Gilad Atzmon: You Know, Jews May Have Used Christian Blood to Make Their Bread

May 10, 2013


Hamas Was Using Phosphorus Bombs

October 7, 2010

The Goldstone Commission was concerned about how phosphorus bombs were used during Operation Cast Lead–but that was only because Israel was using them, even though they were used for the smoke and not for the damage it can cause.
Hamas was also using phosphorus bombs during that very same time. On January 14, 2009, Haaretz reported: For the first time, Gaza militants fire phosphorus shell at Israel:

Palestinian militants in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday fired their first phosphorus shell into Israel, which exploded in an open area in the Eshkol area in the western Negev.

No injuries or damage were reported.
The phosphorus shell came as Gaza militants fired at least 16 rockets at southern Israel throughout the day Wednesday, causing no casualties.
White phosphorus is not considered a chemical weapon. Militaries are permitted under laws of warfare to use it in artillery shells, bombs and rockets to create smoke screens to hide troop movements as well as bright bursts in the air to illuminate battlefields at night.
However, the substance can cause serious burns if it touches the skin and can spark fires on the ground.
Human Rights Watch on Sunday accused Israel of firing artillery shells packed with white phosphorus over populated areas of Gaza during recent fighting, including a crowded refugee camp, putting civilians at risk.
Israel maintains that it uses munitions in complete accordance with international law.

Now it looks that Hamas, which has not got around to responding to the Goldstone Report, is at it again. Elder of Ziyon points out this report from YnetNews:

At least two of the nine mortar shells fired Wednesday into Eshkol Regional Council were phosphorus bombs, police confirmed after initially declining the corroborate a claim made by the area’s security officer.
Police sappers examined and identified the two phosphorus bombs. …Police said that this is not the first time phosphorus bombs have been fired from Gaza.

…so it wasn’t just Israel, the United States, Russia and everyone else

and in Norway where the country was so outraged that Israel followed the same procedure as any other nation?

It appears Aftenposten is unable to relate events as they happen in Israel, at least judging by what they chose to print.

Whilst it did print a story about a Hamas operative who was shot and killed when refusing to cease approaching soldiers during a raid in the West Bank , it totally ignores the barrage of rockets, including Katyushas (the ones, which according to Norwegian journalists who enjoy the cheap beer and booze in Israel, provoke nothing but a minor itch, as by a mosquito bite), shells containing phosphorous that has fallen over villages and towns in Israel proper during the Jewish New Year festival. More than 50.000 innocent civilians have had to stay close to shelters, rather than enjoying peaceful New Year celebrations with family and friends.
For the uninitiated, Hamas operatives take great pride in killing and maiming anyone, Jew or Arab, as long as this can derail the ongoing peace talks between Israel and the PA, a minor fact omitted in any Aftenposten piece on Israel you would care to read.
It goes without saying that Aftenposten and the rest of the media pack in Norway thinks it wholly irrelevant to mention the fact that Hamas has as a stated goal to eradicate Israel and murder as many Jews as possible in the process.
To the moral supremacists in Norway none of this is of importance, and if they have to lie and distort in order to have their version of the “truth” prevail, so be it.
On reflection, maybe these left wing loonies have confused Karl Marx with Groucho Marx? On seeing how selective their moral concerns are, it is tempting to reach this conclusion, as it seems they all live by the wise words of Groucho: The secret of life is honesty and fair dealing. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

Arafat encouraged Hamas terrorist attacks

October 1, 2010

since his death, Arafat’s acolytes have been quite open about his central role in the terrorism for which “Palestinian” has become a by-word:

Back in Abu Amar’s day [Yasser Arafat’s nom de guerre], we had a plan, there was a strategy, and we would carry his orders…Everything that was done in the intifada was done according to Arafat’s instructions…

Mahmoud Zahar:
In a syndicated Associated Press report issued yesterday, one of the highest-up thugs in the Hamas terror hierarchy, Mahmoud Zahar, is quoted telling Gaza City students that when Yasser Arafat realized negotiations with Israel were failing ten years ago, he “recommended to Hamas to carry out a number of military operations in the heart of the Hebrew state.”

The AP report says it has confirmation of the closed-door session, and says Zahar declined to deny them. It says other Hamas leaders refused to discuss the statements on the record, and several privately expressed displeasure but did not deny them. Zahar’s statement were made Tuesday – the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 28, 2000, eruption of violence that became known as the second intifada.
A far more reliable source, the Jerusalem Post’s peerless Khaled Abu Toameh, writes that this is the first time a senior Hamas source has conceded that some of the suicide-bombing murders carried out by its agents during the second intifada, which erupted 10 years ago, were ordered by Arafat. Until now, it was widely believed that Arafat had only ordered his Fatah militiamen to carry out terror attacks on Israel.

That’s from a candid statement by the head of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade terrorists in an interview carried in Ha’aretz on April 4, 2008.

There never was a peace

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Gaza’s Water Park torched

September 20, 2010
how do you torch a water park? Isn’t it mostly water?

That symbol of Gaza poverty, the Crazy Water Park, was torched by unknown arsonists last night, causing severe damage. One report says that there were some 40 attackers.
The water park had been closed twice in the past month for violating Islamic norms.
An article in Palestine Press Agency seems to be saying that investment projects in Gaza that are headed by Hamas members and their friends are doing very well; while the others have been victimized by arsons like this one as well as being closed for perceived violations of various laws.

what lovely people!

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I just launched Roseanne Barr at Gaza

January 3, 2009

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I just launched Roseanne Barr at Gaza

January 3, 2009

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