Hypocritical condolences from Abbas to Obama on school shooting

December 16, 2012

From Ma’an:

President Mahmoud Abbas wrote to US President Barack Obama on Saturday to offer his condolences after a shooting in an American elementary school killed 26 people.

In 1974, the Palestinian Arabs innovated the idea of attacking a school and killing students. From Wikipedia:

The Ma’alot massacre[1] was a terrorist attack in 1974 which included a two-day hostage-taking of 115 people which ended in the deaths of over 25 hostages. It began when three armed Palestinian terrorists of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine[2] entered Israel from Lebanon. Soon afterwards they attacked a van, killing two Israeli Arab women while injuring a third and entered an apartment building in the town of Ma’alot, where they killed a couple and their four-year-old son.[3] From there, they headed for the Netiv Meir elementary school, where they took more than 115 people (including 105 children) hostage on 15 May 1974, in Ma’alot. Most of the hostages were teenagers from a high school in Safad on a Gadna field trip spending the night in Maalot. The hostage-takers soon issued demands for the release of 23 Palestinian militants from Israeli prisons, or else they would kill the students. On the second day of the standoff, a unit of the Golani Brigade stormed the building. During the takeover, the hostage-takers killed the children with grenades and automatic weapons. Ultimately, 25 hostages, including 22 children, were killed and 68 more were injured.

Yes, Abbas’ brave Palestinian fighters murdered more children in a school than Adam Lanza did on Friday.
(A month earlier another group of Palestinian Arab terrorists stormed a school but it was a holiday. They still managed to kill 8 children, though.)
On January 1, Fatah – which Abbas heads – will celebrate an anniversary. But it is not the anniversary of Fatah’s founding – no one celebrates that – but the anniversary of the first terror attack by Fatah, in 1964.
The official PA TV still celebrates massacres against Israeli civilians and the terrorists who were behind them. Today.
Abbas claims to the West that he is against terror, but the actions of his own party and his own government show that praising terror attacks is part of the Palestinian Arab culture. Abbas himself has praised terrorists, including child-killers.
The fact is that you will be hard pressed to find a Palestinian Arab leader that would condemn the Ma’alot attack in 1974, or is the slightest bit embarrassed by it.
Abbas’ “condolences” ring very, very hollow.


Taliban recapture U.S. soldier Bowe Bergdahl after 3 days on the run

December 12, 2011

(h/t @ChallahHuAckbar DailyMail) A U.S. soldier held by the Taliban since 2009 has been recaptured after he went on the run for three days.
Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl’s daring escape failed when a manhunt was launched in Pakistan to find him, Taliban commanders said.
Bowe Bergdahl, left, appeared without beard despite captors' claim he has converted to Islam in the latest video released by the Taliban last MayHe is now facing his third Christmas in captivity.

Bowe Bergdahl, left, appeared without beard despite captors’ claim he has converted to Islam in the latest video released by the Taliban last May

Sgt Bergdahl has been a prisoner of the Taliban since his capture on June 30, 2009, in Afghanistan.
The 25-year-old made his daring break for freedom by jumping from a first-floor window before going on the run PakistanSince then, he has appeared in a least five Taliban propoganda videos, one of which was released in May.
He is the only known U.S. soldier to be captive of the Taliban.

  • Sgt Bergdahl made the attempt in late August or early September, after several months when his jailers became more trusting of him.

It is thought he learnt Pashto and converted to Islam to build up a rapport with his captors.
The soldier then reportedly jumped from a first-floor window of a mud-brick house in Pakistan where he was held, and made his escape into underbrush and forested mountains.

