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August 1, 2012
goat man in Utah mountains.jpg

(fox)A person is seen in a goat suit in the Wasatch Mountains on Ben Lomond peak outside of Ogden, Utah. Wildlife officials are worried he could be in danger as goat hunting season approaches.
(Examiner)The so-called “goat man” is actually a 57-year-old Southern California hunter in training for next year’s Canadian archery hunting season. The man was simply out in the mountains near Ogden trying on his goat suit


A basic difference between a western and Islamic state

November 18, 2011

(h/t Vlad Tepes)

Eid Mubarak: Hypocritical Commissioner Blocks Muslim Sacrifice of Goats and Lambs

November 6, 2011

so get this: Slaughter of Jews is fine. slaighter of Gays… fine. just make sure she can’t see it when you kill animals. This kind of morality of convenience is why we are losing this battle… and not just the one against Islam. The fact that she is a commissioner just makes it worse. I’d correct a little child if she said the same thing.

Commissioner Sheila Alu is already moving towards dhimmitude:

“I have no ill will toward the Muslim faith,” she said. “I’m just an animal lover.”
“I don’t want to interfere with anyone’s religious beliefs, but if you want to slaughter animals it should be done in a slaughterhouse,” Alu said. She says she believes it is inhumane to slaughter the animals in a field. “They stab them in the throat. It’s horrible.”

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July 31, 2011

An Old-Timey Circus Scandal: Lancelot the Unicorn

July 30, 2011
In the mid-1980s rumors crept through the land of a real life unicorn frolicking about California. His name was Lancelot. While skeptics claimed Lance was really a goat with a bull’s horn inhumanely affixed to its head, Ringling Bros. jumped on board and featured the “unicorn” as its main attraction in 1984. People were outraged at how fake the unicorn appeared to be, then again, were people seriously expecting a real unicorn? If I somehow have confused one 5-year-old angora caprine (goatlike) unicorn for another, my apologies. Lancelot was the creation of one Otter Zell, a California naturalist who, he says, uncovered the ancient secret of unicorn-making some years ago. He has yet to reveal this secret formula, but his thesis is that unicorns are not born, but made, developed by the ancients to be herd leaders and protectors. This ancient process apparently involves horn manipulation (one theory is that the young animal`s horn buds are removed, combined and surgically reattached in the center of the animal`s forehead), so that the animal develops a single, central horn–not an implant, but the animal`s own living tissue. Critics called it mutilation; Zell regarded it as advancement of the species.

Happy Reunified Jerusalem Day

June 1, 2011

Today (28 of Iyar), as you know is Jerusalem Day (44). The day, that after much blood and battle, we managed to reclaim and reunite the City of Jerusalem after 19 years of Jordanian rule during which Jews were expelled from Arab-occupied Jerusalem, and Jewish religious sites were desecrated and destroyed.
It has been 44 years since we liberated the occupied half of Jerusalem and turned Jerusalem into a city with freedom of worship for all.
Happy Jerusalem Day.

The Jewish people have lost possession of the the Temple Mount three times since King David purchased the site 30 centuries ago. Only once, was the site given away voluntarily, when Moshe Dayan gave it away 44 years ago. Moshe Dayan will go down in history not as a hero, but as the man who gave away the Temple Mount, providing Barack Obama and the Muslims the opportunity to make Jerusalem an Issue:

……….”It’s true,” Eldad said, “that the original sin was when the Jewish People, immediately after the Six Day War in 1967, ceded its hold on the Temple Mount in an unholy alliance between the Chief Rabbinate and Moshe Dayan – each side for its own reasons – but now the danger is that the Arab sovereignty on the Temple Mount will spill over to the Western Wall plaza, and from there to other places.”

Then-Defense Minister Dayan, just days after Israel’s liberation of the Old City, informed the Muslims running the Temple Mount that they could continue to run the mosques there – and later went further by preventing Jewish prayer all over the Mount.

“It was evident that if we did not prevent Jews from praying in what was now a mosque compound,” Dayan later wrote, “matters would get out of hand and lead to a religious clash… As an added precaution, I told the chief of staff to order the chief army chaplain to remove the branch office he had established in the building which adjoins the mosque compound.”Source Israel National News

Osama Bin Wankin’

May 15, 2011
If 50 percent of men have two wives each,
then the other 50 percent don’t get any wives at all.

…give in to the urge…

…Why_is_Islam_the_only_religion that motivates its followers to commit suicide missions? The surprising answer from the evolutionary psychological perspective is that Muslim suicide bombing may have nothing to do with Islam or the Koran (except for two lines in it).
It may have nothing to do with the religion, politics, the culture, the race, the ethnicity, the language, or the region. As with everything else from this perspective, it may have a lot to do with sex, or, in this case, the absence of sex.What distinguishes Islam from other major religions is that it tolerates polygyny. By allowing some men to monopolize all women and altogether excluding many men from reproductive opportunities, polygyny creates shortages of available women. If 50 percent of men have two wives each, then the other 50 percent don’t get any wives at all.
So polygyny increases competitive pressure on men, especially young men of low status. It therefore increases the likelihood that young men resort to violent means to gain access to mates. By doing so, they have little to lose and much to gain compared with men who already have wives. Across all societies, polygyny makes men violent, increasing crimes such as murder and rape, even after controlling for such obvious factors as economic development, economic inequality, population density, the level of democracy, and political factors in the region. – Psychology Today By Alan S. Miller, Ph.D
I don’t buy the theory that sex is the isolated factor here.

…I don’t recollect Mormons in Utah ever having this problem.

if only they were Zionists…
then they could try our secret SEX CANDY!
Hamas suspects that Israeli intelligence services
are supplying its Gaza Strip stronghold
with chewing gum that boosts the sex drive…

…Many Liberals ponder why the principles of Abraham Lincoln’s abolitionist Republican party stood for two pillars. One was the end of slavery for all men.  The other pillar was one man and one woman in marriage. They actually had a real issue  as many Christians were quoting the bible and the patriarchs certainly lived this way. But the Torah was written within the context of a Supernatural force.  This Supernatural force was communicating to the people and even changed it’s mind to Noah once. Once the laws became impossible because of the loss of the Holy of Holies and the Ark after the destruction of the first temple it became impossible to forfill G-d’s written requests.  Certainly a supernatural force could control nature, but what happens when it is gone?

Let’s see what the old coot was into. Simon’s right; it would probably be of considerable psychological interest. As Simon notes, by the way: “According to one report: ‘The discovery of pornography taken during raids on Islamic militants is not uncommon, officials told Reuters.’”

Repressed hypocritical psychopaths.

Sex is a factor… no doubt, much like the analysis of poverty before (which turned out to be not true in that most active jihadists are UPPER MIDDLE CLASS)
U.S. envoy to the United Nations told the Security Council on Thursday that troops loyal to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi were increasingly engaging in sexual violence and some had been issued the impotency drug Viagra, diplomats said.
P David Hornik, Eye-on-the-world and image via SodaHead
‘Bin Laden Called in His Location to the CIA Because He Was Being Driven Mad Cooped Up for Five Years With So Many Wives and Children’