While Islamists Work to Censor Adam Lambert, Gutless GLAAD Protests Movie Trailer

October 15, 2010

islamic-gay-prideThis Thursday, October 14, 2010, glam rocker Adam Lambert has a concert scheduled in Malaysia. However, there’s a catch: Homosexuality is a crime in Malaysia, where Muslims are in an uproar because Lambert is a poster-child for gay flamboyance. (The penalty for engaging in homosexual acts in Malaysia can be as much as twenty years in prison.)

Thus, although Malaysian authorities have given Lambert the green light for his coming performance, “Malaysia’s Islamist opposition party…[has] demanded that” it be canceled. And where is the outcry over this? In particular, where is the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) when it appears homosexuals traveling to Malaysia need them most?
They are silent, and because of this they appear to be cowering to a group of anti-gay protestors who live in a country that many Americans couldn’t even find on a map.
And while GLAAD turns a blind eye to criticisms of Lambert that would certainly be labeled “homophobic” if they emanated from a Baptist Church in Alabama or a Presbyterian Church in Arkansas, they are giddy as school kids on the Friday before Spring Break when it comes to attacking Vince Vaughn for saying “electric cars are gay” in the upcoming Universal film, “The Dilemma.”

and who gets hurt? Gay people.