Israeli Air Force attacked a terrorist cell on Monday evening that was preparing to fire a rocket into Israel

September 30, 2010

The targets were directly hit and secondary explosions were heard, the IDF reported.
The attack took place in el-Bureij in the central part of the Gaza Strip. According to PA sources, three people were killed in the attack.

Officials predict that Hamas will try to test the missile defense system that will be installed along the Gaza Strip periphery,

The IDF is preparing for the possibility that the scheduled deployment of the
Iron Dome missile defense system along the Gaza Strip periphery in the coming
months will increase the rate of rocket attacks against Israel, senior defense
officials said on Sunday.
The Iron Dome was delivered earlier this month
to an Air Force base near Gedera, where the IAF Air Defense Division will
establish the headquarters for the new defense system, which is designed to
defend against rockets at a range of 4- 70 kilometers.