Greenpeace chief arrested on Greenland oil rig

June 17, 2011

Police say the head of Greenpeace has been arrested after climbing an oil rig off Greenland’s west coast in an attempt to stop a Scottish oil company from deepwater drilling in Arctic waters. Police spokesman Morten Nielsen told The Associated Press that Greenpeace’s executive director Kumi Naidoo was arrested Friday along with a Norwegian activist on top of the Leiv Eriksson drilling rig, which is operated by Cairn Energy. (AP) via and image via and


New Zealand revokes Greenpeace’s Charity status.

May 16, 2011
(Wellington) Nobody can accuse New Zealand of been a right-wing country. If anything it gravitates to the left of the political spectrum. Even with the National Party currently in power New Zealand can still be deemed left of centre when it comes to politics.

With that in mind it has come as something of a surprise at how the New Zealand government has stripped environmental champions ‘Greenpeace’ of their charity status in the country. Actually that ruling was made last year and Greenpeace took it to the high court. However and a big however the high court has upheld the Charity commissions verdict which found Greenpeaces promotion of “disarmament and peace” as political rather than educational and while it did not directly advocate illegal acts, Greenpeace members had acted illegally.
Greenpeace say they will appeal.

…and there is the precedent for the rest of the NGOs and Activist groups in America and Israel