Lowe’s Appliance Extended Warranty Scam

December 17, 2012

Lowes Appliance Warranty Scam
I purchased five major appliances from Lowes in 2008 along with their extended warranty agreements. Three of those appliances have demised.
Here’s how Lowes failed to honor the warranty:
They sent a repair man (and not in a timely fashion). He declares the appliance not repairable and suggests that Lowes send a replacement. Lowes, however, doesn’t replace the machine but sends a gift certificate to Lowes for the original cost of the appliance. On three occasions now, I have gone to Lowes, only to find that I need to add a lot of money to the value of the gift certificate in order to replace the appliance.
Not only is this response by Lowes not in the spirit of the extended warranty agreement, it is a total scam. I have now been forced to replace a Bosch Dishwasher, a Samsung French Door refrigerator and now my stack Whirlpool washing machine is kaput and once again the cheery voice of Lowes service center is offering the gift certificate instead of making the repair.