‪Gene Simmons Emotional Visit To Father’s Grave‬‏

July 19, 2011

Gene Simmons Video: Obama "Has No F***ing Idea What The World Is Like"

May 22, 2011
…the bimbo interviewer is wrong. There is nothing immediate about Shariah law which is full of bureaucracy and code, something that guns are meant to protect us from…
“When you grow up you find out that life isn’t the way you imagined it, and President Obama means well. I think he’s actually a good guy. He has no f***ing idea what the world is like because he doesn’t have to live there,” KISS vocalist and guitarist told CNBC.

Gene… Obama is a good guy? Inconsiderate and stubborn with a goal to imposition Jews with their murderers is a good guy?

“The most pathetic body on the face of the planet.” Simmons called the U.N. a “paper tiger” that allows dictators to spread propaganda. (H/T NB) …ok… that was more like it Gene

Lead singer of Kiss Gene Simmons slams Israel boycotters

March 23, 2011
Gene Simmons of KISS also known as a Zionist…maybe they have a point?……….

Legendary Israeli-born musician from hit band Kiss says upon visit to Jerusalem that those who boycott Israel are fools,and should direct their anger to Arab dictators. via haaretz.com

The hard-line Muslim group Islam Defenders Front (FPI) is now setting its eyes on underground music, which its members believe carry messages that would lead young Muslims astray.

In a public lecture at the FPI headquarters in Petamburan, Central Jakarta, senior FPI member and purported Islamic music “expert” Farid Budi Fahri alleged there had been concerted efforts to turn young people away from Islamic teachings through a variety of underground music.

There has been a conspiracy. A war launched by the underground community [against mainstream Islamic teaching],” he told FPI members who came to the talk last week.

Farid traced the roots of the underground music to a Zionist movement.

He said that a group of people adhering to Zionist ideology has used the medium to conceal their objectives of world domination.

“At the end of the day, it will sow conflict among Muslims themselves,” Farid said.

He went on to speculate that the underground music community, which initially developed as a resistance towards the mainstream industry by independently producing and distributing music, has been subverted by the Zionist movement to spread ideas that would contradict Islam.

“Are these musicians carrying out a Zionist mission? I would say no. The conspiracy is within the music, the lyrics which carry messages and the ideology which would create a lifestyle and counter culture in the end,” Farid said.

He cited the lyrics of John Lennon’s song Imagine as Zionist music, although Lennon was not Jewish and was not considered an idol of the underground music community.

“People keep singing his songs without realizing the meaning behind it,” he said.

He suspected that the song — about a hypothetical state of the world where religion, state and ideology did not exist — carry a pure Zionist message.

Farid also said some underground musical outfits had promoted Satanic messages. He said bands like Sepultura, Metallica and Lamb of God were satanic bands that could turn young Muslim fans away from religion. via The Jakarta Post (h/t Weasel Zippers) via elderofziyon.blogspot.com

Gene Simmons explains why he wants his 2008 vote for President Obama back

Gene Simmons explains why he wants his 2008 vote for President Obama back

December 3, 2010
via youtube.com h/t eye-on-the-world

Lead singer of Kiss Gene Simmons slams Israel boycotters