Pakistan arrests ‘five CIA informants’

June 15, 2011
“No country allows any military officer to work for a foreign power. That’s one issue,” he said. “If the Americans had only consulted with us on this operation, then none of this need happen.” Publicly both sides say they are working to restore trust.
The relationship is crucial to American plans to start withdrawing troops from Afghanistan next year.
Washington has kept up pressure on Islamabad to launch a ground offensive against militant bases in North Waziristan.
And Pakistan is also the most important route for channelling supplies to the Nato-led force.
However, American diplomats say they are facing increased levels of harassment and have seen a slow-down in visas being issued.
Husain Haqqani, Pakistani ambassador to Washington, said: “The CIA and ISI are working through some issues.” via
these are allies? the are our friends?