Pot calls kettle black: Ugly Betty sues #Haaretz

April 4, 2013

Convicted thief Anat Kam, who got off a lot easier than she deserved, is suing Haaretz and reporter Uri Blau for NIS 2.6 million for publishing the material that she gave them.According to media reports, Kam claims that Haaretz‘s decision to publish pictures of some of the classified documents, without consulting with her, along with some of the articles based on those documents, was what caused the Shin Bet to suspect her.More specifically, the Shin Bet was able to figure out from the specific documents that were published that the leak came from inside the office of the IDF commander of the homefront. The lawsuit also claims Blau violated his responsibilities toward Kam by turning over certain documents only with the condition that they not be used legally against the originator of the leaks, without also adding the condition that they not be used investigatively to determine who leaked the documents, said the reports. Ilan Bombach’s office confirmed that it had filed the lawsuit on Kam’s behalf. Kam gave Blau 1,800 classified IDF documents on a USB key. What did she think he was going to do with them?The lawyer who filed this one ought to be sanctioned for wasting the court’s time.


The Damage To Israel by Haaretz Error and Bias

March 10, 2013

Tel Aviv University graduate student Daniel Frank writes about The damage of a Haaretz libel:

Within Israel, Haaretz is a considered a small and minor newspaper that has a readership of less than 6% of the public. Internationally, Haaretz’s readership is still not at the level of publications such as the Jerusalem Post and Ynet, but it fares much better than it does domestically. However, Haaretz (English edition) manages to be one of the most influential voices of Israel.

The key to  Haaetz’s “success is the nature of its international audience — and the way Haaretz caters to it:

Haaretz’s audience includes many journalists and opinion makers from different parts of the world. As a result of this, when Haaretz reports a controversial story, the tone/message/thesis of the original article (by Haaretz) has a huge influence on the type of opinion journalists from abroad will take on that issue. Unfortunately, many stories on Haaretz are over-sensationalized and highly misleading. When these types of articles are displayed, journalists from all over the world are quick to spread the “controversial news” to their local region.

Three recent cases of Haaretz jumping the gun to publich negative — and incorrect — stories about Israel:

  • Haaretz blindly reported that Israel was forcing contraception on Ethiopian Jews. The article was proved to be completely incorrect and Haaretz issued a partial retraction.
  • Gideon Levy erroneously reported that Israelis overwhelmingly supported an apartheid style state, a story that was then reprinted in prominent newspapers such as Canada’s The Globe and Mail, Britain’s The Guardian and The Independent and Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald — before being proven to be incorrect.
  • Akiva Eldar reported that according to the Israeli Ministry of Finance, Israel is a self-declared apartheid state — again proven to be incorrect.

As Frank notes:

Haaretz has published a number of articles that were incorrect, highly misleading, inciting and in simple terms, should not have been approved by the editors. 

For further examples of Haaretz bias, you can check out CAMERA, which has a special page dedicated to the errors and bias of Haaretz. During 2013 alone, CAMERA has 14 posts:

The harm of Haaretz mis-reporting is not ameliorated by its belated corrections and admissions of error.
By jumping to present the most controversial and anti-Israel stories, the harm Haaretz does to Israel is immeasurable.

Ha’aretz Creates Non-Existent Apartheid State

October 24, 2012

October 23, 2012 17:02 by

Gideon Levy

Ha’aretz is a major source of critical and anti-Israel stories for the international media. In the latest example, Ha’aretz’s radical left-wing commentator Gideon Levy has deliberately fed the international media a skewed and biased reading of a poll that claims “Most Israeli Jews would support apartheid regime in Israel“.
Gideon Levy regularly demonizes the Jewish state to foreign audiences and in his own newspaper columns. He regularly goes beyond legitimate criticism of Israel, crossing red lines and allying himself with those who refer to Israel as a racist “apartheid state”, promote boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) and wish to see the very destruction of Israel.
On the basis that Levy promotes the canard of Israeli “apartheid”, he is the last journalist who could give an objective analysis of this polls results.
His article opens with the following premise:

Most of the Jewish public in Israel supports the establishment of an apartheid regime in Israel if it formally annexes the West Bank.

