Jenna Talackova — armed with Gloria Allred as her lawyer — fires back at Miss Universe Canada

April 4, 2012

This might shock you considering my opinions on Gay Marriage, but if this were the United States I would say Ms. Talackova has a right to compete because there is no legitimate state interest in gender discrimination. That is how the SCOTUS has found things… and that is probably how I would see things as well. Of course I don’t know Canadian laws, but my guess is that they are more liberal then ours. She did lie about if she was born a woman or not, but she might very well see herself as always being a woman. Most certainly there are some people that are born without any gender at all and chose to go a certain direction… it all depends on how we declare gender. Even in the Torah there is no criteria of deciding what makes a man or woman. I suppose the Orthodox will remind us that the tradition is to not alter the human body, but she is not a Jew. So on what grounds… legal or moral do we have to throw her out of pageant?

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(National Post)On Monday, amid mounting public backlash, the organization reversed the decision, but added the caveat that Ms. Talackova must meet “the legal gender recognition requirements of Canada.” During Tuesday’s press conference, Ms. Talackova produced her Canadian passport, which identifies her as a woman, and called on Mr. Trump to say, “in plain words whether or not I will be allowed to compete.”
“I have never asked for any special consideration, I only wanted to compete,” she said.
The Miss Universe Organization has also asked that Ms. Talackova meet the “standards established by other international competitions.” As a result, Ms. Talackova’s bid for Miss Universe inclusion could go global, Ms. Page said. “Maybe that’s what Trump and company have in mind,” she said.
Ms. Allred is known for representing high-profile clients, such as: English actress Charlotte Lewis, who alleged that director Roman Polanski had sexually abused her as a teen; Nicole Brown Simpson’s family during the O.J. Simpson murder trial; and a number of Tiger Woods’ ex-lovers.
“[Donald] Trump has caved in a bit already. He has to go the rest of the way and say it loudly, and say it clearly, that not only will Jenna be allowed to compete, but that the rule is gone — no ifs, ands, buts or ors. No conditions and no excuses,” Ms. Allred told reporters.
“Otherwise, we are considering all of Jenna’s legal options.”
As international competitions go, the Olympics have typically been the staging ground for transgendered issues, with women who were born male being accused of having an unfair advantage. In 2004, just before the Athens Olympics, the International Olympic Committee ruled that transexuals could compete, as long as they had completed sex reassignment surgery — and had undergone hormone therapy for at least two years.
In the case of a beauty pageant, it is “hard to claim that Ms. Talackova has an unfair advantage over other women competing for the crown,” reads a March 29 blog post by Mercedes Allen, operator of the Alberta transgendered website
Ms. Talackova says she has known she was a female since she was four years old. She began hormone therapy at 14 and had sex reassignment surgery in 2010. “Since I was conscious I always felt this way,” she wrote in an email to Postmedia News two weeks ago.
Ms. Talackova “understandably realizes that her case could be a significant landmark for the dignity and liberty of LGBTQ citizens everywhere,” reads a weekend statement by Talackova spokesman Rory Richards. The 61st annual Miss Universe Canada pageant will begin May 11 in Toronto.(MORE)


When Will Gloria Allred Hold a Press Conference About Islam?

November 11, 2011

yup… yup… and if I said it I’d be a sexist pig. So guess what! Diana Wast has a vagina. Wow… she might even be effective in Washington State.

