Fujimori Humanitarian Pardon

June 17, 2011

In recent weeks, several prominent politicians have advocated a “humanitarian pardon” for Fujimori due to his deteriorating health. The former president was sentenced in 2009 to 25 years in prison for human rights violations, including the extrajudicial execution of 15 people in the Barrios Altos district of Lima, the enforced disappearance and murder of nine students and a teacher from La Cantuta University, and two abductions. via hrw.org and image via topnews.in

Fujimori found guilty of human rights abuses

“Rather than fall into the hands of their enemies, ancient Japanese samurai preferred to die with honour, voluntarily plunging a sword into the abdomen and moving it left to right in a slicing motion. via penn-olson.com Those Japs would commit Harry Carry instead of surrendering in WWII, thinking it was a more honorable death. via urbandictionary.com