NATO betrays Libyan rebels

April 10, 2011

Obama has withdrawn the US submarines and most other Naval assets from Libyan waters, the UK has stopped firing Tomahawk missiles at Qaddafi targets, and France has stopped its air raids. Qaddafi is smart; rather than proclaiming victory, he has sent Obama a letter pleading for a ceasefire.
In the meantime, the Libyan rebels suffer heavy losses under the quiet, but steady onslaught of Qaddafi’s forces. NATO could have lifted Qaddafi’s siege of the rebel stronghold of Misrata in a brink, but it stands idle.
As in so many countries, from Hungary and Czechoslovakia to Lebanon, the United States incited the opposition to come into the open, then abandoned it to its death.
Even in Egypt, where the White House succeeded in ousting Mubarak, the Americans quit before stabilizing the situation. As a result, Egypt is falling to radical Muslims and possibly falling apart. via image via