Get Satisfaction and Libel – WRONGFUL ACCUSATIONS

May 17, 2008

also there is a certain matter of Get Satisfaction’s right to allow people arbitrarily accuse me of stalking. I’d like to make the case for libel if Get Satisfaction and TWITTER want to be so random. I want to give an example of “stalking” that is going through the courts in Beverly Hills (where MySpace is based) and let me establish and elaborate why what I am doing is different. If anything what people are doing to me is close to the “cyber bully” of Missouri.


Here is the link and I will quote the article here.

L.A. files ‘cyber bully’ charges against Missouri mother in connection with girl’s suicide,0,1266040.story

Lori Drew is accused of creating a fraudulent MySpace persona whose comments may be linked to the teen’s death.

differences are the following
(1) it is very clear that all my accounts were in fact me. Everything I did was transparent, as opposed to the actions of TWITTER that took action without informing me.

(2) I never pretended that the accounts were not me.

(3) I never got intimately involved in such a way with any of the above people that I could inflict emotional pain after impersonating another person. frankly it would be a very sad thing if the woman defendant in this case above “IS” convicted. This would open the floodgates for all kinds of accusations that would put innocent people in jail.

(4) (a) if there were architectural breaches and not vile content issues, then the breaches of twitter architecture were not clearly outlined. (b) if the issue is vile speech then why did twitter let me get harangued by Palestinian sympathizers that were clearly anti-Semitic like @MarkDavidson and @QueenofSpain? Certainly @Hamas should be censored then as well.

(also what was with @MarkDavidson‘s JewFro joke? someone explain it to me because I didn’t get it.) BTW Here is a little of what I went through with Mark Davidson <–click here
One of the worst things about having your account erased is that all evidense is taken out of the forum.
It is a good thing I have reserved much of it, but admitedly my evidence against @QueenOfSpain is on my old accounts, that twitter conveniently erased because they don’t care about harassment at all. But this we all know.

(6) if the RSS feeds go to an imaginary friend in friendfeed, is this still stalking? Why are my actions an infraction of the architecture and not an infraction of content?

Check out this interesting answer on Yedda

Yedda – People. Sharing. Knowledge.Is it ethical to follow people on TWITTER that don’t want to be followed?

you logged in for that? fuckoffanddie?


dyerbrookme agrees with me.;

  I’m not an absolutist. I don’t believe in a pure open society and I don’t think it would be wise to make one. 

The reason my system exists is to show@mailourmilitary how easy it is to create an account on twitter and cycle information somewhere. It was an argument aimed at this group of people who were using group cyber-bully techniques to silence any who spoke out against@mailourmilitary. I couldn’t see any other way to defeat a group of people who tried to bombard they’re opinions into truth by getting military personnel to write me and tell me how much they liked hearing from TWITTER people in Iraq. I felt for the soldiers, but this was just a ruse for a few lonely ladies to feel good about themselves and did not take the needs of the military into high regard.
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after all this bullshit and bigotry these people have a nerve to call me a mysogynist… seriously. I’m no feminist, but I believe in dignity for all. I’m tired of this silly business. I hope if your reading this blog that you can get a good laugh out of all this, because I have been fighting the same war since the early 90’s