UPDATED #ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend? to see if you can legally get away with this hashtag on twitter or if I can get it trending again

August 11, 2011

After this post was made I received a warning and a penalty from facebook for friending “PEOPLE who I don’t KNOW”. Like most activists I network with like minded people and not PEOPLE I KNOW. Facebook doesn’t like it’s feathers ruffled. They are trying to remind me that they can act in a PUNITIVE manner. Typical Seattle politics. If you are wondering why I am using the deplorable hashtag, it is to remind the social networks of the hypocritical culture that they enable. I know for a fact that the people and law in Seattle will look the other way at Anti-Semitism, but will be upset by misogyny. My hope is that the worst lemmings of feminist culture will be shocked and click the link and be faced with their own double standard.

…People on twitter are linking to some writing called
Do These Vile Facebook Comments Deserve Free Speech Protection? A better question is why this is such a bloggable issue when it deals with Atheists, when no one cared at facebook when they did the same to Jews. If the context is clear in a threat then it really isn’t a first amendment issue, It is a question of should the state arrest people for making threats… well of course they should! Notice that facebook after being notified about these accounts over a year ago did nothing. In fact these comments were made during the period where facebook deleted the profile of David Appletree of the JIDF. Notice they didn’t do the same thing for Yerkzilla The DinoJew. But supposedly the JIDF profile was deleted because facebook claimed Appletree wasn’t a real name. So what is Bronagh Cleeverhook Gallagher up to these days? She is still on facebook like most of the names mentioned below…