Get Satisfaction

May 13, 2008

I’m impressed that I caused such lengthy dialogue.
I’m not going to deny that I’m going to savor this moment of seeing my name in a thread… but frankly I’m bored with this and most of the threaded issues related to @panopticons. feeling a lot of butting heads. I’m a creative person and I feel that this social culture is way too transparent for free thought to really emerge… but this is all theory. I sincerely doubt I ruined your day as much as you say I have. Get a LIFE!

first let me deal with the personal
I’m not crazy.
My actions were premeditated and thought out for a very long time.
If I am crazy… that is a very slippery slope.
I don’t think anyone here is crazy. I think some of you have an agenda, but that is not crazy. I see you benefitting from the context I am presenting you.

(1) Kosso. No Apologies to you. Your worse half is not a nice person. She was hostile from the get go. Don’t expect me to act like a gentleman online. I am not a physical threat to her. She is the one that instigated the nastiness from the very beginning. The worst thing is she assumed this was all about her, when @panopticons had nothing to do with her personally. That is how vain she is. Frankly she’s just a curmudgeon, but kind of a stupid one.

(2) Queen of Spain is a NAZI… and so is anyone who has Reverend Wright’s opinions. As a Jew I’m not afraid to use the term NAZI just because you feel uncomfortable with it. Stalin was a NAZI, Arafat was a NAZI and so is Queen of Spain. I’m not going to get penned in by how you define your language. For me NAZI is a person who hates JEWS. Either directly or indirectly. I will defend myself physically and those that go out of they’re way to mess with Jews I will take action. Kind of pointless to talk about theory when you have a gun to your head metaphorically. I have no delusions or grandiose pretensions of pacifism.

(3) Roy Blumenthal your exactly why I created Panopticons, because “Leftists” like you always see censorship and power as a convenience for your own ideas. Your more in love with the label of liberalism in your own head then the people who get hurt by your orthodoxy. Your not about liberties. There is nothing “Liberal” about you.

(4) you don’t like it. block it. I didn’t create the twitter architecture and frankly I’m as frustrated as everyone else with it’s drawbacks. I’m exploring the boundaries and we all should.

(5) please don’t bring my family into this. For one thing if your real issue is my politics then you should know that I am the only conservative in my family (probably ever). My father was a well known war protester. Both of my parents come from the Ivy League Elitist establishments that I have fought with my entire life. I have to deal with differences in opinion in my own family everyday.

Prokofy, I’m sorry you had to deal with all the bad apples that have been driving me up a wall this year. My advice is stop. There is no dialogue with these people. They have a different agenda which is not the open minded element of your own. I am sorry for putting you into this. Nothing has been gained by your dialog or diplomacy.

yes. this is what I want. I want people to realize how narrow minded they’re little categories are. Prokofy… you made it all worth it. You can’t stop my voice and you can’t stop a retweet… twitter can disable accounts, but I can build a new panopticons every day. My next step though will not be to create another panopticons, my next step is to encourage and teach others to build they’re own. You might not realize it, but I’m doing you a favor. Every high school kid in America will so be doing exactly what I am doing. I know I didn’t innovate this idea. I heard Chris Brogan talking about the flaw months ago. The idea of panopticons is to publicize the flaw. you better stop attacking me personally, because every kid who gets blocked by a PMS infused retrobate like Kosso’s girl will be building they’re own @Panopticons very shortly

ps… in case this is erased. (I know this is not my blog) It will be on my blog. I trust you all know how to get there by now.