Time Warner opposes sale of Current to Al Jazeera

January 3, 2013

(Al Gore Sold News Network to Al Jazeera for $500 Million Because of Shared Ideology and to Avoid Higher Taxes) Getting this transaction done was very difficult. One of Current’s distributors, Time Warner Cable, did not consent to the sale to Al Jazeera. Consequently, Current will no longer be carried on TWC.

Thank goodness for Time Warner. Who expected them to do the right thing? We should work to campaign and put pressure on other cable distributors to dump Al Jazeera America/Current TV as well. (MORE)

don’t put too much faith in Time Warner. A left wing package like Al Jazeera could sincerely eat away at CNN’s profits.
Arab Spring coverage at Al Jazeera was “thorough” because Al Jazeera is the propaganda arm of Qatar, which spent a lot of money to create the Arab Spring, and is now profiting by selling gas to Egypt, a country that formerly exported gas.
Time Warner doesn’t have any gas to sell, but depends on government contracts for rights to lay their wires in the street. Time Warner’s left wing is not Al Jazeera’s left wing. Hoping for big government is very different then creating markets for Qatar’s natural gas.

(Commentary)(EYE) The Wall Street Journal reports that Glenn Beck–who approached Current TV about a sale last year–was too right-wing for the network to even consider his offer. But an authoritarian-Islamist government that has criminalized homosexuality, discriminates against non-Muslims, prosecutes journalists, and has a “Not Free” rating from Freedom House? That was fine:

Before Al-Jazeera, there was Glenn Beck.
According to The Wall Street Journal, Glenn Beck’s media company, The Blaze, approached Current Media about a sale last year, but was told in the words of one source that “the legacy of who the network goes to is important to us and we are sensitive to networks not aligned with our point of view.”
The Blaze “reached out to them to buy it,” a source familiar with the talks told POLITICO. “They would have replaced Current programming with The Blaze programming, but were told on initial calls that [Current] wouldn’t sell to someone they weren’t ideologically in line with.”
In explaining the reasons for selling to Al-Jazeera, Current co-founder and CEO Joel Hyatt told the Journal that the Qatari-based broadcaster “was founded with the same goals we had for Current,” including “to give voice to those whose voices are not typically heard” and “to speak truth to power.”

Sure, Al Jazeera can “speak truth to power,” as long as the powerful are not in Qatar. Whatever your feelings about Glenn Beck, he doesn’t advocate government censorship of the Internet or crackdowns on dissidents for “insulting” the nation’s leadership. He also isn’t funded primarily by the oil and gas industry, which Al Gore has spent his post-government career criticizing. So the fact that Qatari-owned Al Jazeera is supposedly more ideologically compatible with Current TV than Glenn Beck gives you an idea of how far off the left is from any genuine position of liberalism.
But Al Jazeera’s Qatari funding also raises other questions for Current TV. While foreign, authoritarian government-funded networks aren’t required to register under the Foreign Agent Registration Act, they often act as propaganda arms for their respective regimes (a prime example being the Kremlin-funded Russia Today, which now goes by the inconspicuous moniker RT). Al Jazeera is no exception, pushing an editorial line that supports the ruling emir’s interests, along with a clear anti-Western and anti-Israel slant. This isn’t something that will play well with advertisers or cable providers–Time Warner Cable dropped Current TV almost immediately after the sale was announced. If outside pressure mounts, others could follow suit. After all, it’s not as if Current TV had strong ratings to begin with.


What do Glenn Beck and Obama Have in Common?

May 4, 2012

I’m not David Appletree of the JIDF. I actually really liked Glenn Beck’s show. You can ask David… this was a big difference for us. This isn’t all black and white. He’s a very talented guy and he presents information in an entertaining fashion, but I realize Beck’s limitations.

What do Glenn Beck and Obama Have in Common?

How about trying to connect with the message of Jews to humankind ‘through you will all the families of the earth be blessed'”.

