June 9, 2010
On a symbolic level, the appearance of a man of the cloth at a protest rally gives the protestors an aura of credibility. The logic is that members of the clergy are responsible to God, and theoretically to the churches they serve, and therefore would not endorse an unworthy cause, much less a violent one.
It is for that reason that the Free Gaza Movement was lucky to have former Melkite Bishop Hilarion Capucci participating in its most recent effort to break Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. To the uninformed, Capucci’s presence in the flotilla gives credence to the notion that the flotilla’s intentions were peaceful and innocent. Consequently, Capucci was on board a boat that was intercepted on its way to Gaza in in 2009. It was also why he participated in the flotilla that was recently boarded by Israeli soldiers in 2010.
People who are aware of Capucci’s past will interpret his presence on these flotillas in a completely different manner.
In 1975, Capucci was convicted of smuggling guns from Lebanon into the West Bank. Moreover, he rebuked an American held in Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis in 1979.
this guy is not just a political and religious figure. Read more about this villain at