Iran’s ‘Moderates’: Hassan Rouhani’s defense minister was founder of Lebanese Hezbollah.

August 14, 2013
Hossein Dehghan standing alongside
Hezbollah chief Hassan Nassrallah
(OTHER NEWS) Iran’s ‘Moderates’: Hassan Rouhani’s defense minister was founder of Lebanese Hezbollah.

NCRI,12 August 2013 – The Iranian regime’s new defense minister nominated by Hassan Rouhani is one of the founders of the Lebanese Hezbollah terrorist group, regime websites have revealed.

The latest details of Hossein Dehghan’s murky past come after reports he was also a former terrorist student who stormed the US Embassy in Tehran in 1979, taking 53 American diplomats hostage.

Now the regime’s news sites have told how Dehghan was a founder member of the Revolutionary Guards, and an IRGC commander in Tehran until 1982 when he played an active role in suppression of the opposition.

He was then appointed as the commander of the IRGC force in Syria before establishing the IRGC training garrison near Lebanese border to train the regime’s Lebanese agents.

He later entered Lebanon to set up the ‘Abol-Fazl Abbas Garrison’ in the Nabi-Shit region of Bekaa Valley and organized Hezbollah forces.

According regime websites, Dehghan had close relationship with Hezbollah leaders including Seyed Abbas Moussavi, the former Hezbollah chief killed in 1992, and Seyed Hassan Nasrallah, the group’s current leader.

Dehghan, born in 1957 in Shahreza, central Iran, has maintained his relationship with Hezbollah, who have also released photos of him in Lebanon alongside Moussavi.

The new minister in Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet was also among the ‘Line of Imam’ extremists who held the hostages captive for 444 days until their release in January 1981.

Details of Dehghan’s role in the US hostage crisis has been referred to on various websites of the clerical regime, including and the ‘Muslim Students followers of Line of Imam’ site. However this information has been omitted from his official biography provided to the press following his nomination.Source.

More here from Carl in Jerusalem.

This is the first time I’ve seen any mention that Iran, Syria and Russia were behind the Benghazi attacks

August 5, 2013

Former Muslim Brotherhood member: ‘Obama knows what happened in Benghazi’

(“Syrian president Bashar el Assad, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah of Lebanon are fully responsible for the death of United States Ambassador Christopher Stevens. President Obama has known this fact since the minute he first learned about the attack.”)

This would contradict the Blind Shiek theory… or maybe not?

Hezbollah is finally identified as a terrorist group by Europe

July 23, 2013
About time:

EU Finally Blacklists Hizballah’s Military Wing (Abha Shankar) 
In a momentous decision Monday, the European Union (EU) designated the military wing of the Lebanese terrorist group Hizballah. The decision to embargo the Iran-backed Shi’ite militant group was spearheaded by the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.
The designation will significantly impact Hizballah’s operations in Europe, including the terrorist group’s ability to raise funds and engage in logistics and terrorist activity on European territory.

Although the United States designated Hizballah in 1995, the EU has been dragging its feet. Efforts to ban the group gained momentum following last year’s attack on a tourist bus in Burgas, Bulgaria that killed five Israeli tourists, a Bulgarian bus driver and the bomber. More recently, the terrorist group has joined forces with the brutal regime of Bashar al-Assad that has intensified the Shia-Sunni strife in the region.
Both the U.S. and Israel applauded the EU decision. “As Hezbollah has deepened its support for the brutal Assad regime and worked to expand its global reach through increased involvement in international criminal schemes and terrorist plots around the world, a growing number of governments are recognizing Hezbollah as the dangerous and destabilizing terrorist organization that it is,” Secretary of State John Kerry said in aprepared statement.
Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni described the decision as “just and correct.” She said that “Finally, after years of discussions and deliberations, [they] have failed, and rightly so, in their attempt to claim that they are a legitimate political party.”Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called on the EU to go further, designating Hizballah’s political arm. It “is one organization, the arms of which are indistinguishable,” he said, calling Hizballah an “Iranian protectorate” with tens of thousands of rockets at its disposal.
Hizballah has waged terror attacks against the United States and Israel. In 1983, the Lebanon-based group killed 240 people in an attack on the U.S. Marine barracks in Beirut. Hizballah, along with its chief patron Iran, had been alleged to have waged attacks on the Israeli Embassy in Argentina in 1992 and a Jewish cultural center in Buenos Aires in 1994.

"Pigs Fly Moment" – Arab World Precedent: Bahrain Adds Hizbullah To List Of Terrorist Organizations.