From Dovid Efune, Dir. Algemeiner Journal
Israel National News via Israel Jews Judaism)

Nothing, you say? Not quite.
In the way by which they address Jews, they both seem to define Jewish identity through the lens of victim-hood.
I have been present on three occasions in the last twelve months where Beck was addressing a Jewish audience and each time I came away with the same impression; Beck views himself as some sort of guardian and ‘savior’ of the Jewish people.
I noted in a previous column that in a letter on Beck’s website posted last summer, that introduced his ‘Rumors of War’ documentary, he explained his support for Israel, opening with the words “never forget,”referring to the Holocaust. He then continued, “As the world spirals into financial chaos and conditions continue to worsen, fingers are   already being pointed to determine a scapegoat. The nation dubbed   ‘Little Satan’ is one obvious candidate to be on the receiving end of   the blame.”
President   Obama’s interactions with the Jewish community have of course been   broader and more multidimensional, but following his visit last Monday   to the Holocaust Museum in Washington D. C., I couldn’t help but notice a   trend. Politics aside, when he addresses the Jewish community, it is   through the lens of the Holocaust, and the Jewish icon that he has most   publicly attached himself to – outside of a political setting – is Elie   Wiesel.
Throughout   his Presidency, Obama has presided over about ten public addresses to   the U.S. Jewish community and some additional off the record meetings   with communal leaders. Of those that were public, the two Jewish   American Heritage Month events, two Rosh Hashanah phone calls with   American Rabbis and various video messages for Jewish holidays were   relatively insubstantive.
The   speeches that were of most significance included the following: Two   that were delivered before an AIPAC audience that focused on   international politics specifically addressing Israel’s challenges with   Iran and other belligerent neighbors. These speeches were essentially   addressed to the entire pro-Israel community in the United States as   well.
The   President also spoke before the Union of Reform Judaism focusing on   domestic politics and policies in working to energize his shrinking   American Jewish liberal base.
The   two remaining times that his message was directed towards the Jewish   people exclusive of specific political motive were almost entirely   Holocaust-centric.
The   first was in 2009 on Obama’s journey back from addressing the Arab   world in Cairo, where he referenced Jewish suffering as the root of   “aspiration for a Jewish homeland,” he stopped in Buchenwald. His speech   there, amounting to an extended tribute to Jewish victimhood,   transitioned to reference Israel by saying, “They could not have known   how the nation of Israel would rise out of the destruction of the   Holocaust.” The world’s most famous survivor Elie Wiesel was by his   side.
Monday’s   message followed the same pattern. Much was said of the sorry history   of Jewish suffering and the need to prevent further atrocities against   other minorities. There Again, Wiesel accompanied him.
In   no way do I wish to diminish the importance of this recognition and   remembrance, but I know that not so far below the surface, America’s   Jews would like to see the President connect to another dimension of the   Jewish message to mankind as well.
On   the very same day that Obama visited Buchenwald,  The Algemeiner  published an interview with Britain’s Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, where   he said, “If you tell a young generation of Jewish teenagers, we want   you to know about Jewish history come to Auschwitz, Bergen Belsen and   Treblinka and you’ll know what it is to be a Jew, then they will have 2   or 10 thoughts before marrying another Jew and having Jewish children.   Who wants to confer the status of victim-hood onto their children and   grandchildren?”
He   continued, “We have failed to connect with the positives and we have   failed to connect with the message of Jews to humankind ‘through you   will all the families of the earth be blessed'”.
The   next time a President of the United States addresses the Jewish people,   I have one request; let him stand beside a figure that represents the   Jewish future, and pick a venue that highlights the gifts that our   people have bestowed upon the nations of the world, a prestigious Jewish   house of worship or of study, a museum documenting our illustrious   history, or better yet, the Knesset.

Glenn Beck supports Ron Paul. @JIDF was Correct. #JIDF

January 1, 2012

Some of us knew this was all power based political maneuvering the whole time. Some Jewish bloggers fell for this.

(Carl) Listen to this all the way through to the end. Glenn Beck is supporting Ron Paul, even though he admits that Paul is horrible for Israel. Let’s go to the videotape (Hat Tip: Sunlight).

Why doesn’t Paul talk about who is actually running the FED? because it is Bollinger… and Ron Paul is oversight. both Beck and Paul are trying to obscure things for their supporters so that they can push the Rothschild conspiracy charge. Bollinger is head of the FED… and Ron Paul is oversight…. why doesn’t Beck talk about that? point is that he would vote for Paul. that is all you need to know (REDRAW) Carl… the @JIDF and I were trying to tell you this all year. There is no doubt the context of his tirade about a curse within mention of George Soros. You wanted to hear what you wanted to hear. Much of the conservative blogosphere turned on the Jewish Internet Defense Force. This is what David knew the whole time. Some of us saw this coming. Now your next concern should be Romney who has no intentions to release Pollard. If Ron Paul or Romney are nominated we will be pulling for a third party. It was suspect when Romney began asking where the Jewish vote was merely because his supposed conditional and less then proportional support of Israel. Same for Ron Paul. Do not fail to mention that all replacement Christianity is not to be trusted. I hope many of the Israelis who thought American Jews were not supportive and humiliated us for three years will see now that we were always supportive to Israel… and no… the JIDF and I did not support Obama either, but we will be listening careful now. Vengence Against Jews is original LIBEL. Glenn Beck: “I’m not against a Palestinian state.”Good Riddance To Glenn Beck

Mel Gibson does a Glenn Beck

September 17, 2011

‘Mel Gibson called me an oven-dodger’, claims Winona Ryder….

