Obama: Corzine is ‘Our Wall Street Guy’

November 2, 2011
The beleaguered president has recruited former Goldman Sachs head honcho Jon Corzine to shore up re-election funds from the banking industry, which is furious over Obama’s financial regulations… The Democrat, who now leads Manhattan-based brokerage MF Global, has been tasked with scraping up the very little banking-industry support Obama can still get. Success could resuscitate his political career with a top post — such as treasury secretary or a key ambassadorship — if there is a second Obama term. Obama campaigned heavily for Corzine in his failed re-election bid, calling him “our Wall Street guy.” (h/t Jammie Wearing Fool) the media is reporting the downfall of Jon Corzine’s MF Global, you wouldn’t even know Corzine’s a Democrat, let alone one of Obama’s top campaign honchos. So it’s worth noting this story from July.  Corzine’s former stenographers at the Star Ledger are crestfallen over the downfall of the guy they shamelessly supported while he was buying a Senate seat and later the governorship. Laughably, in his support they trot out corrupt former Senator Bob Torricelli, who was forced from office back in 2002. Former U.S. Sen. Robert Torricelli, who was close with Corzine, said the former governor has had his share of troubles over the years.

“Jon has suffered a series of very difficult professional blows, and I know professional difficulties affect him deeply and personally,’’ he said. “The wound of being fired from Goldman Sachs never healed.”


The Goldman Sachs Chronic Business Plan

December 3, 2010

Dimebag – $10 worth of weed

drug dealer starts lending drug addicts $5 when the minimum bag is $10. the dealer knows his cost for the bag for him to sell is $5 and the addict has to hustle for the additional $5 to buy the dime bag.

sounds like a good business plan:

chances are the addict will eventually pay over $5 therefor a guaranteed profit

Culture of Goldman Sachs

April 23, 2010
Our Government was put in by the people who they are prosecuting. Are you so naive that you think they will get anything but a patsy?

Winter Olympics who CARES!

February 13, 2010

I had the honor of watching PBS with my Leftist parents tonight. (it is a family tradition to scream at me whenever I open my mouth) PBS had some interesting things about Goldman Sachs and were almost leading the audience in the right direction into thinking about government bailouts and who benefitted and why? They then had the Left wing Turkey looking guy with the multiple chins go on about what a great veteran Murtha was for about three minutes before they concluded that he did have a slight Pork problem… only a slight spending abuse problem? …which um had become reflective of Washington as a whole. Right as I began to conclude that maybe just maybe PBS had improved a little they broke right into the whole Winter Olympics drama and the death on some event that I probably can’t spell and wonder why anyone would do this event without some kind of break system. It was orchestrated. Just as people begin to think the emotional story breaks in. I can not watch the news without feeling serious stress. I don’t understand people who can. Then they talked about some snow boarder who had a Kidney transplant ten years ago. Why is this in my news?

the Israeli Olympic athletes, whom the Islamo-pandering International Olympic Committee continues to refuse to memorialize. Yes, I realize they were murdered at the summer games in Munich in 1972. So what? Israel has athletes in the Winter Games (unlike most Muslim countries), and the IOC needs to finally memorialize the Israelis who were murdered in cold blood and gave their lives at the alter of what is now a giant, 2.5-week-long commercial. Today, a luger from Georgia died while practicing. I’ll bet he gets a memorial before the Israelis do.

Carl in Jerusalem says there is a scheduled Olympic memorial to the Israeli athletes on Monday Night. But he fails to note that this “memorial” is no different than the previous ones held by others at previous Olympics. It is NOT an official Olympic event and DOES NOT have the approval of the International Olympic Committee. That’s why Olympic head honcho Jacques Rogge WON’T be there. And it’s why he WON’T allow a formal event like Flo-Jo got.

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