But let’s take a look at the findings:

Gideon Levy’s entire premise is based on a hypothetical situation where Israel annexes the West Bank. However, perhaps the real story here is that a plurality of the Israeli public does not favor annexing West Bank settlements let alone the West Bank in its entirety.
This makes the question of voting rights for Palestinians in an annexed West Bank entirely moot. That such a large majority of the Israeli public would deny such a right to Palestinians is unsurprising given that this would effectively lead to the end of Israel as a Jewish state if it allowed Palestinians to vote as equal citizens or the end of Israel as a democratic state if it denied Palestinians those rights.
Which is exactly why the Israeli public does not support such a policy, precisely because the majority of Israelis do not want to be associated with apartheid.
Other statistics are casually tossed in by Levy to support his view of Israel as an apartheid state:

A sweeping 74 percent majority is in favor of separate roads for Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank. A quarter – 24 percent – believe separate roads are “a good situation” and 50 percent believe they are “a necessary situation.”

What Levy fails to clarify is that this form of separation is not done on a racial basis but solely on citizenship. Israeli Arabs have as much right as Israeli Jews to travel on any roads they so wish. Any separation on the West Bank road system (and there are plenty of shared roads) is solely due to security and has nothing whatsoever to do with claims of apartheid.
Levy chooses to highlight significant minority opinions where it suits him. For example:
This article is continued on Page 2

Anat Kam may sue Haaretz

July 31, 2012
(Carl)Anat Kam, who got a four-year jail term for leaking documents she obtained during her IDF service, while her handlers at Haaretz got off scot free, is now threatening to sue Haaretz and reporter Uri Blau for – get this – exposing that she was his source (link in Hebrew). Here’s part of a Google translation:

Kam intends to file suit against a newspaper “Haaretz”, Uri Blau, due to its exposure as a journalist, he found today (Monday) lawyer, attorney Ilan Bombach, during an appeal filed up to the Supreme Court against the sentence four and a half years imposed on it for delivery of documents IDF’s secret. However, the claim will be filed only after the appeal decision, which depends on the sentencing Blau at the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court, after reaching a plea bargain with the prosecution for possession of confidential information.

Bombach also reminded the Tali Fahima convicted in December 2005 into contact with a foreign agent and providing information to the enemy, because of “the tone of regret” was sentenced to three years in prison. “Got completely cooperated with the ISA, once admitted, did not have to shake it or bring the Captain George”. Attorney Bombach also argued that KM is not correct to attribute improper ideological motive. “She was young and acted frivolously,” he said. He also claimed to be reckoned with in articles and talkbacks against it, that she acquired the label of a traitor, and that she sat for nearly two years under house arrest. He added that if released today, life will be as before, and she always walk around with a mark of Cain.

1,800 documents is an awful lot of documents to give someone ‘frivolously.’ Something smells really bad here.
Tali Fahima was dating the head of the al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades. She wasn’t in the IDF. Yes, she was a traitor, but at least she wasn’t stealing information as part of her IDF duty. Sorry, but Kam should stay in jail, although Blau should be there with her.

journalists do have ethical responsibilities to protect their sources… not sure if Israel has laws for this.

Haaretz’s Humor: How Tel Avivians View Israel

July 30, 2012

Source in Hebrew.

how does Haaretz take itself seriously now?

Now Bulgarian terrorist attack is a false flag operation by Mossad. Thank you, Haaretz.

July 19, 2012

There is nothing new in this conspiracy idea. Every time a Jew somewhere in the world falls victim to a terrorist attack, the usual crowd comes out with the “discovery” of another Mossad “false flag” operation. The same happened less than 24 hours after the bomb went of in Burgas: the Internet is full of this oldest conspiracy theory: Mossad done it: just browse for “burgas airport false flag mossad” and count the hits.
But even a conspiracy theorist – not the brightest bulb on Earth – usually provides a reason for the Mossad atrocity. This time even the dimmest of the dim were able to do so – with courteous assistance from… an Israeli newspaper. Yes, Haaretz, whose scribe, Amir Oren, hastily produced the following:

There is really no need to read the article, 99.9% of its contents appears in that snapshot. Notice also the deft replacement of a “terrorist act” (or similar) by “Israeli intelligence failure”. A certain contribution to the newspapermen’s lexicon, for sure.

This is just obscene, but it helps one keep objective about how serious to consider the media when they slur Israel for protecting itself

Haaretz is installing a paywall

May 14, 2012
(Carl) This is actually great news. Haaretz, Israel’s Hebrew ‘Palestinian’ daily, is setting up a pay wall. I imagine that a lot fewer people will read the likes of Amira Hass, Gideon Levy and Anshel Pfeffer if they actually have to pay for the privilege.


When will Carl get paid?