The bitter taste of Socialism in Cuba

May 4, 2011
Media_httpwwwroasteco_gtrhrMedia_httpwwwhavanaco_fdavg(Havana) A few years ago, I had the pleasure to avail myself to the pleasures of drinking UN coffee…I can assure you it isn’t something to write home about. It was grown and packed in Bolivia, and drinking mud would have afforded better health benefits. Which is why a couple of times a week I would don body armour, pack my wee rucksack with enough rounds to start a war, a couple of ration packs, a few grenades, toilet paper and a book, in which to go out on patrol with the police just so I could purchase some decent coffee when they dropped into the nearest NATO base which had a shop. (Our camp didn’t have one, hence the UN coffee.) Of course, when word got around that I was off shopping, I would be undated with requests to buy coffee/biscuits (what is with squaddies and Hobnobs?) for those who couldn’t leave the base.

The point I’m trying to make here is that state sponsored coffee is crap and people will go to the ends of the earth in which to rectify the situation. (In my case, around 50 miles.)
Well, it seems that in the socialist paradise of Cuba, they can’t afford to provide the population with enough coffee to drink. (Ah, the pleasures of communism.) So in order to fill the shortfall, they have taken to adding ground up roasted peas in which to ensure that everybody gets to drink coffee during the day. I’ll bet anybody here that Fidel and his cronies don’t get to drink RedStarbucks’ finest blend.