J£w$ Got Mon€¥ #JewsGotMoney

April 11, 2013
(simply) …A non-Jewish documentary director Sasha Andreas produced a movie titled Jews Got Money?, dedicated to these other Jews – the ones who didn’t get any money. (Read this article) about the movie. Did you know that one in five Jewish persons in New York lives in poverty? If you didn’t, you are not alone: the common stereotype all around the world is that “Jews got money.” This is exactly the cliché that our upcoming documentary by the same title hopes to debunk.

French court orders Twitter to reveal details of users posting anti-Semitism (JTA) #JIDF

January 24, 2013

Sadly you really can not legislate against free expression and the right to anonymity. You will see this shortly. Any attempt to protect citizens from hate will be used to silence legitimate criticism against Islam

(French court orders Twitter to reveal details of users posting anti-Semitism | JTA – Jewish & Israel News) — A French tribunal has ordered Twitter to divulge details about French users who posted anti-Semitic messages.
Thursday’s ruling by a judge of Paris’ Grand Instance Court came in response to a lawsuit by the Union of French Jewish Students, which sought to limit the impunity with which Twitter users may disseminate anti-Semitic incitement.
“It is a major precedent and breakthrough in the attempt to balance privacy online with the need to combat hate speech,” Sacha Reingewirtz, vice president of the Union of French Jewish Students, told JTA.
The court, he added, imposed a pending fine of $1,300 against Twitter for every day in which it fails to deliver whatever details it possesses on users who are suspected of disseminating hate speech on Twitter. The ruling, Reingewirtz said, applies only to people who did so in France.
Additionally, the ruling by the Paris court’s 17th chamber ordered Twitter to set up a system in which French users may flag anti-Semitic content, which would later be reviewed by Twitter before removal and possible referral to the authorities. The ruling was given at the court where a few dozen activists assembled alongside journalists.
“Social networks were created as essentially democratic tools that are also being used by people who oppose democratic principles,” Nuno Wahnon Martins, director of European Affairs at B’nai B’rith International, told JTA. “Like any democracy, the social networks also need to defend themselves and the first step is to deny those who spread hate speech anonymity as something to hide behind.”

Like usual the Jewish community is looking to government to resolve something that can not be resolved except through a Jewish state. Hatred is part of free expression. Groups like the @JIDF are a little more shrewd in that they do not turn to legislation and look to merely enforce already existing self imposed social network codes.

Taking Advantage of Storm, Thugs Beat, Rob Jewish Man in Brooklyn (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

October 31, 2012

A video has surfaced showing a Jewish man being ambushed, robbed and beaten by African-American thugs during the storm last night in Brooklyn.
In the video, published by local blog Crownheights.info, an assailant strikes the man in the face as he walks past, knocking him to the ground. His accomplices quickly join him, striking the man violently and stripping his pockets. An assailant brutally steps on the man’s head, as he is leaving.
Moments later another passerby is seen attending to the victim who is left sprawled on the floor appearing to be unconscious.
According to Crownheights.info the incident took place on the corner of Albany Avenue and President Street in the Crown Heights area of Brooklyn.

Rachel Shabi reveals the hidden truth about “superiority-complex” racist Jews

August 1, 2012

(cifwatch) Though I’ll likely never personally be rich enough to be characterized as a ‘wealthy Jewish donor’, according to Rachel Shabi I evidently have what it takes to be a “superiority-complex” racist Jew.
Shabi’s latest piece, Mitt Romney’s ‘insult the world’ tour excels on picking on the Palestinians, included this strap line:

Shabi suggests that Mitt Romney was inspired by the desire to please rich, racist Jews in suggesting that culture partly explains Israeli success and that underdevelopment in the PA may have something to do with cultural and political mores.
Indeed, per Shabi, Jews are responsible both for Palestinian failures and Mitt Romney’s racism. 
Here are the choice quotes from Shabi’s piece:
On Jewish donors/Jewish racism

“Over a £16,000-a-plate campaign fundraiser breakfast with Jewish donors in Jerusalem, Romney aired his deep thoughts on “the dramatic, stark difference in economic vitality” between the Palestinian and Israeli economies. These thoughts were obtained by reading books, he prefixed, before surmising that Israeli accomplishments were down to “at least culture and a few other things” – oh, and also, “the hand of providence”. So Romney thinks that Palestinians are screwed because Israelis have a better culture…
The presidential hopeful doubtless believes this standard-issue, superiority-complex racism – and that it’s what his donors want to hear.[emphasis added]

Palestinians not to blame for social/economic failures

“Perhaps, when the Republican visitor noted that Palestinians were stumped by “a few other things” he was just using internationally recognised shorthand?
Maybe he’s parsing for “things” like the checkpoints, barriers and roadblocks that thwart movement of Palestinians and products – and thereby railroad any attempts to revive an economy.”