May 7, 2013

HT: Memri.By: R. Goldberg, (Other) On April 7, 2013, the Bahraini government approved a proposal by parliament to compile a list of terrorist organizations and to enter Hizbullah onto it, and ordered the interior and foreign ministries to take steps to implement this resolution. This is an unprecedented move in the Arab world, which comes after the exposure of terrorist cells and attacks in Bahrain that are attributed to this Lebanese Shi’ite organization, and following Shi’ite protests in the kingdom that began in February 2011, which the Bahraini government claimed had been guided and funded by Iran and Hizbullah. The Bahraini authorities’ fear of involvement in the country by Hizbullah and Iran stems from their fear that Iran could use Bahrain’s largely Shi’ite population to take over the country and make it an “Iranian province.” In this context, it should be mentioned that a July 2007 article published by the editor of the Iranian daily Kayhan, Hossein Shariatmadari, stated, among other things, that “Bahrain is part of Iran’s soil, having been separated from it through an illegal conspiracy [spawned] by… Shah [Pahlavi, in conjunction with] the American and British governments. The principal demand of the Bahraini people today is to return this province, which was separated from Iran, to its mother, Islamic Iran…”[1]The Bahraini government press praised Hizbullah’s inclusion in the list of terrorist organizations and saw it as “the fulfillment of a popular demand;” conversely, the Shi’ite opposition, led by the Al-Wefaq movement, condemned the move, claiming that the Bahraini regime is the one that uses terrorism against the Bahraini people and against those demanding reforms. It should be mentioned that Iran also condemned the Bahraini move, but Hizbullah itself has yet to comment.
Following the Bahraini decision, voices were heard calling for the other members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to take a similar step, and the Bahraini parliament speaker disclosed that such a move is, in fact, being considered. ….and Europe still thinks Hezbolls is a charity organization.(MORE)

Victorious Lebanese Cage Fighter Brandishes Hizbullah Flag in the U.S. – Naharnet

November 30, 2011
Social networking websites were buzzing Wednesday with supportive and critical comments about a video showing Lebanese cage fighter Mohammed Ali victoriously brandishing a Hizbullah flag after delivering the knockout punch to his foe in the 11th Cage Fighting Championship held in the U.S.
Ali shouted “Ya Hussein (O Hussein)”, invoking the blessings of 7th century Shiite saint, Imam Hussein, before serving the final blow.
The video then shows the Lebanese warrior’s entourage jubilantly entering the cage and one of them handing him the flag of Hizbullah, which is classified as a “terrorist organization” by Washington.
Afterwards, Ali triumphantly raises the flag and waves it to the cheering spectators present at the arena.

Why is anyone shocked? Hezbollah is the government in Lebanon. It is only the West that pretends otherwise so that they can spend tax dollars on giving these guys weapons.

Hezbollah Cuba

September 2, 2011

…According to a report in Italy’s respected Corriere della Sera Wednesday, three Hezbollah terrorists operating out of Mexico have left that country to establish a permanent “bridgehead” to the communist island, calling their clandestine operation “The Caribbean Dossier.”…Twenty-three other terrorists from the Iran-linked terror group are expected to join the operation, which has a startup budget of more than $500,000. Corriere reported that the mission in Cuba is to provide logistical support for upcoming terrorist attacks planned in the hemisphere.
This is what “state sponsor of terrorism” means, which is how the U.S. accurately classified this odious regime since 1982, even as Cuba’s leftist apologists have dismissed it, claiming Cuba is no threat…The Italian newspaper reported that Hezbollah might be planning a major attack against Israeli targets in the Western Hemisphere in retaliation for Israel’s killing of Hezbollah’s chief assassin, Imad Mughniyeh, in Damascus in 2008. Mughniyeh was a Hezbollah terrorist leader implicated in the two huge attacks in Buenos Aires in the 1990s on Jewish targets — strikes that remain unpunished.

Karl Vick fails to mention truth

July 11, 2011
Former defenseless defense minister
Amir Comrade Peretz:

Karl Vick says, His crime: Serving as minister of defense during the 2006 Second Lebanon War, when civilians were killed along with the Hezbollah fighters Israel was trying to teach a lesson.
Then Vick proposes the Brittish were completely responsible for the creation of the state of Israel… which couldn’t be less true.

Qana, Lebanon in July 2006. On Sunday, July 30, 2006, the IDF attacked a civilian building that was being used by Hezbullah as a munitions depot. The building has a school and residence built directly over it. Hezbullah claimed dozens of civilians were killed in the attack. Israel agreed to stop bombing runs for 48 hours (sound familiar?). Eventually the ‘massacre’ was proven to be a hoax to which bodies were brought from other locations. Eventually, the entire ‘rescue operation’ was proven to be staged and directed by someone who became known in the media as ‘Green Helmet Guy‘ …. There was also evidence that Hezbullah placed handicapped children on the roof of the building in anticipation of an IDF response, hoping to increase the number of ‘quality’ casualties.