Norwegian so called intellectuals and Adolf Hitler share a love of Disney

March 5, 2011
Gudmund Hernes on Donald Duck, revolutions, Middle East:

Too many Norwegian apparatchiks and pundits have Israel on their minds.  They attribute to this little nation an exaggerated responsibility for anything that goes wrong in the Middle East, and gives it no credit for anything that goes well.

Gudmund Hernes, a former Minister of Education (Labor) has written a “funny” Op-ed in Morgenbladet, on the situation in the Middle East. He draws historic analogies, like the French revolution, and other themes, demonstrating supposedly good knowledge of what is at present politically correct, like Man Made Global Warming.
These are his views on the present situation in the Middle East:


Morgenbladet, issue of February 25th through March the 3rd, Last page
“As interesting as the Arab dominoes falling after Tunisia is Israel- a country known for its expertise concerning its Arab neighbor. But Israeli intelligence did not foresee what came. Even worse: those in power in Israel have insisted on propping up regimes on the way to the scrapheap of history.
All of a sudden the country is hanging in free air because the ground beneath its security policy is gone: not only has Israel lost its anchorage in Hosni Mubarak’s regime in the greatest Arab country, Egypt, of 80 million inhabitants. Israel has also through its bullying militaristic policies estranged itself from its mightiest northern neighbor, Turkey, also a country of 80 million.
The country has managed the masterpiece to be left totally isolated in the international community- as last shown when USA on February the 18th was alone in its veto in the UN Security Council, condemning Israel’s illegal robbery of land on the West Bank”
“Thomas Friedman quotes an Egyptian social researcher saying: If Israel remains paranoid and messianic and greedy in the major political changes in the region, the country will lose all of its Arab friends”.
“To Israel, the fundamentalists in Jerusalem are now as big a problem as the fundamentalists in Iran, both are hanging in the air. The question is who will first hit the ground”.

The author of this analysis is regarded a leading Norwegian intellectual:

Oric sez, “The director of a Norwegian museum claimed yesterday to have discovered cartoons drawn by Adolf Hitler during the Second World War.”

William Hakvaag, the director of a war museum in northern Norway, said he found the drawings hidden in a painting signed “A. Hitler” that he bought at an auction in Germany…
He found coloured cartoons of the characters Bashful and Doc from the 1937 Disney film Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which were signed A.H., and an unsigned sketch of Pinocchio as he appeared in the 1940 Disney film.

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