“In addition to those books, Romney could read any number of reports about Gaza, including from the IMF and the World Bank, which state that its crippled economy is down to Israel’s five-year blockade.”

Israeli success is not based on merit

“And he couldn’t possibly have referenced “things” without it also alluding to America’s generous aid package to Israel, the largest annual recipient of US financial assistance and whose military aid was upped just prior to Romney’s visit.”

Yes, of course, the ‘root cause’ of Israel’s security measures are clearly not related to the violent intifada which claimed over 1100 Israeli lives and maimed thousands more, but rather the hideous spite of a chosen people’s might.
The clearly ‘supremacist’ idea that Jewish culture may imbue the state with certain advantages must be defeated.
Israel’s international advantages in biotech start-ups, the percentage of its citizens with university education, the number of patents per person and scientific papers per capita – as with its democratic institutions which have weathered every political and military storm for over 64 years – are clearly connected to the largess of the indulgent West.  
Israel didn’t build it. 
We simply must not hold the terrorist group which Palestinians voted into office even minimally responsible for the situation in Gaza. The ‘H Word’ must never be uttered.  Such a simple-minded causation – between Hamas’ firing of Iranian imported rockets into Israel and the blockade – must be denied at all costs.
The deluded few which suggest that culture matters – those of us so intellectually impoverished – must invariably possess a distorted understanding of what the word “racism” means.
Those of us not endowed with a piercing intellect have misguidedly assumed that the term denotes the belief that some people are inherently or biologically inferior. Consequently, nothing they do can alter their inevitable backwardness – culture being malleable, while biology is not.
Shabi demonstrates that only the Semitic 1% haughtily insist on the role culture has played in Jewish survival (and success) throughout history, and the deleterious effects on Palestinians by theirs. 
Similarly, our false consciousness prevents us from granting Palestinians – the recipient of more than $2 billion per year from the international community – a moral pass, a furlough from critical scrutiny.
The extreme ‘right’ thoughts which haunt our political imagination must be what give rise to our outrage over the PA’s incitement and crude antisemitic hate advanced in their mosques, state-controlled media and schools.
And, it certainly has to be our reactionary values which inform a stubborn insistence that those who advocate for ‘Palestine’ should also demand that the PA create genuinely democratic institutions, a free press and independent judiciary; that Palestinians take steps to improve their human rights record towards women, gays and religious minorities. 
Overall, our supreme political pathos quite chillingly expects the same moral performance from Palestinians as they do of Israeli Jews.
Isn’t it clear?
We ‘superiority-complex’, racist Jews truly possess crazy and dangerous ideas!

Twitter Goes “Establishment” On Free Expression

February 7, 2012

(Brian Cuban) Media_httpa0twimgcomp_kbpusTwitter has announced they will begin deleting tweets at the request of certain countries.  This has caused an uproar from free speech advocates.  In reality, it simply brings Twitter in line with other major social media sites whose content interacts with the borders and laws of other countries who may not view free expression the same way we do here in the United States.
Note that in my title I used the phrase, “Free Expression” instead of “free speech” or “freedom of speech.”  I did this because there is a major difference in application.  Whether Twitter does or does not censor content in this country is  not a First Amendment  issue.  The First Amendment only applies to goverment restrictions on speech. Twitter is a private company and can restrict speech in any way it sees fit.   It is frankly surprising that Twitter has taken so long to recognize that speech does not occur in social media in a “free expression vacuum”
Prior to this announcement and after, Twitter will continue to be the most liberal platform in terms of free expression. It has virtually no restrictions on speech in it’s Terms of Service. Users are  allowed to be as racist, hateful and to a degree threatening as they like as long as the tweet does not constitute a “true threat” as defined by Twitter.
Conspicuously missing are the rules against certain types of “hate speech” that you see on Facebook, YouTube and other major sites even under the most vague definition of such content.  This has lead to a wild west atmosphere of ethnic, racial and pretty much any type of vile speech that can be imagined allowable as long as no U.S. laws are being broken and no true threat is made.  The problem Twitter  faces is that what is legal and allowable here may not be allowable if the tweet originated from another country that has hate speech laws in effect.  The must now strike a balance between growth in these countries and free expression. This is not a new dilemma.
eBay and Yahoo banned the buying and selling of Nazi memorabilia world wide even though it is not illegal in the United States but illegal in several countries in Europe.   For the last few years Facebook has blocked Holocaust Denial and other content in countries which such expression is illegal even though it is not illegal in this country under First Amendment principles
This was not a morality move nor a judgment on the nature of hate speech or other expression that may be illegal in other countries.  Twitter did not care about that before the decision and does not care now.  Twitter  simply wants worldwide growth and for it’s executives to stay out of foreign courts.   In order to accomplish that they have to take world wide morality and legal standards into account.  This move was inevitable and necessary to achieve that.  Welcome to the “Free Expression Establishment.”

