Palin Accused of really liking black people

October 1, 2011
Washington Post is making fun of the fact that Sarah Palin does not hate black people. In other words she slept with one before her husband. That is the hypocrisy that makes me proud to not be a feminist. We are not all the same. No man today would be ridiculed for sleeping with a black person before their marriage. The charge the left makes is that sleeping with athletes is against ethical behavior for a reporter… um? Ok… so she is how old? Does it seem like in the video above that she is some kind of Professional who is a mover in the industry? It isn’t a moral height, but the abuse she is taking makes me want to vote for her.

According to Tyson, having sex with a black man was something “white girls” had to do to “get that out of their system.

Do you condone this with your silence? @SpeakerBoehner @EricCantor #rapist #Palin #cons #teaparty #iamthemob #gop

(Washington Post) In “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” Joe McGinniss’ soon-to-be-published book for former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate, one tidbit, passed along by the National Enquirer, concerns former NBA player Glen Rice. Palin, according to the book, had a fling thing with Rice in 1987, while he was in college and she was a sports reporter fresh out of college and working at KTUU in Alaska. Rice was a junior at the University of Michigan at the time and their one-night stand occurred while he and the Wolverines were playing in the Great Alaska Shootout. Less than a year afterward, Palin, hockey mom and former basketball player, married her husband Todd. According to the Enquirer, Rice confirmed the relationship to McGinniss. And, because keeping score is important, Michigan lost, 79-64, to Arizona in the semifinals. The Wolverines finished third, beating Alabama-Birmingham. Rice was named to the all-tournament team.