….When you slander Jews and your fans start hating you… No, you are not redeemed by becoming a phony Jew lover. Your sin is between you and G-d. It was your problem that you made it public to begin with. The Maccabi’s are not your whores. The Maccabi’s are not your smoke and mirror. Mel Gibson has a lot of nerve to blemish the good name of those who would of told this piss ant where to put it.

(Deadline) Warner Bros has set up an untitled drama that teams Gibson and screenwriter Joe Eszterhas on the telling of the heroic story of Jewish warrior Judah Maccabee. Eszterhas will write the script, and I understand that Gibson will collaborate with him. Maccabee teamed with his father and four brothers to lead the Jewish revolt against the Greek-Syrian armies that had conquered Judea in the second century B.C. Gibson has the first option to direct but will definitely produce the film through his Icon Productions banner. It’s understandable why Warner Bros would want to be back in business with Gibson, who was once a high-profile fixture there and who made a fortune for that studio with the Lethal Weapon series and other films.

A que from Obama. No one will think about your hatred and abuse if you declare Jew day in America.

Did Jew Like Beck?

August 22, 2011
Glenn Beck singles out Nine of the most dangerous people in the world (eight of whom just happen to be Jews), He even had to apologize after his ignorant comments comparing reform Judaism to Islam. Islam is the ultimate evil. An ideology that clearly promotes hate and violence against all non-Muslims, especially Jews. Reform Judaism, on the other hand, is a liberal movement that tries to love everyone (especially Muslims), says the JIDF
Glenn Beck has got it right on the Middle East says… says Barry Rubin….….We can all be like “Elohim” who is one of many Adonai in outer space…with lots of goddess wives in a harem ….Certainly, Beck makes silly mistakes on factual matters and details. …yeah, I’d say so. … Yet what’s important is that he comprehends the big picture. …Did I mention the goddess wife orgy…in outer space? ….I don’t say this based on a superficial view or on his support for Israel…
…Something about the Mormon church being…REPLACEMENT THEOLOGY… which actually is like the Catholic theology is not …Born Again… in believing that the Jews will realize who the Messiah is when Yashuah returns. …Thanks for the Jew Curse on FOX News and no elaboration that it was all a misunderstanding! His audience interpreted it just the way I understood it and his fans say it was only in reference to George Soros, but no one got it… so he doesn’t explain. Leaves it out there for misunderstanding.  Jesus is going to get JEW later.

Hamas Warns Israel Not to Ally With Christian Zionist Terrorist Glenn Beck

July 29, 2011
This is one of those reasons I do side with Beck one some issues. But this is another reason why you have to be careful with Christians of any flavor, should they represent you because your enemy puts you in a box with those whose final mission is acceptance of a man or men who claim to be divine and have not “finished” anything… which is the final test for Jews. Consider also that Beck might be a very good talk show host, but he has at the very least always erred on the side of informing his viewers over the danger of backlash against liberal Jews… I’d say he is poor Rep for Israel, regardless of if one accepts the contexts of his claimed misunderstandings.

By Khalid Amayreh/Al Qassam

Hyperbole, venom and BS from our trusted friends from Hamas

Glenn Beck

Gloating over the recent killings in Norway of dozens of innocent people at the hands of an Israel-inspired Christian Zionist terrorist, Glenn Beck, the American right-wing talk show host, compared the victims of the shooting at a Norwegian summer camp to Hitler Youth in his radio program on Monday, according to a Daily Telegraph report.