The self righteous can now use the U.S postal service as a social network. It’s a culture. One network isn’t better then the other. It’s what I’ve said for a while. Still, it is quite upsetting that twitter thinks an account from some Jihadist group is free expression, but are willing to muffle the expression of people in third world countries. From the start twitter didn’t respect their own terms. They actually don’t give a lot of energy towards justifying their arguments (yes I put them to the test… twitter thinks using twitterfeed is “architectural abuse”)… but like you say… it’s their network. right? so if that is the way it is… then perhaps we need to take the technology rights away from them. It would appear their innovation is getting in the way of the rights of others. Anti-Trust is the way to go.

As Criticism Over Antisemitism Increases–Media Matters Digs In Its Heels

February 2, 2012

(Yid With Lid)…Media Matters and its Jew-hater in Chief MJ Rosenberg, the talons are out. These pages have provided many examples over the years how Rosenberg accuses American Jews of dual loyalty with the term Israel-firsters), or how he claims the “evil Zionist lobby” controls both the media and the U.S. foreign policy.
Rosenberg eve uses the term neo-con in a similar fashion to another Jew-Hater Pat Buchanan, as a slang pejorative term for Jews who are politically conservative. Rosenberg accuses those Israel-firster neo-cons of everything from pushing the US into the war with Iraq and now trying to manipulate the US into a war with Iran.
MJ Rosenberg is not backing down. Ever since the controversy began to build he has dug in his heals, tweeting hatred and claiming that those who criticize the use of the term are just trying to silence his “progressive Jewish voice.
Here are just a few of his tweets from the past few days:

Gee, I thought the article was about Obama, not the US. Obama is so wrong about so many things like taxes, Obamacare etc., along with the Middle East. Wait does that make MJ Rosenberg an Obama-firster?

So now the line is–“Bash the Jews and it will prevent a war with Iran?”

Is he really is claiming that no one cared about the Holocaust until the 6-Day-War when Jews could begin to exploit it to protect Israel?


Think about how much influence Media Matters has on Youtube. Think about how the media is framed in replay… now imagine all of it being controlled by people whose fetish is hatred of those who are a minority surrounded by people who want to murder the minority. I know what you are thinking… you are thinking… well I don’t trust Media Matters on some issues, but I listen to them on others. It is shocking sometimes (speaking as someone who follows politics closely)… we all come in thinking just like this before we realize that all the little issues we thought we saw eye to eye with the left was not there at all… from global warming… to Islam… to gender and sex issues: The foundation of the leftist establishment from the top… down all the way to their founding socialist intellectual writers. The left is hatred. The left is bigotry. The left is a denial of truth because the left does not like difference. The left is evil.

Bagels and eggs thrown at Jews in DeKalb Georgia

December 30, 2011

(Your Jewish News)DeKalb County police are keeping an eye on a DeKalb County synagogue where some members apparently have been targeted, mostly for mischief or vandalism.
Rabbi Ilan Feldman says incidents in the last three weeks include leaving bagels on people’s lawns and tied to trees, but he says that Monday night someone threw an egg at a man walking out of a building at Congregation Beth Jacob.
Authorities also are investigating reports of car burglaries, and Atlanta police have recovered a vehicle stolen from that location.
Feldman says that almost all of the incidents have occurred on Friday nights, when the Jewish Sabbath begins.