The 25-year-old made his daring break for freedom by jumping from a first-floor window before going on the run Pakistan
Sgt Bergdahl, who launched a daring escape attempt, was reported to have adopted the Muslim name Abdullah, according to his captors
Sgt Bergdahl, who launched a daring escape attempt, was reported to have adopted the Muslim name Abdullah, according to his captors

His captors found him three days later hiding in a trench, covered with leaves and virtually naked, according to the report.
The sources described Sgt Bergdahl, of Hailey, Idaho, fighting ‘like a boxer’ when found.
Quoting a Taliban source, The Daily Beast reported that Sgt Bergdahl told his captors that he wanted to find civilian villagers who would help him and notify the U.S..
But that hope proved futile as villagers had long since fled Pakistan’s North Waziristan region because of the conflict.
Now he is back in captivity, Sgt Bergdahl is once more restrained at night and being moved frequently to avoid detection by U.S. forces.
Drone strikes have killed several senior militants in the area he is being held and sources say the Taliban is ready to make a deal to release the soldier.
A source told The Daily Beast: ‘There’s a fear that a dronecould hit the golden [goose].’
Colonel Tim Marsano, an Idaho National Guard spokesman based in Boise, was quoted in the report and has spoken with Sgt Bergdahl’s family.
‘There is certainly a lot of new information in that article that was news to the Sgt Bergdahl family,’ he said. ‘Any mother would be glad to hear that her son is alive and well at this point.’

Rockets continue to fall in South, ceasefire reported

October 30, 2011

what cause did they have to shoot rockets right after the trade? Hamas called a cease fire so Israel would not retaliate…

10/30/2011(h/t Docs Talk)
Man killed in Ashkelon from rocket; South pounded by 37 projectiles from Gaza in total; IAF responds with strikes on 6 terror targets; Egyptian officials report that Cairo mediated truce between Israel, Palestinian factions.

According to reports from Egyptian officials late on Saturday night, Cairo mediated a truce between Israel and Palestinian factions in Gaza, set to take effect at 6 a.m. on Sunday. Meanwhile however, another two rockets exploded early Sunday morning, one north of Ashkelon and one just outside of Beersheba.
A man was killed and four people were wounded when southern Israel was bombarded with long-range Grad rockets fired by Islamic Jihad from Gaza on Saturday. The rocket casualty was later named as Ami Moshe, 56, of Ashkelon. Moshe was on his way home to his family when the air raid siren went off. He left his vehicle and ran for cover, but was mortally injured by flying shrapnel from the rocket fired at a residential neighborhood in Ashkelon. He was rushed to the Barzilai Medical Center in the city, but doctors were unable to save his life. Moshe was able to answer a call from his concerned wife and tell her that he had been injured before being evacuated to hospital.
Security chiefs searched for a way to contain the situation on Saturday, as the Air Force went into action to strike terror cells preparing rockets for launch in northern and southern Gaza. The IAF attacked six targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday night, the IDF declared in a press release. In the northern Gaza Strip it attacked three terror tunnels and three rocket launchers, and in the northern Gaza Strip it attacked two centers of terrorist activity.