The “Hitler Youth” organization was a paramilitary youth organization comprising teenagers and children, entrusted with task of harassing and attacking and terrorizing perceived or real enemy of the Third Reich. It existed from 1922 to 1945.
Beck, a self-proclaimed Christian Zionist and Israel-firster, described the brutal carnage “as a shooting at a political camp, which sounds a little like the Hitler Youth. I mean who sends their kids to a political camp? Disturbing.”
He stopped short of praising the murderer, suggesting that the victims got what they deserved.
Torbjon Eriksen, a former press secretary to Jens Stoltenberg, Norway’s Prime Minister, dismissed Beck’s comments as “ignorant, incorrect and hurtful.”
“Young political activists have gathered at Utoya for over 60 years to learn about and be part of democracy, the very opposite of what the Hitler Youth was about,” he told The Daily Telegraph. “Glenn Beck’s comments are ignorant, incorrect and extremely hurtful.”
Beck is an ardent supporter of Israel. He is totally against any peace arrangement between the Jewish state and the Palestinians, especially one involving territorial “concessions” by the Zionist state.
Beck visited Israel last week during which he admonished Israeli leaders to refrain from “giving land” to the Palestinians, the authentic rightful owners of the land, because “you have no right to give away God’s land to the goyem or Gentiles.”
In the past, Beck and his other Christian Zionist fellows lauded and cheered Israeli massacres of Palestinians, including the intentional murder of hundreds of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians in Israeli aerial bombing and artillery bombardment.
There is no doubt that Beck’s comments are grave and serious for what they represent and signify. This is no less than a new kind of Nazism raising its ugly head.
Christian Zionism is the new Nazi beast, a kind of a Fourth Reich, looming on the horizon. It is evil, murderous and genocidal.
They mendaciously call themselves Christians. However, their hateful speech, vindictive behavior and the nefarious way they relate to those who disagree with them suggest that they possess no iota of true Christian morality.
The message of Christ is based on love and peace, but the Christian Zionist manifesto is based on death and destruction. This means these people take their cue, not from Christ and his values, but rather from Old Testament savageries and other hateful ideologies that represent the ultimate antithesis of everything that Jesus taught.
Like their Jewish Zionist colleagues in hate, Christian Zionists would like to induce and expedite violence, tribulations, wars and genocides on a huge scale in order to accelerate the second advent of Jesus. This is why these genocidal monomaniacs wouldn’t mind if Israel exterminated millions of Palestinians, Muslims as well as Christians, as long as the genocide would effect and speed up Jesus’ second coming.
Likewise, these criminal fanatics, utterly immune to rationality, reasonability and common sense, wouldn’t mind a no-holds-barred approach to those who disagree with them. Hence, liberal-minded people, leftists, Muslims and other Christians, such as Roman Catholics, would have to be slaughtered and annihilated, all in Jesus’ name.
Even their current strange bed-fellows, the Zionist Jews, would eventually have to convert or die.
The ostensible embrace by a key representative of the American evangelical Zionist camp of the recent Oslo massacre and its perpetrator exposes naked a pornographically violent cult that calls itself Christian while actually doing Hitler’s work.
Just imagine the fact that we are talking about a combination of evil forces at work, including the nefarious powerful freemason cult, which penetrates many societies and governments, the Zionist movement, and neo-fascist Islamophobes seeking to ignite an internecine clash between Islam and the West.
The evil forces are enemy to both true Christianity and Islam, which necessitates that the followers of both great religions put up a united stand against a common enemy that is hell-bent on exterminating millions to fulfill its morbid whims and vagaries.
Today, it is Oslo; tomorrow it may be London, Paris, Berlin and Rome. The Catholic world is especially at risk of being a chief target of these mindless fanatics who think that the Pope is enemy number-1 to Jesus Christ. Hence, one would have to be constantly vigilant because these highly-motivated fanatics are capable of doing the unthinkable.
Finally, there are many short-sighted Jews who are effectively shooting themselves in the foot by joining ranks with these genocidal Christian extremists. Zionist Jews may be prompted to think that these mindless fanatics and gullible extremists are “useful idiots” who can be used to malign Islam and help the Israel win “the public relations battle.”
However, it should be understood that befriending, let alone embracing these dangerous people, would be akin to placing a venomous snake in one’s lap.
It could kill you.
Enough hyperbole. The Hamas charter is clear what Hamas has in store for the Jews. The rest is projection, dumb and hysterical propaganda from a bunch of murderous killers. via sheikyermami.com

Beck says children who were murdered in Oslo were like the Hitler Youth

July 28, 2011

He trivialized the Holocaust yesterday when he said the children who were murdered in Oslo were like the Hitler Youth says the JIDF.

In March 1945, the Nazi regime ordered its press to publish a death toll of 200,000 for the Dresden raids. Death toll estimates as high as 500,000 have been given. An independent investigation commissioned by the city council in 2010 reported a maximum of 25,000 victims

…Well I agree with Beck there. Norway is the enemy to me. I wouldn’t say the tactic used to kill them was prudent or rational. The actions were the ramblings of a psychopath, but I most certainly can make the intellectual leap that a higher power would do something like this through a very flawed person. I also would not of wanted to stop the bombing of Dresden during WWII