(Diana West) We haven’t had a good, old-fashioned “feeding frenzy,” a la Herman Cain, for a long time – maybe not since the days of Dan Quayle. I’m talking about the kind of media wilding where someone is a whole person one day, and then, whoosh, the piranhas swim in and a gnawed carcass is all that remains. It’s especially hard to look at when the victim joins in to shoot himself in the foot, but that’s another story.
What interests me more is whether we can draw from the Cain case the conclusion that “women,” as a group defined exclusively by sex, are exhibiting a new or finally realized power in society. Judging by the attention and gravity with which the sexual harassment charges are being treated, and judging by the perils these charges pose to the presidential run of this newly popular figure on the political Right, a Martian might be forgiven for concluding that the role and stature of women in society is supreme.
But a Martian would be wrong. The political leverage against Cain – setting aside his own and his team’s erratic and unsatisfying responses – has nothing to do with the entrenchment or validation of manners and mores that protect against sexual harassment or predation of women. On the contrary, these are power struggles as usual, with the Left, including its women, seizing on sexual harassment as a crowbar to beat off a conservative. Their hypocrisy is no compensation for the fact that Cain has shown himself unable to meet or deflect the charges and, indeed, may be vulnerable to them.
The fact is, the security of women in society is imperiled, but not by crude propositions or passes made by the odd, unreconstructed male executive. The security of women is imperiled by the spread of Islam in Western society, which is accepting its aggressive misogyny without question or even mention.
This is what struck me on trying to sort through a flurry of recent headlines, from the many gigantic ones calling attention to Herman Cain’s alleged comments and gropings in every mainstream outlet, to the rare story or occasional video online attesting to the massive assault on girlhood and womanhood that is directly attributable to burgeoning Islamic communities, largely in Europe.
The real problem doesn’t go away because it is silenced. Earlier this year, NRK, Norwegian state television, reported that 100 percent of rapes in Oslo in 2010 in which perpetrators could be identified were committed by “men of non-Western background” – the stock euphemism for Muslim males in Norway. Drawing from a study issued by Oslo police this year, NRK further reported that out of 86 rapes in Oslo between 2005 and 2010 in which perpetrators could be identified, 83 were “males of non-Western appearance.” The victims, on the other hand, are predominantly young white women – “ethnic Norwegian.” Shockingly, this scandal, which calls into question government asylum and immigration policies that terrorize native women, garners few headlines.
Until quite recently, silence also hung over the decade-old phenomenon of “gang grooming” in Britain – the predominantly Muslim, predominantly Pakistani practice of “grooming” very young, usually native-born girls as sexual props for personal and prostitutional use. The crisis has now reached epidemic proportions. As many as 10,000 mainly underage girls may be victims, according to the Office of the Children’s Commissioner.
So what now? According to the Telegraph, “after one academic study found much more needs to be done to protect children from sexual exploitation,” the British government has decided to launch a “two-year inquiry.” So much for the chivalric code.
Better to follow the example of a Serbian town of 6,000, where, following the brutal gang rape by five Afghan men of a British woman tourist, townspeople recently came out to protest. They have withdrawn their children from school until, as the Austrian Times reports, the government clears out 2,500 illegal aliens from a center built to hold 120.
Welcome to the world, not post-9/11, but post Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh’s ritualistic murder took place seven years ago this month in the heart of Europe. It was retribution, his assassin said, for van Gogh’s film “Submission,” which depicts the plight of women under Islamic law. Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the screenwriter, has lived under an Islamic death threat ever since. She recently abandoned notions of a sequel as “too risky.”
Where is the Sisterhood now?

Ron Paul is the New GOP Front Runner

November 9, 2011

Paul’s straw poll victory is a shallow achievement at best, but it likely will keep him pushing forward in the primary struggle. That’s a shame, because it steals limelight from more serious candidates with an actual chance to win.

thanks Gloria. scare away the sex lynch mob. the media must be delighted with you. I’d like a Herman Cain Pizza and hold the twats. Allred’s bullshit client Bialik was nothing but a scarecrow. Time for some people to follow the money… right down feminist alley.

Sharon Bialek and Gloria Allred do Herman Cain

November 8, 2011
wait a second… when did Gloria Allred have any credibility? more feminist hysteria at black conservatives. hearsay… why are these women coming forward now? this is money and politics… Gloria Allred has just introduced the nation to Sharon Bialek, also known as the fourth accuser to allege inappropriate sexual harassment by GOP front runnner Herman Cain. After a long introduction by Allred, Bialek shared shocking details about a meeting she had with Mr. Cain while he was the president of the National Restaurant Association, specifically claiming that Herman Cain reach under her skirt and “reached for my genitals.” The Cain campaign has already released a statement denying that Bialek’s version of events ever took place. Bialek retold the story of meeting Cain at a restaurant industry event in Chicago. After she had been terminated from a job at the NRA, she was encouraged by her boyfriend at the time to ask Mr. Cain for help in looking for another job. He agreed to meet with her, and when she arrived in Washington D.C, Cain allegedly upgraded her hotel suite, before things got far more interesting…allegedly

Weiner’s Porn Star, Ginger Lee “Lie For Me, Stay in the House”

June 15, 2011

Hard to take any of this seriously. I just don’t have strong feelings for a Democrat that pushed Hillary Clinton and her feminist pant suit scum… but is it just me or does the porn star Ginger Lee seem to enjoy this? The pauses in her statements are not the pauses of a traumatized victim. They are the pauses of a person trying to get the last word out.