“The attack was a response to a barrage of rockets fired over Israel,” the IDF stated.
“The IDF will not hesitate to act decisively and forcefully against anyone who uses terror against the citizens of Israel, until quiet returns to area. Hamas is a terrorist organization and bears the responsibility.”
IDF confirmed killing 10 Islamic Jihad members on Saturday. It struck four terror targets in Gaza between 9 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. Saturday night. The targets included a terror cell in southern Gaza planning to fire a projectile, a terrorist planning a rocket strike, and two rocket launch sites in northern Gaza. An additional terrorist in southern Gaza planning a rocket attack was also struck from the air on Saturday night. Furthermore, a cell in northern Gaza was also hit by the Air Force.
Some 200,000 school children will stay at home as classes in Ashdod, Beersheba and Kiryat Malachi were canceled by local officials, and the IDF Home Front Command asked people who live within 40 kilometers of the Gaza Strip to stay near structures protected against rockets.
On Saturday, 35 projectiles, including Grads and mortar shells, were fired at southern communities, hitting built-up areas in Ashdod, Ashkelon and regional councils across the region. A number of the rockets caused extensive damages to buildings.
The IDF struck a rocket-launching cell in Rafah, in the southern Strip, following the upsurge in attacks, reportedly killing two terrorists.
“Hamas is responsible for what takes place in Gaza,” the army said.
Ashdod bore the brunt of the attacks, and was targeted by at least three Grad rockets. One slammed into an empty school, and a second struck in the nearby Gan Yavne Regional Council, moderately wounding a man who was searching for his son.
TV footage showed bloodstained pavement where the man had been injured before running indoors and contacting paramedics.
A third rocket slammed into a parking lot between two multi-story residential buildings in Ashdod. It set several vehicles on fire and left behind extensive wreckage. The flames were doused by Israel Fire and Rescue crews, who also broke into homes in nearby buildings to rescue residents.
“This was a miracle, it could have been much worse,” Magen David Adom director-general Eli Bin said.
“Ashdod is under attack, without a doubt,” Mayor Yehiel Lari said.
A rocket fired at Ashkelon sent shrapnel flying that moderately wounded a man.
He was taken by MDA paramedics to the city’s Barzilai Medical Center. A second rocket fired at Ashkelon scored a direct hit on a home, setting gas canisters on fire.
Fire crews doused the flames.
The wave of rockets came after the IDF, working with the Shin Bet (Israel Security Agency), identified and struck an Islamic Jihad rocket cell in Gaza earlier on Saturday, killing five terrorists, including senior Islamic Jihad commander Ahmed Sheikh Khalil, who was responsible for the group’s considerable rocket production facilities.
Army sources said the cell was the same one that fired the unprovoked long-range Grad that struck near Rehovot last week. That rocket was supposedly launched to mark the anniversary of the 1995 assassination in Malta of Islamic Jihad leader Fathi Shikaki, the first person to publish a booklet that legitimized suicide in jihad.
“The cell was preparing to fire another rocket into Israel,” an IDF spokesman said. Other reports added that the cell was targeted at an Islamic Jihad training camp. The terrorist organization vowed a major response to the air strike.
Islamic Jihad’s propaganda wing released a video on the Internet on Saturday showing a multi-rocket launcher mounted on a truck and firing several projectiles in succession.
The video is part of a boast by the Iranian-backed group that its rocket launching capabilities have improved over recent years.
The group’s claim that the video was taken on Saturday in Gaza could not be confirmed.
But the organization has been the recipient of large-scale Iranian support, both military and financial.
Late Saturday night, Islamic Jihad’s Quds Brigades said the first wave of rockets was its “initial response” to the strike on its rocket cell, adding that “the enemy should expect the worst in the coming hours,” Channel 10 reported.
The organization’s leader in Syria, Ramadan Abdullah, recently attended a conference in Iran calling for Israel’s destruction.
During the conference, Abdullah said Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamanei’s “plan is a road map to the liberation of the occupied territories,” referring to the whole of Israel.
Islamic Jihad has long been Iran’s closest proxy in the Palestinian territories.
In the past, the organization’s leadership described itself as “one of the many fruits on our leader [former Iranian supreme leader Ayatollah Ruhollah] Khomeini’s tree.”
A spokesman for Robert Serry, the UN’s special envoy for the Middle East peace process, said in a statement, “The recent escalations are very worrying. It’s vital to deescalate now, without any delay. We strongly appeal for calm and an end to violence and bloodshed.”
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was receiving regular briefings on the security situation, officials said.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who was on a trip to Bosnia-Herzegovina on Saturday, warned that “if the rocket fire isn’t halted, there will be serious consequences in the coming days.”
Lieberman said that Israel hasn’t been insisting that its security needs must be met in any final-status agreement with the Palestinians without good reason.
“Just today we have seen why this is necessary,” he said.
“We are not seeking violence with the Palestinians and we do not want to ‘heat up’ the situation, but we won’t suffer one rocket barrage after another without a response. Therefore I hope that already tonight, the rocket barrages will stop with the intervention of neighboring countries, the international community and the Palestinian Authority,” he said.
Opposition leader Tzipi Livni (Kadima) visited Gan Yavne, where one of the rockets stuck, on Saturday evening.
“I will support any action the government chooses in order to stop the attacks,” she said. “Residents of the South bravely deal with constant attacks, and we will all try to support them.”
The rockets “remind everyone that the South is full of terrorist extremists, whom Israel must weaken directly and by negotiating with moderates who do not use violence,” Livni wrote on her Facebook page.
“Now, when Hamas feels strong following the Schalit deal, we must be aggressive in order to bring back Israel’s deterrence,” MK Tzipi Hotovely (Likud) said. “We must make the residents of the towns surrounding Gaza, and all of Israel’s citizens, feel safe again.”
MK Arye Eldad (National Union) said, “After avoiding a military attack on the heads of terrorist organizations and instead surrendering to Hamas and freeing hundreds of murderers, we will now have to act.
“The excuse that Schalit will be hurt can no longer disguise the disgrace of our capitulation,” Eldad said.
“Now Israel must stop reacting and start preventing.
Only methodically wiping out the heads of terrorist organizations, especially [Hamas’s Ahmed] Jabari who held Schalit, will bring back our deterrence that was worn out by the deal [for Schalit’s release].”
Police have gone on the second highest level of alert, and have called on members of the public to refrain from gathering at rocket impact zones, to avoid additional injuries.
Tovah Lazaroff and Reuters contributed to this report

Was this satirical video produced by Palestinian Arabs – or Israelis?

June 23, 2011

On YouTube there is a satirical cartoon video representing the leader of the Al Qassam Brigades as a baby, playing with a doll that represents Gilad Shalit and refusing to give him up, even for all the prisoners.  While it appears that it was created by a disgruntled Arab, the Arabic media is claiming that this video is part of Israel’s psychological warfare against Hamas. No evidence is given. The YouTube user who uploaded it, “FreedomForPrisoners,” just joined the day he uploaded it. via elderofziyon.blogspot.com

Pollard’s Family Pleads to Allow Him to Attend Father’s Funeral

June 18, 2011
btw the liberal bleeding heart president of Israel could not find it within him to ask Obama to grant a favor and allow Pollard mercy. Check your political label at the door Peres.
Morris Pollard, the [proud] father of Jonathan Pollard,  has died at age 95. HIs family has sent an urgent plea to President Obama, asking him to show mercy and allow Jonathan Pollard compassionate leave to attend his father’s funeral. Jonathan Pollard was convicted for passing classified information to a foreign country and has been  incarcerated for 26 years 

Pollard’s father had been hospitalized for the last several months. During this period, activists on Pollard’s behalf and various well-known Israelis, attempted to no avail to obtain permission for Jonathan to visit his father on a 24 hour leave.
The refusal prompted MK Aryeh Eldad to send a message of condolence to Jonathan, saying: “The people of Israel will not forget President Obama’s cruelty in ignoring all the requests to free you. A president who lacks the basic human feeling that would allow a son’s visit to his dying father should not wonder that the Jewish people will make every effort to prevent his re-election.”

A petition signed by a 75  israeli MK’s, asking Obama to allow Pollard to visit his dying father was to have been handed to Vice President Joe Biden shortly.  It came too late. via israelnationalnews.com

Telling the MKs more about his son, Morris Pollard said, “Jonathan is the most brilliant man I have ever known…He is a much stronger person than his parents.”
After his son was arrested, Pollard said, he did not understand what he had done wrong. “He told me he didn’t understand what was wrong, ‘what’s so bad about warning an ally of danger?’ he asked. I told him I didn’t know.”via myrightword.blogspot.com

Pollard’s meaningful work
is in fifth decade
via newsinfo.nd.edu

Pollard, who has published more than 300 scientific articles, oversees the longest running medical research program at Notre Dame. For more than 40 years, he has been using germ-freeLobund-Wistarrats to study disease mechanisms. Among his important findings: While 30 percent of all the rats develop prostate cancer spontaneously by age two, only three percent of those fed a diet rich in soy protein exhibited the disease at that age. And importantly, refractory prostate cancers were significantly prevented in the soy-consuming rats. Refractory tumors are fast-growing, invasive, metastatic, and resistant to a wide range of therapies. Since neither prevention nor therapy is feasible against the development of refractory cancers, they are a major impediment to the survival of cancer patients.

Kidnapped in Lebanon, seven Estonians plead for help and YouTube CENSORS it?

April 21, 2011

Seven Estonians, who were kidnapped three weeks ago while bicycling on the Lebanese side of the Lebanese – Syrian border, have issued an appeal for help via a YouTube video. Unfortunately, the video has been taken down for violating YouTube’s terms of service.

The video, which was posted on YouTube, shows the men pleading with Lebanese, Saudi, Jordanian and French leaders to help secure their release.
The seven men went missing on 23 March when cycling in the Bekaa Valley after entering Lebanon from Syria.
The motive for their abduction remains unclear.
Wearing sports clothes and appearing in front of a white background, the Estonians take it in turns to ask for help.
“This is a really difficult situation. Please do anything,” one said.
“It appears from the video that all seven abducted Estonians are alive and well. However it is not known when the clip was recorded,” the Estonian Foreign minister, Urmas Paet, said in a statement.

This is the link to the video

The video was removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.

Yes, really. What a bunch of morons.
Anyway, the Estonians were kidnapped in the Bekaa Valley. Just for the fun of it.

YouTube… I’m not even going to comment on this.

Cuba’s Jewish hostage

December 7, 2010
via alongthemalecon.blogspot.com

his daughter’s blog says she has breast cancer and has lost all her hair

RAUL CASTRO’S attempt to win foreign favor and investment for Cuba’s moribund economy took a particularly cynical turn on Sunday, when the dictator celebrated Hanukkah with Havana’s tiny Jewish community. Broadcast on state television, the event was designed to prove that the regime doesn’t share the anti-Semitism of allies such as Iran and Venezuela. There was just one problem: No mention was made of Alan P. Gross, an American from Potomac who passed the holiday in a Cuban military facility, where he has been imprisoned for a year without trial because he tried to help Cuba’s Jews.

Mr. Gross, a 61-year-old specialist in international development, traveled to Cuba under a contract from the State Department’s Agency for International Development. His mission was to connect members of the Jewish community to the Internet, using laptops and satellite equipment, so that they could contact other Jewish communities and download information from sites such as Wikipedia. Though that is normal activity in most of the world – and Mr. Gross declared his garden-variety equipment to Cuban customs – he was arrested on Dec. 3, 2009.
Senior Cuban officials claimed that Mr. Gross, who is himself Jewish but speaks little Spanish, was sent to Cuba as a spy. Yet a year later, not a single charge has been brought against him – a violation of Cuba’s laws. In that time, the contractor’s health has badly deteriorated. According to his wife, he has lost 90 pounds and developed back problems that have caused partial paralysis in one leg. Several months ago, one of his daughters was diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing chemotherapy. Because of the loss of his income, his wife has been forced to move from their Potomac home to a small apartment in Washington.
Appeals by the State Department and congressional leaders for Mr. Gross’s release on humanitarian grounds – or at least the detailing of charges against him – have fallen on deaf ears in Havana. Instead the regime appears to be intent on forcing an exchange of Mr. Gross for one or more of five Cuban intelligence agents who are serving federal prison terms after being tried and convicted on espionage charges. This makes Mr. Gross not a prisoner but a hostage – one whose continued detention is a flagrant violation of international law and human decency.

To its credit, the Obama administration has put further improvement of relations with Cuba on hold while pressing for Mr. Gross’s release. A statement released Friday said the State Department had “made it very clear to the Cuban government that the continued detention of Alan Gross is a major impediment to advancing the dialogue between our two countries.” Raul Castro should know that orchestrated media events like his Hanukkah celebration are no substitute for reversing this wrong.

via washingtonpost.com

would be nice if Obama would free Pollard too and not be a hypocrite.